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13 Coolest Looking Low Profile Ceiling Lights You'll Love

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Are you looking for the most efficient low profile ceiling lights? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? If that's the case, then you've found the right page.

We know what an inconvenience it can be to read through hundreds of reviews and lighting catalogs online when you've got plenty of choices. So, let go of all of your worries behind, go through this comprehensive guide, and make the best purchase decision seamless and easy.

Semi-Flush Mount and Flush Mount Lighting, What’s the Difference?

Overhead lighting can illuminate your room and provide the initial layer of light, which is followed by ambient and task lighting. Ceiling lights can help enhance the ambiance and style of rooms. Ceiling lighting lures the eye upwards and also highlights more prominent elements of a room such as unique architectural features or crown molding.

They come in various designs so, it's easy to find the perfect ceiling light that will work for your home. The two main types of ceiling lighting are flush mount lights and semi-flush lighting. Semi-flush and flush mount light fixtures can be classified as ceiling fixtures however, they appear differently when installed.

Flush-mount lights

This is mounted directly on the ceiling. There is no visible stem at the center that lowers the sockets and keeps the fixture at a lower level than the ceiling. It appears that the bulbs are positioned directly on the ceiling. Most flush-mount fixtures come with simple, minimalist designs that are often able to blend into any decor.

Semi-flush mount lights

Semi-flush mounted lights feature a central stem that lowers light bulbs approximately 4-8 inches lower than the ceiling. Semi-flush mount lights is typically more appealing than flush-mount fixtures.

Additional Tips: Lights that are over 8 inches from the ceiling are referred to as chandeliers or pendant lights according to their style.

Here are our TOP Picks of the best flush mount ceiling lights and semi-flush mount ceiling lights that you can install in your home today.

1.	Depuley Crystal Chandeliers Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting Fixture

1.   Depuley Crystal Chandeliers Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

This mini chandelier is made of silver silk drum-shaped fabric lampshade and transparent polygonal crystal helps soften the light and shield the eyes. Beautiful crystals are able to create an inviting, cozy, and romantic vibe. The perfect choice for a girls' room.

These flush-mount ceiling lights feature a strong metal frame with a brushed nickel-like finish that effortlessly blends into the majority of décor styles. The crystal beads have extremely transparent, with a high resist heat, and aren't difficult to break. The base that has a chrome finish looks stunning and contemporary. This ceiling light with crystals needs 3xE26 lamps (bulb not included) which provide more illumination than just one or two bulbs. (Max 3 x 60W)

Suggested Room Fits

A great choice for nearly any space such as the entryway, living room, bedroom, hallway, basement, or foyer, is also perfect for commercial lighting in restaurants, cafes, shops, etc.

Modern K9 Crystal Led Luminaria Ceiling Lights

2.   Modern K9 Crystal Led Luminaria Ceiling Lights

This small flush mount crystal chandelier fixtures makes a wonderful choice for your bathroom ceiling, hallway, or walk-in closets. It's stuffed with crystal elements that are positioned on the base of brushed stainless steel. The intricate style creates a lovely ambiance by scattering light particles throughout the space.

The crystal ceiling light size is L9.8"*W9.8"*H4.7", the inner square is L7.9"*W7.9", and the outer square is L5.9"*W5.9" It's made of Top grade K9 crystals and stainless steel and is easy to install.

Suggested Room Fits

These ceiling light fixtures are ideal for bedroom, living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen, walk-in closet, corridor, balcony, etc.

Gisela 3-light Crystal Flush Mount Light

3.   Gisela 3-light Crystal Flush Mount Light

Stunning and functional, this flush mount ceiling light fixture features an iron shade and crystal with a black finish. This contemporary light fixture can fill your home with brightness and improve the appearance of your home.

The flush mount light fixtures come with a black-finished canopy that can be mounted, featuring three light bulbs that can illuminate small to large areas. It is a dangling chandelier available in different dimensions and lengths, to form the appearance of drop-down crystals in a pyramid. The diameter of the crystal is twelve inches.

4.	Axton 2 Light 12' Diameter Flushmount Ceiling Fixture

4.  Axton 2 Light 12' Diameter Flushmount Ceiling Fixture

The Bromi Collection Flush mount is sure to increase the brightness and beauty of your home in any situation. Utilizing 2-Watt x 60-Watt bulb incandescent (light bulb not included) this light fixture is sure to be the main attraction within your house. All Bromi Design Products are designed and specially made to be of superior quality.

