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11 Recessed Lights That Are Actually Worth It

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Recessed lights are a great addition to any room or commercial building. Recessed lighting, also known as downlights or can lights, is for your ceiling and other surfaces. Flexible lamps can be used almost anywhere. LED lighting is now available in almost all buildings. It's a quick way to upgrade an existing space.

A high-quality LED recessed light will give your space a modern, clean look. It can also be used as a way to highlight architectural features, illuminate artwork or create moods using a dimmer. Not only are they beautiful, but LED recessed light fixtures last longer than traditional bulbs.

Here are our top 11 recessed lights that are actually worth it, perfect for home, and commercial spaces.


Colorful RGB LED Round Dimmable Recessed Lights

1. Colorful RGB LED Round Dimmable Recessed Lights

Each recessed light comes with a 24-button remote control. It can be used to adjust brightness and 16 different colors of your choice. The remote control can be used to control multiple overhead lights.

The color rendering index uses near-sunlight to create true coloration and consistency in the house. This is especially important for brighter natural colors. There is no flicker and it protects the eyes since there’s no glare.

Ceiling spotlights are easy to connect without the need for transformers. They can also be used directly with no additional wiring and have a life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours. The panel light is embedded in the ceiling and makes it flat.

Wide Application: Recessed lights can be used for a variety of purposes, including mood lighting, home lighting, and landscape lighting. It can also be used for lighting bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways as well as KTVs and showrooms.


FEIT Electric White 4 in. W LED Retrofit Downlight Kit

2.    FEIT Electric White 4 in. W LED Retrofit Downlight Kit

Upgrade your lighting system to LED technology with a Retrofit Tool. Enjoy longer bulb lives and higher energy consumption.

A 4 inch round LED Recessed Downlight with selectable colors provides additional function and beauty to any residential and commercial space. It can be hardwired for flush mounting and comes with an E26 adapter for retrofit uses.

The LEDs integrate directly into the fixture, allowing for instant brightness even in sub-zero temperatures. The switch at the back of the fixture allows you to adjust the color temperature to suit your needs.

Toggle once to switch between warm and bright whites, toggle twice for bright whites, and toggle three times for Daylight. The white frame and frosted acrylic lens will bring beauty and modernity to any space. Ceiling fixtures that are Energy Star approved and reliable provide energy-efficient lighting. They can produce 500 lumens of even light distribution, which is equivalent to 50,000 hours.

 Halo E-Series Matte White 5 in. W Plastic Recessed Lights

3. Halo E-Series Matte White 5 in. W Plastic Recessed Lights

Gimbal 35 tilt trimming with self-flange in 5 trim families. For use in recessed lighting. Compatible with Halo, and other housings.

Adjustable gimbal with torsion spring retention. You can turn it up to 360° and 35° tilt maximum. A self-flanged trim band is designed to conceal gaps due to construction tolerances.

They are distinguished by their sealed design around the entire gimbal. Many other gimbals have visible gaps when you look up at them. These lights look modern and are not like the old "eyeball recessed lights" of the past.

 LED Downlight 12W 18W Round LED Recessed Lights

4.  LED Downlight 12W 18W Round LED Recessed Lights

These stunning LED recessed lighting fixtures come in three light colors: 3000K for warm light, 4000K for neutral light, and 6500K to give off white light. It dims easily and quietly, with no flickering or buzzing. It has a high lumen output, so it can be used on high ceilings. It has a low failure rate.

Light and fashionable, the integrated downlight creates elegant light colors. Electrostatic powder spraying is a process that prevents rust and discoloration. An intelligent constant current drive ensures a longer service life. High efficiency and low energy consumption.

It cares for your eyes with a light guide panel. These ceiling lights offer long service life, a stable power supply, and integrated heat dissipation. Multi-purpose and classic, it can be used for all occasions, including shopping malls, exhibition halls, or clothing stores, as well as households.



5. Lumitec Mirage - Flush Mount Down Light  

Lumitec Mirage LED Down Lights continue to be the best-performing in their category. The Mirage LED downlights are extremely efficient and feature a slim profile. Mirage outperformed comparable 20W Halogens by as much as 300% in field studies.

Mirage LED down lights can be used indoors or outdoors for overhead lighting. They are fully sealed and IP67 rated. You have the option of a variety of output colors, including architectural-grade Warm CRI warm, multi-color or full-color Spectrum RGBW. There are nearly endless color options.

