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11 Extraordinary Modern Chandeliers You Wish You Had

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There's nothing that screams glamour like chandeliers. Multi-armed, sophisticated, and sparkling, these extraordinary modern chandeliers give a striking impression in foyers, living spaces, bedrooms, and over dining tables.

Elegant and practical, chandeliers should be integrated into your home in the same way that any other ornamental item or work of art should be selected. "I would urge consumers to view this purchase with the same enjoyment they would use in buying fine furniture," says Dan Blitzer, former educational consultant for the American Lighting Association.

To find the perfect chandelier for your home, we've compiled the best modern chandeliers made of a variety of decor and material styles. Be creative and illuminate your house with these contemporary and modern chandeliers.

Led Ceiling Light Modern Chandelier

1.      Led Ceiling Light Modern Chandelier

The chandelier that has a star shape is brimming with fashion. This modern LED ceiling light is not likely to become obsolete. It will surely make your family and friends love it. The soft light will protect your eyes while reading or doing other tasks.

This unique ceiling light isn't only an illumination effect however, it is also a nice decorative feature. It is a great wedding gift, birthday present, or other gifts for Christmas to family, friends, or children.

Made of high-quality ironware and acrylic materials, this LED modern chandelier is high-temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, and most of all energy-saving.

Suggested Room Fits

This gorgeous chandelier lighting is perfect for general indoor areas such as dining rooms, bedrooms, foyer, study rooms, and bathrooms.

Crystal Ball Spiral LED Chandelier

2.      Crystal Ball Spiral LED Chandelier

This Crystal Ball Spiral LED Chandelier is a spectacular lighting design that is made of high-quality crystals in polished copper finish with gold shades. Pair it with contemporary or modern decor as a stylish accent piece.

The modern crystal chandelier hung with unique crystal-clear balls looks noble and romantic, amazing from every angle. The gold lampshade color is orderly showing a stunning sense of beauty, mysticism, and good-looking.

Suggested Room Fits

This modern chandelier is best installed in the staircase, Kitchen Island, living room, dining room, bedroom, study, hallway, etc.

Hera Shaded Crystal-detailed 4-light Chandelier

3.      Hera Shaded Crystal-detailed 4-light Chandelier

Admire the splendor of this sparkling chandelier in any room of your home. The distinctive metal-edged shade blocks the light's multidirectional direction to create a warm and inviting glow. Four 40-watt lamps produce 1800 lumens of soft light which make this chandelier perfect for the dining area or library. Its white shades as well as the subdued retro style complement any décor.

Suggested Room Fits

This 4-light chandelier (light bulb not included) is best installed in the living room or dining area.

 6-Light Modern Chandelier - Matte White

4.      6-Light Modern Chandelier - Matte White

A geometric matte white with satin chrome accents makes this chandelier an eye-catching element for modern bedroom themes. This modern chandelier with an electroplated finish is dimmable (dimmer not included). Perfect to give a hint of formality to bedrooms with an eclectic or modern style. Small candelabras provide soft light that is perfect for relaxing areas. 


Assembly is required and professional help is highly recommended. This awesome chandelier lighting is best for bedrooms and study rooms.

Aidee 5-light Chrome 16-inch Spherical Chandelier

5.      Aidee 5-light Chrome 16-inch Spherical Chandelier

This modern lighting fixture will give your home the brightness you need to make your space more inviting. Enjoy the view and light you need to illuminate your home by hanging this Aidee chandelier. It has a stylish cage-like design that is anchored by an adjustable 30-inch chain with a chrome finish.

Its elegant chrome-finished metal, which is extremely sturdy can be a wonderful design for your home's design, accentuating all the furniture in your living area, dining room foyer or kitchen. The height of the product is 45 inches.

Crystal Jewel Chandelier

6.      Crystal Jewel Chandelier

What's more elegant than the luxurious crystal chandelier? This stunning design is protected by a drum shade in black to softly diffuse the light which makes it a suitable choice for relaxing bedrooms. Crystals with faceted and scroll-framed frames offer sparkling radiance that will create a space that is more refined.

Suggested Room Fits

Level up your dining room, entryway, or formal living room with this elegantly sophisticated crystal chandelier. It brightens formal spaces wonderfully since the crystals catch and reflect light across the space.

Tier Crystal Pendant

7.      Tier Crystal Pendant

Let your home glow with stunning light. Crystals made of real glass are featured on this long-lasting pendant light. Made of steel that reflects the soft glow of an antique Edison bulb. The refined design of the tiered style makes this chandelier the focal point of any room.

The 3-tier Antique Style Crystal Chandelier can be hung up to 79 inches. Thanks to its flexible chain. It is powered by a 40W Edison bulb (light bulb included) and is able to accept up to 60W light bulbs. These lovely lighting fixtures instantly transform into a centerpiece in any space.

LED Crystal Modern Chandelier

8.      LED Crystal Modern Chandelier

This pendant light made of crystal is made of top quality and hand-picked K9 crystals that create a chandelier that is extremely sparkling and shining. The gorgeous Modern LED Crystal Chandelier has the drum shade with crystals, cascading crystal pendants that hang from it, and a polished chrome finish that is a perfect match for a variety of colors which reduces the luminary's sparkle.

