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7 Helpful Tips For Choosing The Best Bedroom Lighting

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Transform your bedroom into a refined haven by learning how to choose the best bedroom lighting with these helpful tips.

 Bedroom lighting can be anything from a statement chandelier to bedside lights. It's all about creating a peaceful retreat by adding layers of light to balance the natural light in your space. Start choosing the right bedroom lights. Our guide below will show you how to get it right.

While bedrooms are designed for sleeping, they don't need to be always dark. For tasks like reading, dressing, and other light-related tasks, a bedroom should have both portable and permanently installed lights.

Here are 7 helpful tips on how to choose the best bedroom lighting that works in your own bedroom space.

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Modern K9 Crystal Led Ceiling Light


1.   Know the Different Types of Bedroom Lighting

You should be aware that there are three types of lighting you need to consider when designing your home. These are task lights, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.

The key to creating the perfect lighting for your bedroom is knowing how to layer your lights. This involves finding the right balance of ambient, task, accent, and background lighting. With a flick of a switch, you can create the right bedroom lighting for any mood or activity.

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Textured Glass Table Lamp


Task Lighting

Task lights can be used to brighten your bedroom, bring light into dark corners, or illuminate your closet. Wall sconces can be installed on either side to provide reading light and more room on the bedside table for your books and other essentials. Wall lighting can be installed in your closet, or near a full-length mirror.

Layering task lights on top of your normal lighting is a good idea if you are planning to engage in activities that require more concentration, such as reading, writing, or applying makeup. You don't have to limit your task lighting to a desk lamp. You can use bedside table lamps or low-hanging pendants to illuminate the bed, as well as wall-mounted task lights that are mounted on the walls above the headboard.

Expert lighting tips include using angled lamps and table lamps as bedside lights. Wall lights, floor lamps, and mirror lights can be a great choice for the remainder of your space.

Modern LED Floor Lamp Lighting Fixture bedroom lighting

Depuley Modern LED Floor Lamp


Ambient Lighting

Ambient light, or general light, is the main light source that a room receives. This can be a ceiling, pendant lights, or ceiling light. This is great for all your general tasks in your space. It's more functional than a mood setting and is essential in any space.

Ambient lighting can be achieved by ceiling fixtures. These include flush-mounted ceiling lights, pendant lights, and chandeliers. Or you can use portable lights such as floor lamps. Both types of lights will provide adequate lighting for tasks that do not need intense, focused light.

You can install pendants above your bed to make sure you don't step into it. You could also install recessed ceiling light fixtures to add a lot of bright lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight and draw attention to features within a space. Accent light can be used in your bedroom to create a warm glow and a comfortable atmosphere. This feature can be incorporated into your bedroom's lighting design by using recessed light, wall sconces, or tape lights.

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2.   Bedside Lighting

Your bedside lamp will be used to get ready for bed each night and wake up in the morning. It's the lamp you rely on when you wake up at night. It may also be your most trusted reading lamp.

If you have the space, you might consider table lamps. Sconces are a good option if you have a small space or no nightstands. They come in a variety of styles, including wired and plug-ins as well static and adjustable arms.

Pendant lights are becoming more popular. Make sure that the pendants are bright enough to illuminate your room.

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Black&White Creative LED Floor Lamps Dimmable Spiral


3.   Never Forget Dimmers

Experts in lighting agree that dimmers are crucial, whether they're controlled by apps or switches.

Dimmers are an essential part of the overall design when it comes to bedroom light Dimmers can be used to add dimension and functionality to your space. A dimmer can be used to adjust lighting levels from low to high brightness.

The dimmer can be used to provide general lighting at maximum brightness. At lower settings the feature allows you to adjust the mood. Dimmers are simple to install and can be used in multiple roles.

Firework Chandeliers Modern Rose Gold Pendant Light Fixture for bedroom
Firework Chandeliers Modern Rose Gold Pendant Light Fixture


4.   Be Creative

A light fixture can be a useful item but that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't be creative with your choices. It is possible to combine the form and function of a lamp beautifully to produce a lovely glow.

  • Consider Fabric Shades: These can produce a beautiful diffused light depending on the fabric's weight and color. They are an excellent option if you want to create a soft glow. A table lamp with a shade of fabric is a great option for a bedside task light.

  • Space Savers: You can use wall lights or small pendants to lighten small bedrooms if you don't have enough space for a bedside desk or prefer a clutter-free space.

  • Simple is Beautiful: There are many options available to help you choose the right lights for your home. Recessed lighting can be used on ceilings as well as inside wardrobes and cupboards. It allows you to shine light exactly where and when it is needed.

For a more harmonious look, opt for lamps that are simple and low-key to blend in with your decor.

Wall Lamp Light Interior Sconces Bedroom Lighting fixtures

Nordic Vintage Wood Wall Lamp


5.   Choose the Right Bulb for Bedroom Lighting


It's important to choose the right bulb for each light fixture when you are layering your bedroom lighting. The bulb's intensity and color can have a significant impact on how you perform during and after an activity.

Before you head out searching for any bulb, it's important to determine your preferred brightness level or lumens. The suggested bedroom lumens range from 2,000 to 4,000 but this is an individual decision and will vary depending on what ambiance you want.

