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11 Chandelier Ceiling Fans For Modern Homes

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Chandelier ceiling fans with lights are the most perfect combination of lighting and ceiling fans providing the elegant and luxurious design of both. It's simple and easy to control the speed of the fan and lighting with the remote. Not only that, you can flip the blades on your ceiling fan during winter and summer. It's ideal to set up a chandelier ceiling fan in your bedroom, living space, or dining area.

In the summer, you can turn the fan counterclockwise in order to move the air down. When the winds are blowing it can be as 10 degrees cooler than you did prior. In addition, chandelier ceiling fans can be used instead of AC to reduce your cooling expenses in summer.

In the winter, you may adjust your fan to run clockwise. You are probably aware that warm air rises, causing it to congregate near the ceiling. The rotating clockwise fan distributes this warm air across the whole room.

The right size of the fandeliers is crucial. It is well-known that the proper chandelier plays a significant role in the decoration of your home. With that said, here are our top chandelier ceiling fans for modern homes like yours.



42 inch Silver Heart-Shaped Crystal LED Chandelier Ceiling Fan

1. 42 inch Silver Heart-Shaped Crystal LED Chandelier Ceiling Fan

These Modern Chandelier Fans come with an excellent motor. Blades are cool and quiet for summer rooms with longer service life. The Retractable Acrylic Blades can expand and be placed inside automatically when turned on and off.

Simple to operate: Chandelier Ceiling fan light and speed can be independently controlled by one remote control. The color of lights can be changed from warm white to neutral light, or white light. They are perfect for the living room, dining room, Hall, Bedroom, Study, Café, Restaurant, Shop, and more.



Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan LED Lighting Fixtures

2. Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan LED Lighting Fixtures

This 5-blade chandelier ceiling fan is covered in crystals which reflect the light of the six bulbs and create a sense of a calm radiance that is reminiscent of the art decor style. The metalwork is finished with a patina of antiques. Both lower and upper crystal shades are lit.


  • Hand Pull-Chain, number of blades: 5

  • Indoor use only

  • Two-Level Crystal Bowl Chandelier

  • 3-speed motor, Forward/Reverse

  • Antique bronze black finished metal

  • Chandelier ceiling fan with top and bottom lighting

  • Six (6) Lights, Requires (3) E26 60W bulbs (not included) and (3) E12 60W



42-inch Modern Crystal Black Chandelier Ceiling Fan with Light

3. 42-inch Modern Crystal Black Chandelier Ceiling Fan with Light

This crystal black chandelier ceiling fan with lights are constructed with pure copper power. It's quiet and creates the perfect atmosphere that is perfect for families.

Lamp shades were made using black fabric. The diamond-cut crystals rest on the bottom of the fan light. This gives your room a contemporary, fresh, and luxurious appearance.

Retractable Blades: Blades made of retractable amber acrylic can be removed and put inside the unit when the fan is on or off to free up space. There are three speeds to choose from (Low High - Medium High - High) along with three color options (Cool - Neutral - Warm). Each of these functions is operated by a remote.

Suggested Room Fits

These crystal black chandelier fans lighting fixtures are perfect for bedrooms with 10-25 square meters and living area or dining room lobby, office foyers, kitchens bars, shops cafes, and other places.


Modern Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

4. Modern Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

This Modern Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting Kits are equipped with four retractable Acrylic Blades. They are elegant and the modern design will surely draw attention. Silent motor with no noises, energy saving, stable and safe, long-lasting, reliable powerful power supply, and motors average lifespan of 5-10 years.

  • Dimensions: 42inch (107cm) in diameter (when fans extended blades) and Light body height 9.6 inches (24cm) 2 pcs downrod lengths of 4 inches and 8 inches.

  • Remote Control: The speed of the fan and lighting intensity can be independently controlled by the remote control. It can be operated separately according to your preferences from white, warm white, and neutral light. Off-high-mid low switch for fan speed and timing functions.


Retractable LED Silver Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan Light

5. Retractable LED Silver Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan Light

This silver crystal chandelier ceiling fan with LED lighting kit looks easy and spacious.
The retractable blades are 42 inches, ideal for living spaces, dining rooms, bedrooms, or family rooms.

  • Silent Motor: Provides Ultra-Powerful airflow, factory-balanced and tested for sound to ensure that every silver fan won't sway or rattle.

  • Variable speed + LED Light: 3 Color Changing LED lighting, features three distinct brightness (warm/white/neutral color) and speed settings (high/middle/low). The lighting and fan speed can be controlled by a remote.

 42inch Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan Lighting Fixture

6. 42inch Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan Lighting Fixture

This elegant crystal chandelier ceiling fan is fitted with LED light. Modern and gorgeous design, it's the ideal decoration for your home.

  • Retractable Blades: It is equipped with thickened, invisible ABS retractable blades with an overall diameter in the range of 42" when extended and 20" when closed. Blades are able to stretch and retract automatically once switch them up and down.

  • Remote Controlled: It comes with three settings for speed (Low-Mid-High) as well as three color variants (White Warm yellow, and white). The automatic settings are timer-based as well as retractable blades, and various other functions are all easily controlled by remote control.

