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Hanging lighting has been popular for many years. Candelabras were popular in Roman culture as early as 3000 BC. They were used extensively in many homes and public buildings. Overhead lighting has fascinated humans for thousands of years.

Nowadays, lighting manufacturers have brought this outdated concept up to date with remarkable improvements and alterations using indoor pendant lighting. You will have the privilege of looking through a large selection of pendant lights. At Simply Light fixtures, we only work alongside the most reliable and respected lighting manufacturers who focuses on style and quality.

Here are our TOP favorite high-quality modern pendant lights that you need to brighten your space.

Modern Nordic Pendant Lights

1.   Modern Nordic Pendant Lights

The pendant light is elegant, simple, and functional. It will illuminate your space without distracting attention from your beautifully curated interior.

It uses an LED Bulb (bulb not included) and it's best installed in areas such as the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, study room, or bar.

Hana Pendant Lighting Fixture

2.    Hana Pendant Lighting Fixture

The Hana collection shimmers with a stunning display of faceted crystal pendalogues. It creates the illusion that a flowing cascade of ornamentation is pouring from a sleek metal canopy. These light fixtures will make a strong visual impact in any space and can be easily adapted to smaller spaces. Led lighting with soft white 3000K LEDs.

Suggested Room Fits

The Luxurious Hana Pendant is great for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, & Hallway.

Modern Nordic Pendant Lighting Fixtures

3.   Modern Nordic Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Hardware hollow lampshade features laser engraving, an artistic hollow pattern, and flashing paper towels. When the light turns on, it emits light from an exquisite hollow pattern. The light is soft, comfortable, warm, and natural. It can be used with various light sources that have E27 screw ports. LED bulbs are recommended as they are safe, efficient, and energy-efficient.

Metal paint for a versatile and fashionable matte white/matt-black lamp body. The chassis is constructed from high-quality hardware and spinning-body molding. It is then coated with high-temperature baking spray art. The surface of the lamp is smooth and delicate.


These pendant lights are perfect for teahouses, villas, dining rooms, living rooms, coffee shops, clubs, exhibition halls, bars, etc.

Modern Feather Pendant Lights

4.   Modern Feather Pendant Lights

Modern Feather Pendant light evokes high-fashion elegance. The shade is made from hundreds of recycled goose feathers and meticulously hand-sewn together to create a statement of beauty.

The light and fluffy design is visually appealing and has a textural touch. This soft and ambient light-emitting downy globe makes a statement wherever you place it. Modern Feather Pendant Lights can be used even without illumination. They are both beautiful decor pieces and a true fusion between craftsmanship and art.


These pendant lights are perfect for bedrooms, study rooms, hotel rooms, living areas, etc.

Groovy Rattan String Shade Large Pendant Light

5.   Groovy Rattan String Shade Large Pendant Light

This large ceiling-mounted pendant light makes a great overhead lighting solution for your cozy living area. It also adds a modern, elegant design to your entryway or dining room. A 60 Watt incandescent bulb (or equivalent CFL) is enclosed within a sphere of cream-colored rattan strings that provide dazzling illumination.

These pendant lights are easily hung from a 15-inch, fabric-covered cord with an on/off switch. Equipped with LED lighting to ensure long-lasting use and high energy efficiency. It is the ideal addition for modern or contemporary homes.


These pendant lights can be placed above living spaces, dining areas, and along kitchen island countertops. They can also be paired together to create unique entryway lighting designs.

Bamboo Lamp Wicker Rattan Pendant Light

6.   Bamboo Lamp Wicker Rattan Pendant Light

This Healthy and Natural Artistic Bamboo Art Lighting is easy to set up. The hand-woven bamboo lamp is convenient and can be used in many locations. It's made from fresh materials and perfectly imitates the resilience and natural quality of bamboo.

Bamboo pendant lights in Chinese design offer ancient elegance and natural charm. Natural materials bring a spiritual purity that makes your corridor pure and simple. These lanterns are simple and natural but have a modern flair and trendy charm. Enjoy the beauty of nature and live a happy life.


