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5 Useful Tips For Choosing The Best Table Lamp In Style

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The best table lamp should be both attractive and functional. So, keep in mind your lighting needs when shopping for a table lamp.

When decorating your home, you'll discover how small details can make all the difference. Although the theme, color scheme, and style of the room are important, the lighting is what creates the ambiance.

A simple change of lighting can make a room feel different and transform it from a boring, dark space to one that is inviting and comfortable. The table lamp is a beautiful example of a lighting fixture that combines timeless charm, modern appeal, and smart functionality.

Chrome Ferris Wheel Small Table Lamp

Chrome Ferris Wheel Small Table Lamp


Nowadays, anyone can agree that there is an overwhelming amount of lighting fixtures and lamps available on the market. You will find many unique lamps in a store, with different colors and shapes. The question is, how to make the right selection when choosing the best table lamp?

While table lamps are a beautiful addition to any home, it is better to decorate with light fixtures than buy a table lamp solely for its beauty. They can also be a costly waste of energy and produce less than ideal lighting. You should consider both your aesthetic and functional requirements when choosing the best table lamp.

Keep reading for the best tips to help you during the purchasing process.

Brooks Table Lamps

Brooks Table Lamps


Why Table Lamp?

A table lamp can be used to provide an alternative source of lighting in a room beyond overhead and natural light.

Table lamps can provide useful pools of light. These could be a desk lamp or a side table lamp that provides illumination for a particular person or work area. You can also use them together in concert to create a quiet or intimate atmosphere with lower light levels.

There are many uses for table lamps, and they can be used in a variety of situations. You can find plenty of sizes and shapes in table lamps. So, how do you choose which table lamp to buy?

Nightfall Table Lamp

Nightfall Table Lamp


1.   Height Matters

Light is what you need, not the glare of a light bulb. Make sure that your bedside or chairside lamps are not too tall so the lampshade is at eye level. For console tables and sideboards, a pair or two of tall skinny lamps (sometimes called "buffet") is the best choice. This can help create balance and create a sense of ground in a tablescape.

How high is an end table, bedside lamps, or buffet table to be? It all depends on the height and purpose of the table.

The size of the lamp will also determine its height. If your bedside table is tall, a shorter lamp may be suitable. It is best to choose a table lamp whose shade is at eye level while you are resting or sitting. This rule applies to any lamp you choose, whether it is a table, bedside, or one that can be placed next to your living room couch.

The best rule of thumb for buying table lamps for an end table is to not exceed 58 to 64 inches. This rule applies to all table lamps as well as floor and buffet lamps. It gives the room a more unified appearance.

Elegant Designs Red Bronze Open Cage Table Lamp


2.   Identifying the Right Spot

Begin by deciding where you want the table lamp to be placed. Next, draw a plan for how high it should sit and the distance it must stand from any bed, couch, or chair. It is a bad idea to first buy the table lamp, then try to fit it in the living or bedroom.

If you are lucky enough, it may work. However, too many lamps often end up being too tall, small, or bright for your room. It might not be necessary to have a bedside lamp that shines as brightly as one that sits on a side table in your living room. Before you go shopping, define what the lamp is for.

Elegant Designs Textured Glass Table Lamp

Elegant Designs Textured Glass Table Lamp


3.   Keep an Eye on Lampshade

When choosing a table lamp, it is important to consider the size and shade of your lamp. Don't be influenced by the shade's style or pattern. You should also consider how the shade will match the body of the lamp. The diameter of the lampshade should be at least 2 inches smaller than its length. A drum shade is probably the best choice. The base of the shade should be smaller than the area it will illuminate. Before you buy your next table lamp, you should consider this.

The lampshade must be as precise as the lamp. A lampshade that is too big for the lamp's intended purpose is the most common error. The base should be no more than 2 inches in diameter. If your base is 15inches tall, the shade should be no larger than 13in diameter or wider.

Shades are often white or ivory because they let in the most light and provide better illumination. However, they don't need to be. You can add drama to your space by using black or other dark shades of color. Mixing different shades can make a bold lighting statement, or you may choose colors that aren't too bright against your wall.

Black Metal Tapered Base Table Lamp

Black Metal Tapered Base Table Lamp


4.   Mix and Match Lamp Styles

Lamps do not need to match. It's actually better if they don’t. Be sure to learn some rules and guidelines before mixing. Do not mix random lamps. It is better to mix styles with something in common, such as a common shade, metal finish color, or shape.

An easy way to mix styles is by using a sculptured lamp and two or more ginger jar lamps. It is fine to mix metals, but there are certain rules to follow. Although they don't have to be exactly the same, it is a good idea to not mix them too much.

Elegant Designs Enclosed Glass Table Lamp

Elegant Designs Enclosed Glass Table Lamp


Mixing metals is okay. Copper and bronze look great together, as they have the same elements. Nickel looks great with chrome. Nickel can look amazing with light bronze shades. It is common to see silver and gold together, and they can look stunning. However, avoid mixing too many metals in a room.