Suggested Space

The crystal chandelier ceiling fan can be installed in bedrooms or living spaces or dining area kitchens, bathrooms, or in a home office.


42-inch Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fans with Lights

7. 42-inch Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fans with Lights

The stunning crystal chandelier-style ceiling fan is designed with a contemporary style and crystal transparent and stainless steel material for the body. This creates a modern fresh look.

It's got a high-efficiency rating. If this is the style you're seeking, you'll be happy to have found your ideal crystal ceiling fan with its practicality as an additional benefit. This isn't your usual crystal ceiling fan, after all.

Suggested Space

This crystal chandelier ceiling fan with lighting are suitable for your living space, bedroom as well as other areas of your home.



Fandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light

8. Fandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light

The invisible fan and the crystal light fixture can be perfectly joined. The innovative design and stunning high-end fandelier bring a touch of elegance to your home. Make your home more inviting by adding this crystal ceiling fan.

The elegant crystal ceiling fan lighting fixture is constructed of high-quality crystals, and steel, with an ABS blade. It is available in three shades (white light, neutral light as well as warm white light) and 3 speeds (low/medium/high). You can make simple adjustments using a remote control and you can save energy as well.

Suggested Space Fits

This LED crystal ceiling fan lighting fixtures are ideal for study areas, dining, bedroom, guest rooms, hotels, halls, etc.


Modern LED Crystal Retractable Chandelier Ceiling Fan


9. Modern LED Crystal Retractable Chandelier Ceiling Fan

This extravagant crystal ceiling fan are constructed from top-quality crystals that have a transparent acrylic blade as well as a premium stainless steel metal frame. There's a variety of designs to match your interior design. It's important to blend it in order to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Retractable Blades: With 4 with four Acrylic ceiling fan blades, blades retract and expand as your chandelier's ceiling fan is switched on or off. Each fandelier is built with an electric motor made of copper that is quiet, rustproof, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

Suggested Space

The latest Crystal ceiling fan that retract are ideally placed in the living area in the kitchen, bedroom, dining, hallways, bedrooms foyers, etc.


Invisible Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan With Lights

10. Invisible Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan With Lights

These Black & French Gold crystal ceiling fans catch the attention of your guests at first sight. Decorated with the finest crystal creates striking lighting fixtures in any space.
They are equipped with retractable ceiling fan blades in acrylic. When extended, its diameter is 42" and 20" when closed.

With three speeds (Low-Mid-High) as well as three color options (White Warm yellow, white) with an automated timer setting, and retractable blades. All functions are controlled by a remote easily. Free delivery when you shop at our online store at a very reasonable price with the luxury it provides.

Suggested Space

This crystal ceiling fan light fixtures are ideal for living areas, bedrooms, dining, or even the home office.


 Chandelier Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting

11. Chandelier Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting

This classic 42-inch ceiling fan is bound to be a hit with people's eyes.

  • Remote Controlled: This classic LED fandelier light fixture has 3 color changes (white-neutral-warm), a fan has 3 speeds (low-mid-high), and all these functions can be easily controlled by remote. The number of blades is four.

  • Silent Motor: Pure copper mute motor guarantees seamless operation without any noise and a powerful power supply that provides the quietest and most comfortable cooling space.

  • Dimension: 41 inches when the fan blade is extended as well as 19 inches when the blade of the fan is retracting.

The price is very reasonable and free shipping if you shop at Simply Light Fixtures.

Wide Application

This classic ceiling fan is suitable for bedrooms, restaurants, living spaces, loft, offices, modern living, balconies, hallways, foyers, entryways, etc.



42 Inch Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fans LED Lighting Fixture

42 Inch Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fans LED Lighting Fixture


Chandelier Ceiling Fan FAQs – Simply Light Fixtures


Do ceiling fans remain in fashion in modern homes?

Answer: It's not an issue at all. About 45% of people said ceiling fans were the most desirable features that modern-day buyers would like to include in their homes and were also listed as the most energy-efficient upgrade that you can make.

Are ceiling fans not trendy?

Answer: The majority of designers were of the opinion that ceiling fans are among those items that are always in or out of fashion. It's an item of utility that can also be an element of design. There are certainly outdated fans but this doesn't mean that all ceiling fan are old-fashioned.

Is there something like a chandelier with a fan?

Answer: Yes. Fandeliers: an elegant solution that combines air circulation in the fan with the opulent look of a lavish chandelier.

What should I consider when choosing an elegant fandelier?

Answer: Every foot can allow the ceiling to be about 2 inches high. For the best measurements, you should add the length and width of your room. A 12-footx14-foot room would need to be around 26-inches (with 14 + 16 giving you 26-inches of length).



Get instant illumination and strong air circulation to increase your satisfaction with the stunning and functional ceiling fans available from Simple Light Fixtures. Find the top chandelier ceiling fans with lighting to improve the functionality and look of your space.

We have fandeliers with a variety of sizes, styles, and pricing options to suit your budget and preferences. Enjoy the finest of stylish designs and the highest level of performance in cooling from your chandelier light fixture with fans from Simply Light Fixtures.

Browse our gorgeous collections of chandelier ceiling fans and find yours today.

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