Once you have determined the maximum lumen output of the bulb, it is time to decide if you want the bulb type that can be dimmed. CFLs, like low-voltage LEDs, are very difficult to control using a standard dimmer. For smooth flicker-free and fizzle-free control, special dimmers may be required.

Floor Lamp Reading Light bedroom lighting bedroom light fixture

Depuley Floor Lamp 3-Light Reading Light


Light Color

The role of light color in supporting certain activities is vital. First, consider the type of bulb. While incandescent/halogen bulbs give off a soft glow, CFLs diffuse bluer. LEDs can handle a wider range of colors.

Blue and white colors have been shown in studies to improve alertness. To support focused activities, task or directional light is the best choice. These lights aren't ideal for people who need to sleep well at night.

Lighting that diffuses warmer colors (like yellow) doesn't hinder melatonin formation. Warmer lights are better for reading, relaxing, or watching TV in your bed.

RGB Color Floor Lamp LED Bedroom Lighting Fixture

Spiral RGB Color Floor Lamp


6.   Consider Smart Bedroom Lighting

Smart lighting systems let you control all of your lights using your smartphone.

Although Smart lights may seem complex, they can help create the right atmosphere for a space at the touch of a button. There is no better place than the bedroom to install such a system.

You can set timers that will automatically turn your lights on in the evenings. Additionally, you can program them to be a SAD lamps and turn them on each morning with a light slowly shifting from dim to bright to help you get up spontaneously.

7.   Add Nightlight to Your Bedroom Lighting

You need to have the right lighting for nighttime wakeups. If the light is too bright, your eyes may struggle to adjust. This can pose safety hazards. Your brain may also be signaled that it's time for you to wake up while you could fall asleep if the lighting is too dark.

Modern LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount Lamp Bedroom Lighting Fixture
Acrylic LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount Lamp


Bedroom Lighting Frequently Ask Questions


What is the best type of bedroom lighting?

Bedrooms with warm or neutral light temperatures can be soothing and functional. To avoid clashing, all lights must have the same or similar temperature. The suggested color temperature should be between 2,700K and 3,000K. This is the same range used in an incandescent bulb.

What kind of lighting do I need for a bedroom ceiling?

 Ceiling lights are essential for providing ambient lighting in your bedroom. They come in many sizes and styles. Ceiling lights for bedrooms can be either flush-mounted or suspended depending on the size and height of the room. If you want to achieve a more minimalist look, recessed lights is your best choice.

Semi-flush mount lights are best for ceilings between 9 and 10 feet high. Most light fixtures hang less than one foot from the ceiling. A hanging light is recommended for ceilings that are higher than 10 feet. There are two types of hanging lights: chandeliers and pendants.

No matter which ceiling light style you choose, you should consider how much lighting you need.

Are LED lights good for bedroom lighting?

Bedroom lights should be soothing, atmospheric, and bright enough to provide good visibility. Many people choose soft- or dimmable LED lights for their bedrooms because they are versatile and can be adjusted to meet individual needs.

LED lighting is also a popular choice because of its cost-effective performance and smart features. The energy-saving led bulbs can last longer and consume less electricity, which can lead to significant savings in the long term. There are also LED lights that can be dimmed or changed colors. You can even control Alexa to make sure your bedroom lights work perfectly.

Where should you hang a light in a bedroom?

Hanging lights should be placed in a bedroom that is in harmony with the overall design. Ceiling lamps should not be placed in the middle of a room. Ceiling light fixtures should be hung in the middle of the most important part of the room. This could be a table, bed, or windows. This feature is most likely to be the bed in the bedroom.

Any hanging lights that are used in the bedroom should be high enough that your head doesn't hit them while getting into and out of bed. Also, avoid placing chandeliers or pendant lights near the bedsides.

Which color light is best for sleeping in the bedroom?

Because your eyes are more sensitive to longer wavelengths of warm sunlight, warmer light is better for you to sleep. For bedside lamps, bulbs with a yellow-red hue are the best. The blue color is not great for sleeping.

How bright should your bedroom light be?

Lumens: Ambient lighting should have a brightness of 2,000 to 4,000 lumens in the bedroom, with at least 500 lumens per reading light and 400 lumens each for closet lighting.

Is warm lighting good for bedroom?

Warm light is best for rooms that need cozy lighting like a bedroom or living area. Warm light adds warmth to spaces, making them feel cozier and more relaxing.

Warm light can be used to highlight architectural details, like ornaments. It can highlight texture, embossing, or colors. Cool white color can be interpreted as blue tones. This type of lighting is great for work areas that need clear visibility.

A study or kitchen are two examples of places that could benefit from cool light. Also, cool lighting is great for the garage or bathroom. It can be helpful in concentration. As we said, both warm and cool lighting can be used together depending on your needs.

Should you have downlights in the bedroom?

Bedroom downlights are necessary. A typical bedroom will require at least two to three circuits. One for the central pendant or downlights; one for table lamps; one for wall lighting. Ideally, all the lighting should be controlled from one point: the bedroom door and the bed.



A bedroom is the best place to make a lighting upgrade. Smart bedroom lights can make it a place where we unwind, relax and get to sleep each night.

You can change the feel and function of your bedroom by choosing the right combination of lighting for your bedroom. Simply flicking a switch will give your space a cozy, relaxed atmosphere.


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