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The Best Track Lighting You Need To Light Your Way

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Track lighting is an essential component of home lighting but it's often ignored. Track lighting is the most effective method to change your lighting plan throughout your house. They are simple to set up, stylish, flexible, and need minimal modifications to the walls or ceiling.

Track lights are an excellent alternative for enhancing pictures and artwork, and can make your kitchen the most functional and fashionable space.

In this article, we will not only share our best track lighting but we’ll provide you with all the necessary details to make your buying decisions seamless and easier.

Discover the technique of bringing together the most significant things in your home by using track lighting. Explore your imagination and brighten your home with only the best track lighting that isn’t conventional.


Modern 4-Light Track Lighting Spot Lights

 1. Modern 4-Light Track Lighting Spot Lights

This 4-light track lighting kit ceiling lamp is constructed out of steel and comes with a Brushed chrome finish. It is not likely to fade, and the light is resistant to corrosion. You can alter the light beam exactly to the spot you wish to shine by rotating it 270 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

It comes with 4 4-watt GU10 led bulbs with 400 lumens of lighting output and 85 CRI which provide a more accurate rendering of the colors of objects surrounding it.

The track light led has an industrial but traditional look. The linear track bars combine with the exposed socket design and are finished with a silver matte finish to make the perfect minimalist design.

The ceiling spotlights have a strong and focused beam and are ideal for creating a romantic ambiance in kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms, sofa restaurant bars, shops, etc.


10W COB LED Track Lights Aluminum Rails Track Lighting Fixture

2. 10W COB LED Track Lights Aluminum Rails Track Lighting Fixture

This ceiling light is composed of high-quality, cylindrical spotlights that can be rotated all the way to 90 degrees. Because spotlights can be rotated independently it is possible to display them in different directions, as needed, and hence provide different lighting to different rooms.

The ceiling spotlight is crafted in an elegant white. The wall spotlight is made of premium white that will not allow rust and moisture from the lamp’s surfaces.

It is not necessary to drill holes into walls. This ceiling light fixture with LEDs with a contemporary and minimalist design can be used in a variety of rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, halls, children's rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, etc.


Cal Lighting Light Square Track Head

3. Cal Lighting Light Square Track Head

This is a One Light Track Fixture from the Track collection that is simple yet functional. It's made of high-quality metal with a rust finish. It could easily match your home decor.

Item Size: Length: 2.88 inches Height: 4.63 inches Width: 3.38 inches



Mini Deco Low Voltage Track Light Fixture

4. Mini Deco Low Voltage Track Light Fixture

This track light fixture features Mini Deco Series Low Voltage Track Head which is highly energy efficient. Made of aluminum material and a stunning chrome finish, this fixture is dimmable which makes it very convenient to change the lighting ambiance.

The fixture can be extended with a gooseneck of a rod and the socket wire is not visible either giving you the clean look you wanted.

 35W LED Track Rail Light Ceiling Fixture Spotlight

5. 35W LED Track Rail Light Ceiling Fixture Spotlight

Simple yet functional, this track rail light is long lifespan guaranteed. Its high-strength aluminum body makes it solid, durable, and shockproof. This light fixture features 3 light colors which are white light, neutral light, and warm white light.

It's perfect for commercial lighting and is mainly used in commercial shops, shopping malls, clothing stores, galleries, luggage stores, and exhibition halls.


 Cal Lighting Track Head

6. Cal Lighting Track Head

This Transitional One Light Track Fixture from the Serpentine Track collection in Pewter can blend in with your home aesthetics. It features a modern style with a brushed steel finish.

Item Size: Length: 3.50 inches Height: 3.00 inches Width: 3.50 inches

 Depuley Led Industrial Track Lighting Fixtures

7.  Depuley Led Industrial Track Lighting Fixtures

This four-way Ceiling Track Light can be turned 90 degrees vertically and 330 degrees horizontally, allowing a wide light angle that will meet your diverse needs.

The stylish square track lights come with four x 3W GU10 led bulbs to a total of 960 lumens and 3000K. (MAX 40W for each bulb). Fully dimmable, with the appropriate dimmer switch to create the perfect ambiance. (Dimmable Bulbs Not Included).