These light fixtures are perfect for Living Rooms, Corridors, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Etc.

Retro Nordic Pinecone LED Pendant Lights

7.   Retro Nordic Pinecone LED Pendant Lights

Beautiful pendant light shades, geometric pendant lights, and intriguing wooden lampshades are all unique. They will bring a lot more high-level meaning to your daily life. Natural materials make hanging wooden lamps safe, durable, and environmentally friendly. The paint is non-toxic which makes these light fixtures durable, resistant to high temperatures, and fade-resistant.

It is easy and fun to install. A bamboo lamp shade is included in the installation hardware accessories. The wiring type is hardwired. You can adjust the length of the black cord and have it cut to fit your installation needs. You can choose the length that is most convenient for you and it will work with E26/E27 sockets. (Not including bulbs). Free shipping is guaranteed.

Suggested Space

These pendant lights are compatible with any type of ceiling such as in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, lofts and farmhouses, warehouses, clubs, restaurants, or cafes.

Nordic Modern Led Chandelier

8.   Nordic Modern Led Chandelier

This pendant light fixture features a Nordic minimalist design, modern pendant light design, retro and industrial elements, and elegant black shadows. It is easily matched with a variety of home decor styles, including living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

Vintage hanging lighting has special designs and an adjustable cord. The industrial chandeliers can be customized to suit your lighting needs. Their muted surface induces a contemporary atmosphere in an everyday fixture.

The light fixture is made from nano-baking varnish and has four variations. It's long-lasting, heat dissipating, and anti-rustic. The light Source is E26 (bulbs are not included). UL-listed lamp socket and UL-listed electric wire. It is compatible with LED, incandescent, or CFL bulbs.

Suggested Space

This light fixture can be used in a variety of settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens as well as restaurants, cafes, and exhibition halls.

4-Light Chandelier Metal Pendant Lights

9.   4-Light Chandelier Metal Pendant Lights

Pendant lights that are timeless in design. They combine industrial, retro, rustic, and classic elements to make your home stand out. You can place the four light rings around screws by attaching them with screws. To give the best look, you can adjust the rotation at any moment. This black rustic pendant light will add a geometric look to any space.

These pendant lights are made of high-quality iron. It is durable, strong, and resistant to corrosion.  The high-quality product you receive is the result of a rigorous factory process. The installation of each pendant lamp is simple and straightforward. The box contains all the necessary screws. It is highly recommended to install the screws correctly. This product is for indoor use only.

Wide Application

This 4-light farmhouse chandelier pendant light can also be used as a decorative accent in bars, cafe shops, showrooms, restaurants, hotels, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, porches, and any other space that requires extra character.

Simple Modern 6 Color Glass ball Pendant Lights

10.   Simple Modern 6 Color Glass ball Pendant Lights

This high-quality modern pendant lights a simple shape with a touch of different colors. Each element is carefully constructed, creating a high-quality living environment. Excellent products at an affordable price. You can adjust the length of your chain to suit your design and preferences. To make it more eye-catching, you can add a vintage bulb to it.

Glass pendant light with E27 base. Maximum 40W/60W Edison Bulbs, or 4W/6W/8W led bulbs which are compatible with dimmable bulbs (bulb not included). This pendant lamp is distinct from the rest. This pendant light fixture can create a romantic ambiance and add warmth and joy to your home. It requires very little assembly.

Suggested Space

This pendant light has a retro design and simple structure which makes it suitable and a great decoration for your home, office, bedrooms, cafes, bedrooms, hotel, restaurant, or library.

Crystal Indoor Led Luxury Pendant Lights

11.   Crystal Indoor Led Luxury Pendant Lights

This chrome crystal chandelier light fixture is made of K9 crystals of the highest quality. It also includes stainless steel and iron. It's also durable. You can adjust the height of your chandelier by moving the iron chain. You can rotate the ring to change the shape of your chandelier to suit your needs.  