 Westinghouse White 5.5 in. W Steel LED Recessed Lights

6. Westinghouse White 5.5 in. W Steel LED Recessed Lights

The LED surface mount light fixture can be used in place of recessed lighting and is time-saving and energy-efficient. This light fixture is all-in-one and eliminates the need to purchase a trim, a light bulb, and a recessed housing. It snaps in place and quickly attaches to any junction box.

Rated to withstand water, such as outdoor showers, bathrooms, or other wet areas. The low profile design has a white finish with an impact-resistant, frosted lens that diffuses light beautifully. ENERGY STAR integrated LED technology offers long-lasting performance and significant energy savings.

This dimmable, energy-efficient LED produces 1050 lumens with only 15 watts. ENERGY STAR LED Surface Mount Light Fixture is a fast and simple alternative to recessed lighting. White finish, frosted lenses. Durable performance, no need to replace bulbs, 3000K, Color Rendering Index 80.

 Ultra Thin Aluminum LED Round Ceiling Recessed Lights

7. Ultra Thin Aluminum LED Round Ceiling Recessed Lights

This recessed light has 1500 lumens and a CCT daylight of 6000k. It is ideal for daily lighting. These recessed lights are ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, hallways, and other commercial or residential areas. This light can't be dimmed.

The panel's ultra-thin design allows it to be fitted into narrow ceilings. It only requires 2 inches of clearance of ceiling area, a great solution for your confined ceiling that doesn’t fit for a can.

You can install the light by cutting a hole (0.59'’) and following the provided sample card with the hole diameter. Connect the junction box to your light using a spring clip to attach it to the ceiling. Installation is easy.

It can last for 50,000 hours. It is made from high-quality aluminum and PC materials with a powder coating. This makes it resistant to corrosion, heat dissipation, and transmission of light. Safety and reliability are assured by wires that have been UL listed.

 High Quality 3W LED Recessed Downlight Spot Lamp

8. High Quality 3W LED Recessed Downlight Spot Lamp

This LED recessed lighting fixtures is 100% new and high-quality. The product is made of metal in silver, which has excellent quality. Design optimized using CAD with superior surface treatment, antirust, and corrosion.

 The product is ideal for lightning. There are two colors available, a warm white and a positive white. The lights are not dimmable.


Multicolor Full Function LED Smart Downlight

9. Multicolor Full Function LED Smart Downlight

The smart downlight can be controlled by Alexa when you're in a Wi-Fi environment. When you turn off your Wi-Fi, you can control your LED downlight via Bluetooth. Bluetooth mesh lights are much more stable than Wi Fi products.

The 7W downlight is of high quality and can transform your home. The touch panel or app allows you to adjust the brightness, color, blinking speed, and timer functions of the downlights.

High RF control at 2.4GHz with long-range control, low power consumption, and high transmitting speed. Not included: 2*AAA batteries Bluetooth mesh networking LED Downlight has a more concise design and is more stable.


Lumitec Orbit - Flush Mount Down Light

10. Lumitec Orbit - Flush Mount Down Light

The best output, weatherproof construction, and easiest installation in the market. Lumitec's Orbit Flush Mount Down Lights are a standout. The lights have a low profile (less that 1/2" mounting depth) as well as a secure composite mounting system. They are perfect for salons and staterooms as well as flybridges and hard tops.

Fully sealed and IP67-compliant. Intelligent circuitry allows advanced features such as dimming and multicolor control without the need for additional wire runs, special switches or external control modules. It has a correlated color temperature of 5000 and a color rendering index of 70.


LED COB Downlight AC85-265V Recessed Ceiling Lights

11. LED COB Downlight AC85-265V Recessed Ceiling Lights

It is safe, durable, and provides environmental protection. Low energy consumption, environmental protection, energy savings, and stable lighting. Low power consumption, long-lasting brightness, and long life expectancy. This ceiling lamp features a stylish and elegant design.

High brightness, energy-saving, excellent light source, and stability. The led bulb's elegant design features an automated shutdown by pressing a button. This can be adjusted to meet different lighting needs. The aluminum alloy lampshade has better light transmission, high-temperature dissipation efficiency, and is more durable.


Recessed Lights – Things You Need to Know

The recessed light works in the same fashion as standard lighting but has a built-in Edison socket that will accept light with the matching base. A few styles include shallow slits which provide a ceiling that supports the roof rafter and not the attic space.