This sleek design LED flush mount ceiling light features energy efficient LEDs that give an elegant look as well as practicality. It comes with all mounting hardware to allow for easy and quick installation.

Suggested Space Fits

This flush mount lighting is best installed in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, office spaces, and more.

Modern LED Crystal Ceiling Lights

5.   Modern LED Crystal Ceiling Lights

The flower's design is distinctive, stylish, fine-looking, and filled with charm. It is made of high-quality crystal glass material, beautifully carved with excellent refraction effects. The lamp body is constructed in acrylic. The light fixture has a more even distribution, transmission is high, durable, and long-lasting.

Surface-mounted/concealed optional, white/colorful/warm white light is also optional to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Suggested Room Fits

This LED flush mount ceiling light fixture is suitable for 5-10 square meters, such as the living room, bedroom, entrance, and so on.

Depuley Industrial Metal Flush Mount Ceiling Light

6.   Depuley Industrial Metal Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The square ceiling light's unique metal canopy, as well as rectangular frame, are arranged to give them a striking rustic and industrial look and add another layer of modern design. The lampshade on these two lights differs, so you can pick one according to your preferences and the price when purchasing.

The rectangular metal lamp shade that isn't been enclosed will let the light shine through your room more evenly. The rectangular lamp shade made of metal from another lamp is held in a diagonal manner using planks of wood. This makes it semi-enclosed, which blocks some of the bright light and ultimately, shields your eyes. The vintage style and metallic design create a central feature in the space. It is definitely the best option for retro-industrial decor.

This flush mount ceiling light has a black-colored finish made out of steel. This makes it robust and rustproof. It also adds an industrial look to your style. In addition, its open design allows you to change the bulb quickly.


A light along with all mounting hardware as well as instructions are all included. Follow the steps in the guideline to complete the entire process. An open lamp shade design on the bottom makes it simpler to change the bulbs.

WiFi Smart LED Lamp RGB+Dimmable APP Music Light

7.   WiFi Smart LED Lamp RGB+Dimmable APP Music Light

This Smart LED flush mount ceiling light is compatible with the mobile app (IOS as well as Android) and is compatible also with Google Home and Alexa Echo for control via voice. The smart ceiling light comes with the ability to timer itself, and it is able to automatically turn on and off when it is time to turn off and you do not have to leave an unlit room when you've finished your work.

Smart Ceiling Light also has memory functions, it will save the last settings, so it doesn't require you to reset the app each time. This smart and upgraded ceiling light has a wide range of options of colors and pre-programmed functions that allow you to create different moods in your room.

RGBCW lighting that changes color can be controlled by a group and remotely controlled using the app. All smart lights can be managed by one group via your smartphone at any time and at any place.

This smart flush mount ceiling light will hear any sound from outside via the phone's microphone and make the light bulb alter color based on the low and high-frequency audio rhythm. It can also automatically alter the RGB light according to the rhythm of the tune that is played by the musician to make the scene DIY ideal for parties and dancing.

Modern LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Dimmable

8.   Modern LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Dimmable

With a Color Temperature of 3000-6500K, Brightness: of 10-100%, these modern flush mount ceiling lights are adjustable and include memory functions. By using your remote, you are able to alter the light intensity and color temperature depending on your preferences. If you don't turn off the wall switch, you switch it on using the remote control again it will continue to operate in the lighting setting you turned off the last time.

The semi flush mount ceiling light is constructed from high-end acrylic, LEDs, and other materials. The LED chip array is high-end and high-end Modern LED ceiling lights can bring the most brightness to your space. The lamp cover is made of acrylic and has high light transmittance giving soft and pleasant light without glare, dazzle, or spot dot. It also provides uniform illumination. This simple design will make your space more stylish.

Quality-led semi flush mount ceiling light that is high-end. It has 3200lm output and 40W. It is energy efficient and cost-effective. It is designed with a safety system for the eyes the modern ceiling lamp is safe for your eyes. (Bulbs Are Included.)