Suggested Space

This Indoor Led Pendant Light provides the ideal lighting source for creativity in your living, dining, bedroom, foyer, hallway, or kitchen. This chandelier is great for offices, restaurants, and other spaces. These silver modern chandeliers can be installed easily. Professional help is advised.

Dimmable LED Pendant Lights

12.   Dimmable LED Pendant Lights

These Modern LED chandeliers can be dimmed with the remote control. According to your personal preference and real needs, you can gradually change the brightness (10-100%) and color temperature (3000-6000K) of the linear pendant light fixture, giving you a different lighting effects experience.

The LED hanging pendant light can be adjusted to the height you prefer using the suspension cable. This linear led chandelier lighting in gold and black is made of high-quality metal iron+silicone body and transparent acrylic lampshade. It's safe for your eyes and energy efficient.

This dimmable hanging light fixture comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and an assembly guide. The number of lights used is 5 light bulbs.

Suggested Space

This LED pendant lighting fixture features a minimalist design. It is perfect for kitchen islands, bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, offices, study rooms, and other areas.

Modern Bamboo Hand Woven Bamboo Art Chandelier

13.   Modern Bamboo Hand Woven Bamboo Art Chandelier

This bamboo pendant light has a strong, geometric structure. This makes it a great choice for modern interiors that are minimalist and want to brighten up their look. This lamp is very versatile thanks to its unique weave technique and the use of thin bamboo strips for construction. This light fixture is lightweight and can be attached directly to the electrical cord.

Each piece is unique and handmade. This type of sophisticated design will never go out of fashion. This pendant light is powered by LED bulbs and can illuminate up to 3-5 square meters.

Chinese Rattan Weaving Pendant Lights

14.   Chinese Rattan Weaving Pendant Lights

This rattan pendant has a sturdy, almost organic appearance. It gives it a more structured overall look. This unique pendant is hand-woven from natural bamboo and creates a welcoming atmosphere in any space. This pendant is large enough to add dimension and texture to any room. It's also a great statement piece for minimal interiors.

A hanging pendant hand-woven from natural bamboo glows with ambient light and a game of shadows. This pendant's bell-shaped design with a woven wicker fixture finish makes a strong statement that is easy to remember.

Suggested Space

You can use it to highlight an eclectic living room, enhance a rustic study/office or bedroom, or in a hotel hall.

Modern Decor LED Pendant Lights

15.   Modern Decor LED Pendant Lights

This pendant light will undoubtedly be the focal point of any space. Although each pendant light is available in different sizes, the semi-transparent shades make the most of your space. For dramatic effect, the multi-light pendant lighting can be placed in dining or living rooms.

Suggested Space

This pendant light is best installed in bedrooms, study/offices, living spaces, hotel rooms, or hotel halls.

Luxury Crystal Pendant Ceiling Lighting

16.   Luxury Crystal Pendant Ceiling Lighting

This Luxury Crystal Pendant light offers elegance and function at a price that is affordable. This is an ideal choice for contemporary lamp decor. You can match the basic design with other styles of decorations to make your artistic expression more diverse. This beautiful crystal pendant lamp makes a bold statement in any space.

Stunning pendant lighting that is made of high-quality aluminum material. It can illuminate an area of 10-15 square meters. Works perfectly as standalone lighting or can be hung in groups.

Suggested Space

This light fixture is perfect for Hotel Room, Dining Spaces, Bedrooms, Study, Hotel Hall, etc.

Dimmable Modern LED Pendant Light Fixtures

17.   Dimmable Modern LED Pendant Light Fixtures

This pendant light's design is inspired by American modernism and European style. To give the pendant light an elevated art look, acrylic and wrought metal were used as their primary elements. Its unique design and smart design will make the black and gold pendant light a lasting memory. They can be placed on their own, or in groups. You can create a romantic ambiance by letting the light shine brightly.

High-quality LED patch lights are dimmable using the remote control. You can choose from warm light (3000K) or white light (6000K), as well as brightness between 10% and 100%. Modern LED chandeliers can be set to remember their last settings, which makes them easier to use. The LED hanging light comes with an eye protection system. The wire length can be adjusted to fit your individual preferences.