A recessed light fixture can be divided into the following parts:

  • The Junction Box – While some recessed lighting kits come with their own boxes, others will require you to purchase an electrical box. The circuit wires are connected to this metal box attached to the ceiling's framing members.

  • Bar Hangers – The majority of recessed lights are equipped with two adjustable bar hangers. They allow you to fix the fixture between ceiling beams in order to keep it in place.

  • Metal housing – All metal recessed light fixtures include a housing that is made from thin gauge metal. This housing houses reflectors, sockets, thermal sensors, and any other pieces. This is the "can", or "canister", that gives the fixture its name. The housing may be 3-9 inches in diameter.

  • Wire cables – The majority of light fixtures are equipped with a wire cable. This cable contains the wire lead that is attached to the circuits. The cable protects the wire leads by running from the junction box to the light fixture.

  • Reflector – This inner lining, which is usually white or shiny, helps to direct light from the bulb downward into the room. This reflector may be a swiveling, gimbal cone that lets light go in any direction you desire.

  • Thermal sensor – A safety device that senses temperature, and shuts down the light fixture if it heats up to dangerous levels. Most recessed light fixtures today have thermal sensors. It's a smart idea to replace old-style bulbs that lack this feature.

  • Edison socket – A standard screw-in Edison outlet that accepts standard fluorescent, LED, or incandescent bulbs are located inside the fixture. Since they produce much less heat, LEDs are very popular for recessed light fixtures. While recessed lights can use large, special-designed bulbs from manufacturers, they are not compatible with standard bulbs. There are styles that only accept LED bulbs.

  • Rim – An ornamental trim piece that covers the gap between ceiling drywall, metal housing, and reflector with clips. The rim may be integrated into a reflector. In the final stage of installation, the whole unit can be inserted into a metal housing.

Recessed Can Lights Pros and Cons

Recessed lighting offers many design advantages. Except for some trims around the bottom edges or a few pieces in the reflector, the ceiling line is unaffected by the light fixtures. Ceiling fixtures are limited in their ability to receive the full spectrum of light. This makes them very useful for low ceilings.

Lighting Design

Recessed lighting provides a clear and clean space. They are also easy to replace due to stylistic reasons. Lighting is not visible, but the design element that serves as lighting is. These are great for lighting areas around the edges of rooms, such as lighting cabinets. Recessed lighting can be angled to provide illumination.

Recessed Light Cost

Prices for recessed lights vary depending on their quality and features. The cost of large-scale house improvement centers was between $5 and $30 for single units. However, a multipack is available that includes 4, 6, or 8 units with the appropriate hardware.

You can find recessed lighting outlets that sell LED or incandescent recessed lighting in homes with smaller canisters. This makes them perfect for sloped ceilings that curve towards roof beams. The cost of LED lighting is typically twice that of regular recessed lighting, and they are a better investment over the long-term because they offer power savings.


Recessed light fixtures that have been installed correctly are very easy to maintain. However, as with all lighting fixtures, light bulbs can fail or go out, and wiring may need to be repaired or reconnected.

Sometimes heat sensors can be defective and cause fixture lighting to go dark as it cools down and resets. Most fixes involve replacing or repairing the entire fixture. The fixture can last for many decades. However, LED light bulbs will ensure that you don't have to touch them in the future.

Recessed Lights Installation

These light fixtures are wired in the same way as ceiling lamps. However, some woodwork is required to install the fixture's frame between ceiling joists. Safety concerns must also be considered.

For energy efficiency, thick insulation was added to roofs in the 1970s. This led to the energy crisis. Many people have claimed that insulation over recessed fixtures can increase heat and cause home fires. These questions can be answered quickly with many solutions.


FEIT Electric E26 (Medium) White Soft White Retrofit Kit

FEIT Electric E26 (Medium) White Soft White Retrofit Kit


Buying LED Recessed Lights – Factors to Consider

After you've seen our selections for the best recessed lights, here are the factors to consider when you are looking for the best LED ceiling lights for your home.

1.    Intended Use

Consider your intended use. You will use the lights in which room? In your living room? In the bathroom? In your bathroom? As stairway lights? Under-counter lighting for the Kitchen

These questions can help you find the right lights because each scenario is best when you have different options. For example, the living area lighting must be bright and more than 1000LM in brightness with a temperature of more than 4000K. The stairway lighting must be dimmed in warmer temperatures, such as 2000k. This will make the wood appear more natural.