The design of the table lamp must be in harmony with the rest of the lighting. These can be recessed lights that create a mood, accent lighting that highlights architectural details or artwork, or lighting that is functional. Mixing two tables lamps with identical colors or geometric shapes can give your space a unique look.

For instance, when using lamps on end tables that flank a sofa or nightstands on either side of a mattress, it is important to have matching pairs, or, if not, the same scale and height. You can raise the lamp on a night table at different heights by using books or a box.

Resin Fabric Shade Table Lamp

Resin Fabric Shade Table Lamp


5.   Consider Functionality and Style

Most table lamps allow you to change the shades easily. Some models may have a spider fitting, while others may have a clip or uno fitting. Do this before you consider changing the lampshade. Modern table lamps use LED lighting instead of the traditional CFLs. However, not all table lamps can be switched between these settings, so make sure to check the details (such as maximum wattage) before making the purchase.

A hundred-watt bulb is not necessary if your lamp is used for ambient mood lighting. Ambient lamps should not have more than 60-watt, or 40-watt bulbs. You will require more light if you use your lamps as a reading light, task light, or hobby light. A 3-way switch that dims your bulb will be the best choice if you want your lamp to be able to do everything.

Simple Designs Metal Rail Table Lamp

Simple Designs Metal Rail Table Lamp

Functionality-wise, some lamps have USB and outlet ports built into the base. This makes them ideal for use as desk lamps, bedside tables, or any other place electronic devices may need to be charged. No more digging behind furniture to find an outlet or extra extension cords.

Lamps aside from their essential function of lighting a space can also be an accessory in your home and an integral part of the design. It doesn't matter if the style is classic, modern or whimsical - lamps can bring life to a room or inject some color or texture.

Geometric Base Arabella Table Lamp


Geometric Base Arabella Table Lamp


Frequently Asked Table Lamps Questions

Which table lamps might go best in which rooms of my home?

It's possible to place any style or type of lamp in any room. Interior decorating is all about what you love. It is possible, however, that there are particular types of lamps that work best as desk or bedside lamps. Below are some examples:

These lamps measure more than 32 inches high. These lamps are slim and won't take up much space. They are higher and provide smaller, punctuated spotlights because of their height. They're great for lighting up a bedside table or office desk.

These lamps utilize a combination of gears, rotating parts, and a base that is fixed to the table to allow them to swing. Use swing-arm lamps in areas where the movement of can be taken advantage of. They are perfect for working environments or at desks, but they are also great for small living rooms where one lamp may not be enough, a movable lamp is a good idea.

  • Piano Lamps

These lamps are usually made of a glass or metal shell, which directs light downward in a concentrated beam. They can be turned on or off by pulling a lever. They are great for reading music on pianos but also reading as they direct light down. You can place a few on a desk or in your living room. If they go into a media area, they will direct light away to reduce glare.

  • Smaller Table Lamps

Table lamps are generally less than 32 inches high. They have one pillar atop that is the light source and shade. It is best to place table lamps at the right spot such as on a side table in your living room or on a table to provide more illumination during dinners.

Black Metal Table Lamp

Black Metal Table Lamp


What type of table lamp gives the most light?

If it comes to which type of lamp emits more light, a tripod or curving style lamp would be the best. You want a lamp that shines light from multiple directions.

How tall should a table lamp be in the living room?

For a living room, a good rule of thumb is to have your lamp shade at eye level. This means that it should be between 24 and 34 inches high. This will allow you to comfortably read or work in sufficient light.

How do I choose a table lamp for my bedroom?

If your nightstand is approximately the same height (or within a few inches) as your mattress, you should look for a lamp that is about the same height. For example, a table lamp of around 27 inches in height will look great if your nightstand stands at 24 inches.

What color should bedroom lamps be?

Bedrooms are best suited for light colors like warm white (3000K-2700K), which are both very warm. People don't like bright lighting when they wake up. Some people may perceive warm white lighting as too bright.

Should table lamps be taller than headboard?

The lamps should be large enough to support the nightstands and bed. It should be sturdy. If your headboard is tall, you should aim for the lamp's top to fall slightly below the headboard.

Should you have matching table lamps in the living room?

Think of lighting as the centerpiece of your living space.  It's like a collection of bangles that can be worn together. Living room lamps do not have to match, but they must create a cohesive ambiance.

1-Light Table Lamp

1-Light Table Lamp



Lighting fixtures nowadays are more than common lamps. Although you may be tempted by the idea of buying a lamp for every purpose, such as reading, typing, or playing the piano, you should also consider the purpose of specific lamps. Lighting fixtures should be attractive and enjoyable to look at. Make sure the lamp fits in the exact place you've envisioned.

It is now more challenging to find the right lamp for you, but it's also exciting at the same time. When choosing the right lamp for your home, you have the opportunity to stretch your imagination.

The only thing you need to do next is to find the right store to purchase the best table lamp for your home.


Before deciding on the lamp you want to purchase, you should see as many models as possible. Click here and see the best table lamps we have prepared for you!

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