The package comes with all mounting hardware as well as the canopy (8.6in*8.6in) mounting plate to allow for simple and fast installation.

Elegant and modern with high quality and timeless appearance this square ceiling spotlight is utilized in commercial and exhibition areas such as galleries and restaurants as well as kitchens, dining areas or bars, offices, cafes, schools or stores, hotels or walls, etc.


 Cal Lighting Light Square Track Head - White

Cal Lighting Light Square Track Head - White

Track Lighting – What You Need To Know

Track lighting provides the best visibility to create an appealing setting with sparkling lighting. Lighting fixtures for track lights and cables can be a major difference to any space. However, the fundamentals of track lighting have to be learned before getting started.

So, let’s get to the basics.

What are the Types of Track Lighting?

Track lighting systems are identified by the design of the track as well as the location of the light.

Linear track

  • Linear tracks are simple, straight-lined tracks. These practical tracks are the most commonly used and can accommodate a number of lights.

Fixed track

  • This is a system that consists of a metal bar with permanent heads. Typically, the electrical connection is located in the middle of the bar, which is then inserted to a standard ceiling box. While the heads are fixed to the tracks, they generally move, and the entire track can also move. This makes it possible to alter the illumination.

Monorail track

  • In contrast to linear track that is fixed to the ceiling, Monorail tracks are suspended on standoffs or bars. Tracks are oval and may be bent as far as 30 degrees. Monorail tracks usually use low-voltage power transformers due to the fact that the heads that can be slid along the tracks draw electricity from the exposed metal.


Track Lighting Benefits

  • Flexible: Track lights can be used to light up any room from dark corridors, offices, and comfortable homes or highlight gorgeously created artwork and family photos. There's no specific purpose or use for track lighting. The numerous possibilities make it an excellent choice for every room.

  • Seamless Installation. The primary advantage to track lighting lies in its ease of installation. Installation is straightforward. There is no need for new wiring. It is possible to boost the brightness significantly without compromising the ceiling.

  • Ideal for LED Bulbs: When you're looking for bulbs to use in fixtures for the track, LED bulbs are the most ideal choice. Experts in lighting strongly recommend using LED bulbs for track lights due to the fact that they are available in different beam spreads, lumens, sizes, and temperatures of color.

  • Flexible Style: With the many styles of track lighting, from minimalist to quirky, there's no doubt that you'll find one that matches your personal preferences. The broad range of lighting options for track lighting includes stylish track lights as well as pendants which are simple to integrate into homes of any size.

  • Easy to Adjust: Track lighting lets you make quick and simple changes to the lighting environment. In case you change the decor and position the centerpiece table in your dining room, you can simply adjust the track's heads across the length of the track to enhance the lighting of the new space.


Track Lighting Finishes and Styles

Shades: Some track head types are metal and are molded to match the track rails. Flexible and Fixed track lights have an aesthetic appearance that can be arranged with glass shades.

Finished products: Adapt your existing finish to your home. Choose trims that complement doors, handles, and cabinet hardware. White can help blend the tracks with the ceiling.


E27 Track Light Rail COB LED Ceiling Spotlight

E27 Track Light Rail COB LED Ceiling Spotlight


How to Choose Track Lighting Heads

It is crucial aspect to choose a suitable lighting system that can be used to spot tracks. Track heads come in a variety of forms and specs. Headlighting systems can also be recessive. Contemporary track lighting allows you to observe daylight without illuminating it. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing the right track head are:


The majority of art lighting requirements have a threefold ratio of illumination to meet the necessary levels within the room. In general, it should be considered when selecting your lighting fixtures. Make sure to check your night lights to gauge the smog levels in daylight times.

A track light that has 2700 lumens is a great option for artwork for your commercial space since the higher levels of light allow it to be used. It is recommended to have a dimmer for the track lights so that you can make adjustments to the lighting within vehicles.

Beam Angle

Track illumination is available at various angles. It is a measure of space between the light source and the source. The angle of the light bulb is 180 degrees. A beam angle that is lower gives a greater intensity of light than light with a larger angle, particularly if the light is composed of several lumens.