2.    Method of Installation

The difficulty of the job is irrelevant if you decide to hire a professional. It is important that you understand the amount of time required by a professional to complete an installation.

However, if your goal is to install the lights yourself, you should look for easy-to-use mounting mechanisms. The more professional options might be easier to manage, but they take up more of your time.

3.    Lighting Cost

You should also consider the cost of recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is not expensive but it is not cheap. You will notice the difference when you need many of them for a large job. For example, 24 high-quality recessed lightings can set you back over $200.

No matter what you do, don't buy the super-cheap no-name brands. Many of these will fail within a few months and will require more time and money to replace. It's better to buy the highest quality option than the cheaper ones.

4.    Clearance

You must also ensure that you have enough ceiling space for the lights. Modern recessed lighting can be installed as little as 2" above the ceiling. To install the junction boxes easily, however, you may need to leave at least 4 feet.

5.    Size

Modern residential LED recessed lights can be as small as 2-inch or as large at 6-inch. A large range of sizes is available for these two sizes. 6-inch lights shine brighter than 4-inch recessed lighting. The same is true for incandescent and recessed lighting. LEDs work differently. Most recessed light bulbs are six inches in width and brightness. Therefore, LEDs that are small enough to fit in tight spaces can be more decorative than functional. This is a great option.

6.    Types of LED Lights

There are two main types of LED recessed lights: Fixed Recessed lights and Adjustable Recessed lights.

  • Fixed Recessed Lights: These are the standard LED recessed lights. The lens is recessed within the trim and isn't movable. A reflector trim is one that has a smooth aperture. It's also known as a baffle trim if it has ridges.

  • Adjustable Recessed Lighting: The lens is slightly recessed and attached to an axis that allows it to tilt within the trim, usually up to 35 degrees.

Other Types of LED Recessed Lighting

Two other types of LED-recessed lights are available that can be used in more specific applications. These recessed lights are also known as thin or slim, fully-adjustable, or elbow recessed lights. Technically, they are not recessed lights. They are actually surface lights.

  • Ultra Thin Recessed Lights (Slim Recessed Lights): These are the latest type of light to hit the market. These lights, just like their namesake, are extremely thin and don't require housing. The remote junction box houses the wiring and connections in these "canless" led light bulbs. They can be placed almost anywhere, and don't need to be obstructed by ceiling joists. This type of LED light can occasionally produce unwelcome glare due to the fact that the lens is flush with the ceiling.

  • Fully Adjustable (Elbow Recessed Lights): Fully Adjustable (aka: Elbow) recessed lights can be adjusted from flat to about 75-degrees and rotate 360 degrees. Although they offer the most flexibility when aiming for accents and artwork, they are more prominent than a standard adjustable light recessed lamp. These should only be used when the ceiling angle or placement is more challenging than a standard, adjustable recessed lamp.

7.    Ceiling Type

You should consider the type of ceiling (flat or sloped) as well as the intended purpose of the recessed light.

  • Flat Ceilings – Use fixed (or non-adjustable), recessed lights to provide General Lighting and Accent Lighting. For Accent Lighting, you can use adjustable recessed lighting to direct light toward a wall or object. Although adjustable lights can be pointed straight down, they are not as popular as fixed lights and cost more.

  • Sloped Ceilings: Use adjustable recessed lighting for Task Lighting and General Lighting. Adjustable lights are better for sloped ceilings because they can be directed down, instead of following the ceiling's angle like fixed lights. The best way to minimize glare is to aim them downwards with the lens parallel to the floor, especially if the seating in the room faces the slope of your ceiling.

8.    Dimming and Color Temperature

You might notice a change in the behavior of your bulbs when dimming LED lighting. The color temperatures of incandescent lights can change with dimming, ranging from 2700 to 210K at full brightness. When the light is turned off, LED illumination does not alter the brightness. The same color temperatures are maintained throughout the dimming range. This is not a problem, but it could be very different if you don't use it.

Choosing a Color Temperature

The temperature and color of a room can have an enormous impact on its appearance. Rooms can feel comfortable with warm tones ranging from 270k to 3000k. Warmer tones like 350k and 4k can be brightening and more energetic. It is recommended that light fixtures be equipped with LED tabbing white. You could then install lights to adjust the color temperature depending on how the space feels. The colors in a room can vary, but I would keep it a bit warmer.

