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Dining Room Lighting Helpful Tips – How To Get It Right

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Are you thinking of upgrading your dining room lighting? The top priority should be to find the impeccable dining room light fixture that compliments your interior design.

Modern homes have a dining room that is used for many activities. It can be used as a place to gather with family, play games with friends, or just for eating. The dining room is often accessible from multiple rooms in the house, including the living room, kitchen, and backyard. It can be very busy so it needs lighting arrangements that reflect the bustling nature of the space while also complementing intimate moments. The perfect lighting fixtures can help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Contemporary Acrylic LED Swirl Shaped Dining Room Light Fixture

Contemporary Acrylic LED Swirl Shaped Light Fixture


Dining is pleasant when it's shared with others. Even though recessed dining room lighting can be fine in your existing dining room, it could make you feel like you're eating in an office cafeteria. This is not really the kind of romantic atmosphere you’re looking for, is it?

The good news, however, there are many options when it comes to dining room light fixtures. From dramatic crystal chandeliers to fancy wall sconces to stylish pendant lights, the light fixtures and lighting designs you pick will surely give your dining area a sophisticated touch.

Therefore, it is crucial to find lighting fixtures that complement your dining area decor and provide enough light.

Here are the dining room lighting tips on how to get it right.

Rustic Chandelier Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting


Dining Room Lighting Basics

First, think about the mood you desire, the lighting options that will best suit your style, and the existing decor in your home. It is important to ensure that there is enough light for the tables, artwork, and walls.

The dining space isn't just used for food. It can also be used to do homework, pay bills, play games and perform other functions. It is important to provide enough light around the room and at the table.

Iron Indoor Chandelier Dining Room Light


Right Size of Dining Room Lighting

Larger dining room light fixtures have been a popular trend in recent years. The dining space should have a striking visual impact. Many people struggle with deciding the right size, often fearing that they will choose too large.

The minimum size of the dining room lights should be at least 12 inches smaller than the table. Look for light no wider than 2 feet for a table with a 4-foot width.

Linear suspension lights should not exceed 1/3 to 2/3 of the table length. For long rectangular tables or extension tables, linear pendants and chandeliers make the best choices.

For dining lights, the optimal hanging height should be about 30 inches above the table surface. Consider the length of suspension when selecting a fixture.

Modern Luxury Ceiling Light Dining Room Lighting

Modern Luxury Vintage Copper Ceiling Light


Dimmers are Highly Recommended

Although dimmers are good for all lighting applications, they're especially helpful in the dining space. A dimmer gives you the ability to adjust lighting settings according to mood and environment. The dimmer also lets you control the lighting, from ceiling to accent to wall. Today's options range from a classic dimmer switch to smart-home compatible switches.

Dimmers can be used to reduce glare from incandescent or Halogen bulbs. They also create a warm glow and provide a comfortable atmosphere. There are several warm LED bulbs that are on the market right now if LED is what you want.

Install accent and wall lighting using an additional dimmer. You should ensure that your dimmer is compatible with the power supply, especially if your fixture uses halogens or LEDs.

Pendant Light Dimmable Modern LED Chandelier Dining Room Lighting
Pendant Light Fixtures Dimmable Modern LED Chandelier Lighting


Shape of Dining Room Lighting Matters

The rectangular-shaped traditional dining table can be used as a base for any light fixture. You can have a large central fixture in any shape you like, including a square, rectangular, or round one, or you can opt for a pair of pendants or a group of them.

A chandelier, pendant, or non-linear multi–pendant light fixture is a good choice for a round table. A rectangular table is best served by a linear suspension light fixture or linear multi-pendant lighting fixture.

Although you wouldn't want to place a linear lamp over a circular table, two round lamps could be placed over a rectangular piece of furniture. You can also use a round fixture to center over a rectangular piece of furniture and put a downlight on each corner. A nice monorail system with small pendants could be used to cover a rectangular table.

You can place any fixture over your table but make sure you have soft lighting. This will create a warmer, favorable background that will provide a more relaxing atmosphere.

LED Crystal Ceiling Fan Lamp Dining Room Lighting

OUKANING 52 Inch LED Crystal Ceiling Fan Lamp


Consider the Height of Dining Room Lighting

Many people are worried about how low they might hang their dining room lights. However, most people are actually making fatal mistake of hanging them too high. Hanging it too low can create functional problems such as blocked sight lines. But hanging it too high could cause a less intimate, impractical feel in the room.

A light fixture for a dining space should be at least 3 feet above your table. The light fixture is sufficiently low to permit the pendant light to shine on the table, but not so high that the dining room is obscured by it.

Firework Chandeliers Modern Rose Gold Pendant Light


Add Wall Sconces and Table Lamps to Create an Ambiance

First, consider how you want the dining space to feel. If you are looking for grey dining space designs or dark blue dining room design ideas, you will need warmer bulbs.

Table lamps and wall sconces create a comfy glow around the room's edges and provide pleasant light. Even when seated at a formal dining table, the atmosphere is intimate and friendly.

Cenports Langley Contemporary Pendant Dining Room Light Fixture

Cenports Langley Contemporary Pendant Light


Practice the Rule of Three for Dining Room Lighting

The rule of three is a design trick that designers use to group objects in threes for an eye-catching finish. A trio of pendant lights can be used to create a defined space in a kitchen diner by combining rectangular, longer tables with long, more traditional ones.