Suggested Room Fits

It is ideal for the kitchen or laundry room, as well as your closet and living area and dining room and corridors, bedrooms or aisles for a restaurant or hallway, bathroom, and more. The best alternative to light fixtures that are fluorescent. (Application area: 10-15m^2.)

Elegant Designs Ceiling Glacier Petal 2 Light Glass

9.   Elegant Designs Ceiling Glacier Petal 2 Light Glass

Bring brightness to your home by installing this stunning 2- (2) flush mount ceiling lights with a gorgeous chrome finish and a beautifully designed transparent glass shade. This stunningly stylish design is sure to be the envy of your acquaintances.

We believe that lights are the jewel for homes. Our lighting products can make your home appear more elegant and classy. Utilizes 2 40W Type B Medium base bulbs (not supplied).

Suggested Space Fits

Great for living room or dining room, bedroom office, or even the foyer. The center screw is used to secure the shade.

Bromi Design Lynch Flush Mount, White and Red

10.   Bromi Design Lynch Flush Mount, White and Red

Light up your house with this stunning Bromi Design Lynch White and Red Flush Mount Ceiling Light. The Flush Mount light can enclose 60W incandescent bulbs (bulb not included) inside its glass cover. It's surrounded by a 15.75" metal shade that has an exterior of white and a red interior finish, making it the main attraction within your house.

Bulb Type is 3-E26*60W Incandescent (bulb not included). Free shipping is guaranteed.

Suggested Space Fits

Great for living room or dining room, bedroom office, or even the foyer. The center screw is used to secure the shade.

Brixton 3 Light 15.35' Diameter Flush mount Ceiling Fixture

11.   Brixton 3 Light 15.35' Diameter Flush mount Ceiling Fixture

This Bromi Design Collection flush mount ceiling light will illuminate and enhance your home in any setting. With 3 x 60W incandescent Bulbs (light bulb not included), this light fixture is sure to become the center of attention within your house and they are suitable for dry locations.


It comes with all mounting hardware needed for simple and quick installation.

Modern LED Aisle Ceiling Lights

12. Modern LED Aisle Ceiling Lights

This stunning Modern LED Aisle Ceiling Light is constructed of top-quality metal components. The coating has been tested several times with high temperatures, ensuring its extremely durable.

An aisle light with input voltages between 110 and 220 (V) warm/white soft lighting ranging from 3000k to 6000k and milky shades offer the same, glare-free lighting without flickering, thereby protecting your eyes from glare. The LED ceiling light is similar to traditional 200W incandescent lamps, which will help you save over 80% off your electricity costs.

These LED ceiling lights that have contemporary acrylic designs are constructed from high-end LED chips. The lifespan of the bulbs is greater than 20,000 hours, which allows you to eliminate the need to replace the bulb and keep it glowing for a long period of time.

Easy Installation

The bracket attaches directly to the ceiling and comes with the entire surface mount components.

Suggested Room Fits

This light fixture is best installed in the bathroom, aisle, corridor, bedroom, hotel, kitchen, etc.

Merrick 3 Light 16.93' Diameter Flush-mount Ceiling Fixture

13.   Merrick 3 Light 16.93' Diameter Flush-mount Ceiling Fixture

This Bromi Collection Flush-mount light fixture will illuminate and enrich your home and add brightness in any location. Utilizing two 60-watt incandescent lights (light bulb not included), this fixture will surely be the main attraction at your house.


Included are all mounting hardware and tools to allow for quick and easy installation. This is suitable for locations that are dry.

Elk Restoration 3-Light Semi-Flush Mount


Things to Consider Before Buying Low Profile Ceiling Lights

As you probably know, research is crucial prior to buying anything. There are a few aspects to think about prior to beginning your inquiries. This is essential to ensure that the entire purchasing process is as simple as you can.

Keep in mind that your time is valuable as money. Therefore, there are a couple of things to consider before buying your next ceiling light.

  1. Be sure to keep the size of your space in your mind. Take note of your ceiling height and the dimensions of the room prior to buying new ceiling lights.

  2. What amount of light do you require? Think about the amount of light you'll need and where it must be directed.

  3. What kind of lighting are you looking for? Pick an item that matches the style of your décor and furniture. If you're not sure, pick an elegant style that can work with many different styles of interior decor.

  4. What's the function of your brand new lights? Are they intended for work, tasks, or for just ambiance? Do you require airflow to cool your room?