This chandelier will beautifully decorate the living room, bedroom, or bathroom with ambiance, lighting, and style that catches the attention. The elegant design guarantees the light is reflected throughout the room, creating a romantic feel.

This stunningly opulent Modern LED Crystal Chandelier is a picture of modern perfection in chrome and black with contemporary sparkling crystals, offering you a luxurious and classy experience. The light fixture features unique hardware, an elegant crystal latticed shade, crystal clear, and sparkling elegant dangling crystals that create stunning dances of light across the space.

Suggested Room Fits

This elegant light fixture can be used to enhance different spaces, including living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen areas, as well as corridors, cafes, basements, restaurants, bars as well as bedrooms, and reading rooms that are ideal for commercial and residential use. In addition, it comes with the essential hardware to make the installation simple and easy.

12-Light Modern Rose Gold Firework Chandeliers

9.      12-Light Modern Rose Gold Firework Chandeliers

This firework chandelier in rose gold offers powerful energy to the most daring themes for your home decor. The metal rods that stretch from the center are gorgeous and fashionable. This modern firework chandelier is required to use E14 12 candelabra-based lamps.

Suggested Room Fits

These stunning modern chandeliers with exquisite accessories design are recommended to decorate your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, hallway, etc.

Tallalluh 4-light Chrome Chandelier

10.      Tallalluh 4-light Chrome Chandelier

This chrome 4-light chandelier is a distinctive lighting fixture due to its material and design. It features a shade that is laminated using tin to create an abstract pattern. It is sure to add an elegant look to your home.

Shaded modern chandeliers are a perfect solution for bedrooms, diffusing the light to create a relaxing evening environment. This chic chandelier in chrome finish accommodates four light bulbs up to 40W, their light shielded by an off-white shade with black tin metal.

Sputnik Firework Chandelier Lighting

11.      Sputnik Firework Chandelier Lighting

Simple milk shade covers and electroplating metal components create a lighting that is distinctive and fascinating. After several complicated steps and casting, the final product is a lamp that is warm and luminous, sufficient to satisfy the lighting requirements of the people who use it.

Dandelion chandeliers: Traditional workmanship and modern technology create a blend of style, luxury, and design of the postmodern luxury chandelier.

The art-inspired feeling infused with the real world and the lamp transformed into an enigmatic switch for a space-like atmosphere. The mixture of hand-crafted glass and metal components makes the lamp's body more appealing and vibrant. In the same way that all types of lanterns and lamps come without models and can be adjusted to various environments.

Modern Nordic E27 Black LED Ceiling Chandelier

Modern Nordic E27 Black LED Ceiling Chandelier


More About Chandelier Lights

The chandelier served as a signpost to your arrival. With crystals encased, Guest Posting it welcomed you into the foyer of a luxurious house and then wows you from a high spot above the dining table.

Chandeliers are rarely seen in starter homes. It is unusual to see them lighting up any room that isn't designed for dining or entry or dining rooms, which is even more rare.

Nowadays, chandeliers are an amazing idea everywhere, from humble houses to lavish mansions, modern homes to traditional homes. They are elegantly hung in nearly every space of the house. We can thank our larger-is-better construction boom. Higher ceilings and more quantity of homes today mean chandeliers won't take up a lot of space.

Dining Room Chandeliers

If you're thinking about lighting for your dining area, be sure that you've carefully picked the right dining room chandelier such as traditional designs, which consist of chandeliers made of old brass, nickel, iron, and other traditional materials.

We have also considered other unique styles which consist of rare materials like wooden beads, as well as other items constructed from recycled timber.

Ganeed Sputnik Modern Semi Chandelier

Ganeed Sputnik Modern Semi Chandelier


Living Room & Foyer Chandeliers

The chandeliers that are used in foyers provide a touch of class to the room. The modern chandeliers make a distinctive first impression that ranges from an awe-inspiringly inclusive welcome to a relaxed and intimate atmosphere and extends the feeling throughout the home.

Also, huge chandeliers can be an attractive focal point for your house which you will be able to enjoy frequently. Check out our top choices of chandelier lighting suitable for your living space or foyer.

Kitchen chandeliers

Chandeliers can be utilized throughout the home and in all designs. A lighting fixture over your kitchen table will improve the appearance of your space. A stunning chandelier hanging over the dining table might be the perfect solution.

We have a wide collection of contemporary and modern chandeliers that are perfect for the decor of your kitchen. Simply Light Fixtures can help you pick a lighting fixture that is stylish in subdued tones or strikes a high level of tripping.


Final Thoughts

It was the right time to introduce an extraordinary modern chandelier design. A variety of lighting techniques for chandeliers has enabled them to expand beyond formal settings. Modern chandeliers are not only an eye-catching centerpiece but also serve as the fundamental source of light in a variety of rooms.

Uniquely attractive chandeliers can set an atmosphere throughout the house when the décor is distinctive. Simply Light Fixtures offers an amazing collection of contemporary and modern chandeliers in a variety of styles for modern homes. With a touch of playfulness and a myriad of designs, you'll find geometric chandeliers, mid-century chandeliers, brass modern chandeliers, and many more.

Define your style with our carefully selected chandeliers. Need more lighting inspiration?

Navigate through our blog and help us find your perfect light fixtures.

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