Suggested Room Fits

This modern pendant light is ideal for adding warmth and style to your home, including in the dining room, living area, bedroom, hallway, or office.

Ganeed Rustic Farmhouse Metal Pendant Light

Finding the Perfect Pendant Lights

Lighting and illumination requirements vary from one room to the next in your home. You can create special spaces by lighting some areas brightly to assist you with household activities like crafts and hobbies. Other areas are deliberately darkened for a more peaceful atmosphere.

With our carefully curated selection of quality pendant lights, you have lots of ways to accomplish your varying illumination goals. For instance, you can choose pendant lights with different features; this will help you narrow your choices down to lighting that meet your specific wants, such as:

  • Illumination Level: Different areas of your home require different brightness levels. We have pendant lighting that can accommodate different wattages and a different number of bulbs.

  • Ceiling Height: Higher ceilings might require pendant lights with adjustable chains to determine the appropriate lengths

  • Ceiling Height: Higher ceilings might require pendant lights with adjustable chains to determine the appropriate lengths

  • Design: With a wide range of materials and finishes like brushed nickel, it is easy to find a pendant light that matches your room's tones.

You will be able to focus on the right fixtures for each room of your home if you have these options available while you shop for ideas.

Space Size Matter

Because of their versatility, indoor pendant lighting can be installed in many places within your home. These are just a few ideas to get you started with design ideas.

  • Entryway: A pendant light placed in the entryway of a house is a great way to make a strong statement and light the first place guests see when they enter your home.

  • Dining: Using two or more pendant lighting in your dining room can make a statement about culinary excellence when entertaining family, friends, or business associates

  • Bathroom- Pendant lights in the bath and shower can be a great addition or replacement to the standard vanity lights found in bathrooms.

  • Study/Den- As a replacement for floor or desk lamps, the right pendant can add quiet elegance and superior illumination.

  • Kitchen For the busy chef, space and enough light is important. Pendant lights make excellent choices as a light source for cooking and meal preparation.

  • Living Room- Pendant lights are a great way to brighten a common space instead of using the overhead lights found in most living rooms.

  • Bedroom This room is where pendant lights are most effective. It can create a welcoming and warm atmosphere where peace, quiet, and rest are important.

You can see that each space will have its own requirements in terms of the size and position of your pendant lighting. You will want to choose fixtures that fit the space. Also, consider how many fixtures each area will need. When deciding the right size for your pendant lights, consider how many lights the fixtures can hold, their wattage, and how low they hang.

Firework Chandeliers 12-Light Modern Rose Gold Pendant Lights

Firework Chandeliers 12-Light Modern Rose Gold Pendant Lights

How to Install Pendant Lights

It is easy and quick to install your mid century or modern pendant lights if you have the right tools. A ladder or step stool and an assistant are essential.

These are the general guidelines you should follow when installing pendant lamps:

  • Power off First: The first step in handling electrical wiring is to turn off the power supply for the fixtures that you are replacing.

  • Steady support: If you spend a lot of time at ceiling height, make sure to have a step stool or ladder available.

  • Partner: Working with overhead fixtures is not an easy job. Even if you only hold and hand the items, it's still a team job.

  • Read Instructions: Many fixtures have additional instructions that you need to understand before you start the job.

Most installations will involve working with existing wiring. Then, replace the old fixtures with a pendant light that best suits your style and tastes. You can also hire a qualified handyperson to handle the job if you are not interested in DIY.

Maintaining Pendant Lights

It is easy to maintain and care for indoor pendant lights once they are installed. All you have to do is add one small task to your weekly cleaning routine to ensure that your lights shine as brightly as the day they were purchased. You can maintain the beauty of your home while maintaining its high value by paying attention to it regularly.

These are the general maintenance guidelines that will keep your pendant lights in great condition.

  • Lights Out: Always turn off your pendant lights for at least 15 minutes to prevent yourself from burning.