Warm Dim LEDs: Some manufacturers offer "Warm Dimming" and "Warm Glow" LED lighting options that replicate the warm glow of a warm bulb. The dimming process changes the color temperature of the lights in the same way that incandescent bulbs change the color temperature. This is the ideal choice for those who want to create a warm environment at low light levels.

Selectable or Tunable White LEDs: My favorite LED lights are the "selectable", or adjustable, ones. These fixtures have an integrated switch on the junction boxes and trim that allows you to adjust the colors in different temperatures. This means that there will never be another requirement to select CCT for this recessed lamp.

9.    Brightness

LED luminaires are lit in lumens and not Watts as were incandescent lamps. Be sure to use the right measurements when measuring brightness and power. Different LEDs are more efficient than others and produce a greater output of lumens.

For general illumination, it’s recommended to use lighting that provides 900 lumens for ceilings of standard height and 800 lumens if you have tall ceilings. Most recessed lighting fits within this range. The higher your lumen output, the more efficient it is.

10.    Light Quality

The color rendering index (CRI), is a measure of how well light can display colors accurately compared to a natural or ideal light source. It is essential to use LEDs that have a high coefficient of reflection (CRI) so colors appear the way they were intended. The highest quality LED lights are rated as "Best LED Lights" CRI 90 and higher.


24W Rotatable COB LED Recessed Ceiling Down Light

24W Rotatable COB LED Recessed Ceiling Down Light

Frequently Asked Questions – Recessed Lights


Why LED Recessed Lighting a Good Choice?

  • Temperature Options: Older lighting techniques are often limited to a particular color temperature. The LED recessed lights allow you to choose the color temperature that you prefer before you make a purchase. These lights come in a range of colors, from 2700K which is great for bedrooms, etc. to 5000K which is great for living rooms.

  • Dimming: Many LED recessed lights from the mid-range to the high end are dimmable. Some can even dim down to 5% brightness, with a smooth increase curve. This tech isn't proprietary and can be used with any LED dimmer that you choose.

  • Appearance: Recessed lights are gaining popularity for their aesthetic appeal. Recessed lighting looks great in modern buildings. They can also be used with minimalistic or stylistic designs. Additionally, you can use colored frames to blend the lighting into the environment. Their soft diffused light is also much more appealing than other lighting options.

  • Long-life Expectancy: It is not a pleasant task to replace lighting fixtures frequently. This is particularly true for recessed light fixtures that are flush to the ceiling with no obvious tabs or scary to take them out. High-quality LED lighting can last a very long time. Some manufacturers rate their lights for up to 54000 hours of continuous use. You may not have to change your light for more than a decade with certain brands.

Are recessed lights worth the cost?

Answer: Yes. Interior design can be used to brighten your space with style. Recessed lighting can bring many benefits.

Are LED recessed lighting worth the investment?

Answer: Yes. While LED bulbs can produce more heat than traditional incandescent bulbs, they produce much less heat. They are almost maintenance-free because they have a longer life span than other bulbs.

How far apart can recessed lights be placed?

Answer: The answer to this question isn't conclusive. It depends on many factors like the type of room, its dimensions, the height of ceilings, and the brightness or lighting. The best rule of thumb to use is to divide your ceiling height by 2. The average distance between two lights should be taken as the result.

Are there better options than recessed lights?

Answer: Many homeowners prefer a disc light over recessed can lights to add additional lighting to their home. The disc light is usually 0.5 inches thick and attaches to the ceiling.

What is a can recessed light?

Answer: The name recessed lights is derived from the huge metal can that was placed around the bulb on its upper side. Modern LED recessed lamps are much slimmer and don't require any cans.

Recessed lighting to go out-of-fashion?

Answer: Recessed light will not disappear. Although the size and finish of the fixture may be different, they are still possible to be used.


Final Thoughts

Electric lights are an essential part of the daily lives of millions. Many people don't pay much attention to lighting fixtures despite their importance. However, they can afford lighting fixtures and are able to realize the true value of lighting. The modern LED recessed lights provide a solution for all lighting issues.

Now that you’ve gone through the buying guide, it’s time to shop for your next recessed lighting fixture.

Browse our top selection of recessed lights and we’ll send it to your front door. Free Shipping on $49+.


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