When hanging pendants as primary lighting for your dining space, consider the length of the table. To ensure the table receives enough light, place the lamps at different heights depending on how long it is and how many people will sit.

Luxury Crystal Pendant Ceiling Lamps Dining Room Lighting

Luxury Crystal Pendant Ceiling Lamps


Mix and Match Dining Room Lighting

Contrast the shapes of the central light fixture with those of your room to add visual interest. Contrast angular furniture with a circular lamp with round shades to create a contrast. To make the space feel unified and curated, keep similar tones in your materials.

Farmhouse Modern Ceiling Light Pendant Dining Room Light

Farmhouse Modern Ceiling Light


Add Stunning Dining Room Chandeliers

Lighting is the centerpiece of any room. Consider it the accent piece to your outfit.

Chandeliers are an elegant way to create a focal point in any room. Chandeliers are not just for traditional dining areas. They can be sleek and modern or minimalist. With a timeless chandelier, you can add drama and elegance to your space.

Chandeliers work well in both transitional and traditional dining rooms. Chandeliers can be made more formal or less formal depending on their finish and the material used. Branch and linear fixtures look great in modern areas, while iron and wooden dining room lighting fixtures will suit industrial and farmhouse dining room lighting styles.

Woven rattan fixtures, which are very popular right now, can be used to brighten up your space if you desire more warmth and texture. However, they usually only have one bulb and not multiple.

For optimal lighting, keep the light fixture's hanging height between 30 and 35 inches above your dining table.

Modern Linear Chandelier Dining Room Lighting Fixtures
OUKANING Adjustable Modern Linear Chandelier



Add a Touch of Nature

A chandelier that features organic elements can give modern dining rooms a little bit of softness. A pendant lamp made from natural elements, such as flowers or branches, can give a stylish, complementary look to a room that has strong angles.

Modern Industrial LED Coconut Tree Chandelier Dining Room Lighting Fixtures
Modern Industrial LED Coconut Tree Chandelier



Frequently Asked Questions – Dining Room Lighting

What size of chandelier do I need to hang over my dining room table?

The room's size and the diameter of the table will determine the size of your chandelier. A chandelier that is less than 24 inches in diameter will look more appealing and comfortable in a room with a width of less than 10 feet. Larger rooms can be accommodated by larger chandeliers.

What types of light fixtures/bulbs will produce the warmest glow in your home?

Incandescent bulbs used in chandeliers or suspensions typically emit a warm, 2700K light temperature before being dimmed. Dimming an incandescent or Halogen light bulb causes its color temperature to fall and causes the bulb to produce a warmer, more amber glow.

If you are looking for an LED chandelier or replacement bulb for an incandescent light fixture, it is best to choose LEDs from the 2400K to 2700K range. This will give you the warm and cozy atmosphere you desire.

It is important to remember that LEDs tend to cool down in color temperature when dimmed, which is opposite to halogen and incandescent lighting. However, this trend is slowly changing. There are many warm dimming, dimming LEDs available that can replicate the dimming behavior found in an incandescent bulb.

Make sure you take a look at your dining space before you pick the bulb. Because dark colors absorb light, more light will be required (more watts) for dark walls and ceilings. A 2400K-2700K bulb is best for warm colors such as brown, red and yellow. For cooler colors, such as blue-green and purple, make sure you choose a bulb with a 3000K or greater range. The right bulbs will enrich and enhance the room by accentuating its color.

ELK Lighting Pendant Dining Room Light


What's the latest trend in dining room lighting?

Low-level dimmable lighting is the current trend in dining room lighting. This can be achieved by placing a pendant or series of pendants above the table. There are separate controls for table lamp lighting, wall lighting, candlelight, and table lamps. You need to create a cozy glow around the table to make it feel warm and inviting.

What kind of light is best used for dining room lighting?

Warmer lighting, such as soft, is better for creating an inviting, cozy dining space. You might also want to consider multi-colored or color-changing light bulbs for multi-purpose rooms.

Eren Pendant Dining Room Light

Eren Pendant Light


What kind of lighting is used in the dining room?

There are three main types: ambient lighting that is moderately bright and provides a broad illumination of the floor and walls, task lighting that assists in detail-oriented work, and soft accent lighting to highlight important pieces.

What is the best way to choose a light fixture over a table?

For most pendants and chandeliers to be hung over the dining table center, it is recommended that the bottom of the fixture should be between 30 and 36 inches from the table's surface.

Are dining room chandeliers out of style?

Chandeliers have never been out of fashion, and they won't be going out of style anytime soon. While some chandeliers may be current, others will remain timeless. Before you place a chandelier in your home, take into consideration the price and design options of different chandeliers.


4-Light Chandelier Metal Dining Room Pendant Lighting Fixtures
4-Light Chandelier Metal Pendant Lighting



You don't have to spend a lot of time choosing the right dining room lights. Use light fixtures that are compatible with your dining area and enhance its decor.

The style of your room, as well as the dimensions and shapes of your dining tables, will influence the lighting scheme that you choose to place around them. It is important that your dining room lights be both functional and attractive.

Modern dining room lights can be used in a variety of settings. You can choose from modern to classic styles or traditional crystal chandeliers. Dining room lighting can be used to enrich every meal.


I hope you found these tips useful in lighting your dining space. Please leave a comment below with any questions you may have about dining room light fixtures.

Or you may start browsing our stunning dining room lights and find which one suits your space best.

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