  • Stable Support: When working with fixtures attached to the ceiling, use a sturdy ladder or step stool to ensure a stable balance.

  • Hand Clean: Take out all the detachable parts and clean them in brightly lit areas.

  • No Abrasive chemicals: industrial strength cleaners can cloud the crystal and leave other permanent marks.

  • Dust with a Microfiber Cloth: A feather duster or dry, microfiber cloth can remove most dust and dirt particles.

  • Wear Cotton Gloves: To avoid any smudges when handling glass, use clean cotton gloves.

K9 Crystal Ceiling Chandelier

K9 Crystal Ceiling Chandelier


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Pendant Lights for our home?

In indoor spaces like bathrooms, foyers, and reading nooks, small and mini-pendant lighting is great. Hanging lamps with multiple bulbs or large hanging lamps are best for indoor spaces, such as dining rooms. Pendant lights in kitchens provide bright task lighting. You can group single pendants and suspend them at different heights to make a bold statement.

What is the purpose of installing pendant lights?

Decide what your light should do. Pendants that hang above your kitchen island provide task-oriented lighting, while the lighting at your front door welcomes guests and provides safety.

How can I choose the right size of pendant lights?

To make the best decision, you will need to consider the height of the ceiling (including sloped or vaulted ceilings). Consider the dimensions, height, weight, and depth of any fixtures you are considering.

How many lumens will a pendant lighting produce?

LED pendants produce a higher level of lighting than incandescent or halogen light sources. Also, make sure to check out the guide for interpreting lumens.

How to install pendant ceiling lights?

Installing hanging lighting on a sloped surface, or on a vaulted ceiling requires that you purchase all necessary connectors and suspension cables. You also need to consider how the fixtures can be cleaned and maintained. It is best to consult with an electrician before installing a pendant.

Why choose modern pendant lights?

Ceiling lighting of all types including mid century style with brushed nickel finish has the obvious advantage that they don't take up valuable space in a home. Modern and contemporary pendant lights are independent of the space available in a space. They can be evaluated for their merits and how they complement other elements in a space, regardless of how small it is.

Does modern pendant lighting look better in certain rooms than others?

While contemporary pendant light is technically possible to install in any room of the house, there are certain spaces and rooms where they stand out. A large pendant light or group of small pendant lights can look particularly striking over a flat surface such as a table or island in the kitchen. This is due to horizontal surfaces acting as visual counterpoints and highlighting the vertical lines of pendant lamps.

Modern pendant lighting is most commonly found in kitchens or dining areas. However, modern pendant lights can look equally stunning in any room of a house, regardless of the features in your entryway, living space, bedroom, or living room.

Is size an important consideration when installing pendant lights?

Scale is important, as it is with all major design elements in a space or room. Ceiling lights, including pendants and modern ceiling lights, are now more artistic than ever, making them especially desirable. Scale--how large the pendant lights is in relation to other elements of the space and how big the room itself--is a key factor in how well a space will benefit from it. It is important to ensure that the pendant lighting that you choose is not only one that you like but also the right size for your room.

Additional Tips

Eco-friendly LED pendant lights can improve the energy efficiency of your house. Modern lamps and wall lights can be used to adjust the lighting levels in any room. If you are looking for outdoor hanging lights for sale, be sure to check whether it is suitable for damp or wet spaces.


Final Thoughts

Beyond that very practical advantage, though, pendant light designs are simply great visual statements. They seem suspended in the air and immediately draw attention. Contemporary ceiling lights, which can be made of glass, metals, or synthetic composites, are now more versatile than ever thanks to technological advances and new material applications.

Finally, and maybe most relevant, is the fact that pendant lights have the potential to emit the kind of nuanced lighting that enhances a room’s ambiance immeasurably. Beautiful modern ceiling lights that emit beautiful lighting are a hard-to-resist combination. Many of today's modern pendants come with LED lights, allowing for beautiful and energy-saving designs.

Ready to shop for your next pendant lights? Browse our deep selection of pendant lights and we’ll deliver them to your front door. Free shipping on orders $49+.


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