  5. How easy is your ceiling light fixture to maintain and clean? Do you require an elevated ladder to get someone to replace the light bulbs, or wash away dust?

Do not choose a fixture based solely on how it appears. If you want to be satisfied over the long term with your lighting selections, follow the list of points above to take into consideration before purchasing ceiling lights.

Modern Simple LED Crystal Lamp

Modern Simple LED Crystal Lamp

Bromi Design Lenox 1 Light Round Silver Flush Mount

Bromi Design Lenox 1 Light Round Silver Flush Mount


How to Choose the Best Low Profile Ceiling Lights

For ceiling lights used either for commercial or home lighting, look over the dimensions of the light to determine the size, height, width, length (for semi-flush alternatives) as well as weight, and mounting options. The form of the light is determined by the lighting application and where it's placed.

For example, elongated rectangular fixtures are great for hallways. It is also crucial to choose the right color take a look at the décor there and then decide whether the flush mount ceiling light will be a part of the decor or make a statement.

Replacing an existing ceiling light may require wiring that is already installed. When installing new fixtures, double make sure your wiring matches the close-to-ceiling light.

Modern LED Crystal Ceiling Light

Modern LED Crystal Ceiling Light


Frequently Asked Questions - Low Profile Ceiling Lights

Before you shop for low profile ceiling lights, consider whether they're the ideal choice for your home. There are a few reasons that make close-to-the-ceiling lights a great choice: 

  • Low ceiling height: For ceilings of less than 8 feet semi-flush and flush mount lighting is the ideal and often the only option for overhead lighting because of the absence of overhead clearance.

  • Broad lighting needed: Lights that are close to the ceiling usually offer general, or ambient lighting throughout the space. Bathrooms, hallways, entryways as well as closets, and bedrooms are areas where ambient lighting is crucial.

  • Love to be different:  installation of a semi-flush light in areas where you'd expect to see chandeliers, like the dining room or foyer will make your home stand out.

How do I choose the ideal lighting for a low ceiling?

Uplighters can be extremely efficient to light rooms with low ceilings. They also provide excellent ambient lighting. The Uplighter has a range of ceiling lights. Additionally, floor lamps can be helpful for specific jobs and can add a unique environment to the space.

What do low-profile ceiling lights really mean?

The incandescent flush mount light gives a room warm lighting. A low-profile fixture has three or more lighting sockets that can be able to accommodate lighting bulbs with a rating of 100 Watts each. The dimensions vary.

Harlna 2 Light 13.70' Diameter Flushmount Ceiling Fixture

Harlna 2 Light 13.70' Diameter Flushmount Ceiling Fixture


Can recessed lighting be used with low ceilings?

Recessed Lights feature a rough shape, which makes them ideal for areas with low floor levels. Recipe lighting is also employed in areas that require waterproofing.

What type of lights to use instead of ceiling lights?

If illuminating your space without adding ceiling lighting is your aim, look at the most simple and efficient alternatives. Think about floor lamps for brightening dark spaces or put up wall sconces, decorative lighting, string lights, or even portable lighting. Starlights are an excellent option too.

What kind of lighting would be best for low ceilings?

Flush-mount lighting or close-to-ceiling lighting is the ideal lighting option for those with lower ceilings. If you pair the two with recessed lighting then you'll get the functionality and style.

Can I install pendant lights on a ceiling that is low?

It's not practical to hang an overhead light on the ceiling of a living space that has low ceilings. This will not only obstruct the room and hinder people from moving around in a free manner however, it could also make the space appear smaller and the ceilings appear lower than they actually are.


Final Thoughts

Flush mount ceiling lights are the best choice for spaces with ceilings that are low, like the majority of bedrooms and hallways. For foyers and entryways, or smaller areas where a huge chandelier or pendant isn't enough, an elongated light fixture can provide ample light for your house guests. In addition, the flush mount ceiling lights or semi flush mount LED ceiling lights will provide sufficient illumination, while also being energy efficient.

Explore all ceiling lights at Simply Light Fixtures that standouts to separate you from others. Discover an ideal combination of diverse designs that suits your style and budget. Free shipping on $49+.

We hope that this article will ensure that you purchase your item with confidence. Enjoy Shopping!

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