This angle is vital because it determines how lights are projected upon the artwork. The light is positioned in focus on the art and this creates visual contrast between walls and art and creates a unique. The effect makes it clear that there is light emanating from the artwork.

Color Rendering Index and Color Temperature

The color temperature and CRI on your track lights may be a challenge. CRI is the measure of accuracy with the way that light reflects the true color of objects. In the case of art lighting, it's important to select a CRI value of around 80. It is recommended to choose lighting that is 2600 Kelvin to highlight artwork in the home.

Type of light source

Modern companies offer a vast range of track lighting options that incorporate fluorescent or LED lamps. However, LED track lighting has the most efficient performance. Additionally, the choice of color temperature is possible in a variety of shades.

Track System

  • Keep in mind that the track heads have to fit within the track lighting systems. These considerations shouldn't be neglected. When you choose a different track head to use in your system, it's not attached to your track.


  • To save energy, buying lighting fixtures that are low-powered should be highly efficient. Choose an Energy-Star-qualified track lighting, and check for low-voltage.

Types of Fixture

Trackhead: It is the primary fixture for track lighting because of its stylish, flexible design and the many functions it serves. Available in various designs, finishes, and shapes with a beam spread in the range of an 80-degree flood up to eight-degree light sources, track heads provide powerful functionality without sacrificing your personal design. For the most modern look, we suggest small, sleek track heads.

Track Pendants: Pendants for tracks are an attractive replacement for track heads, giving the appearance of a soft ethereal. A variety of pendants can be connected to an anchor which can be easy to attach to the track.

Size of Track Light

The first step is to determine how long the light rail should be and what the light capacity is. Track lights could be 3 lights or six lights.


Cal Lighting Light Low Voltage MR16 Track Head

Cal Lighting Light Low Voltage MR16 Track Head


Track Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick the correct track lighting?

Answer: When choosing a fixture for your track light, be sure that the fixture is compatible with your track lighting system. Examine the lighting of the picture. Lighting fixtures used to illuminate artwork are generally different from light fixtures that provide general illumination.

How do I install track lighting?

Answer: The track lighting system is simple and straightforward to set up. It is important to first determine the track light position and lengthen the tracks to match. Connect an attachment link to the track if required. If you are planning to link the light to an electrical system, you must ensure you turn off both your switch as well as the fuse box in general are shut off prior to connecting.

Verify that no electricity is running across the wiring. Get rid of all lamps that are in use from your junction box. Find the power adapter for your track light.

What kinds of track lighting kits are available in the market?

Answer: There is a wide range of options depending on your needs. The most common options are straight track and secured to the floor by screws. Monorails: These strong structures can bend into various shapes and hang from ceilings using stand-bys.

The Monorail Two Circuits lighting system can be used for two-stage connection to two distinct switches, allowing for greater flexibility of lighting functions to the fixtures. The cables are attached to walls by rotating buckles. It is perfect for areas where there aren't any mounting points on ceilings or wall mounts. It's made up of a cable that is suspended by two wires.

What is the best place to put track lights?

Answer: In assessing the lighting systems you have, it's crucial to determine what you need from your lighting. Whether it is used for accent lighting, ambient lighting, or task lighting. You can then determine what is the best spot to install it.

Place it in the entranceway or living space to show off your artwork. Does your work require light? Install a lighting cable in the space's corner, and you'll have plenty of light.

 What's the most popular type of track light?

Answer: Headlights are an extremely popular lighting fixture for roads. Headlights for Track Lighting look similar to lights and are able to tilt in a specific direction.

Are track lights old-fashioned?

Answer: No. It's DIY easy and adaptable.


Final Thoughts

Looking to add some contemporary style to your artwork? Then, track lighting would be a perfect solution. Track lights can be extremely flexible and can be used to enhance lighting to achieve desired outcomes. Although track lighting may be used to provide ambient lighting, it's typically used for accent lighting or task lighting.

Track lighting is designed to light all tracks, and therefore illumination of the headlamps. The track heads are made to be easily moved along the track, and it can be easily moved anywhere.


Now that you’ve known the basics of Track Lighting, you may start browsing our favorite selection and find the perfect one for your home.

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