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11 Best Outdoor String Lights | Simply Light Fixtures

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Outdoor string lights are an excellent accessory to any patio, porch, or even camping site. It doesn't matter if you'd like to string them in a bistro-style, hang them to the deck railings or use them as an outdoor lighting source. The options for how to hang your string lights are limitless.

Outdoor string lights can illuminate your backyard or patio and make the warm evenings more enjoyable and fun. If you truly would like to improve your outdoor area, it is important to concentrate on lighting.

Whether you're searching for a stylish, simple set that includes frosted globes and old-fashioned bulbs or is looking for a festive palm tree or pineapples for your party, check out the top 11 Best Outdoor String Lights that may be perfect for your favorite outdoor space.


Solar LED Flame Lantern String Lights

1. Solar LED Flame Lantern String Lights

The lights create a soft light that resembles a flickering flame, which will warm your heart. Solar captors absorb sunlight energy during the day and will be lit for as long as 12 hours with a full charge.

Perfect to be used in the backyard or outside patio. These lamps need virtually no wiring for as long they are exposed to direct sunlight. Durable and waterproof, they are designed to withstand every weather type all through the year. It is possible to activate them with the simple click of an off or on button. When they are activated, they start to turn on at nightfall.


Firework Lights Garland Starburst LED Outdoor String Lights

2. Firework Lights Garland Starburst LED Outdoor String Lights

Feel free to create your own 150pcs LED Micro Lights that can be used again and again. They are also tough and difficult to break. You can make every shape such as fireworks, bouquet effects, and so on.

8 Mode Remote Control: 8 types of bright light modes Combination, In Wave, flashing, all flashing slow fade, twinkle/flash, Steady on.

IP44 Waterproof Light: These LED outdoor string lights can be used in all extreme weather conditions outdoors.

Simple Installation: There is no wiring required and battery operated 4AA (battery not included). There’s a hook built in making it easy to hook. Features no pollution cold light source with low energy consumption, will not overheat.

Wide Applications: Excellent for lighting and decorating doors, corridors, fences, and patios, as well as roof garden, yards, driveways, stairways, and many other outdoor areas.


Magical Forest String Lights

3. Magical Forest String Lights

The gorgeous shower drop Magical Forest String Lights are stunning and ideal for any event such as backyard parties showers and weddings! These gorgeous string lights can add an amazing glow to any party!

String lights are solar powered: No batteries are required. They're water-proof, and even shielded from water projection by a nozzle, and are dust-proof, IP65. So they're ideal for outdoor usage.

Install solar outdoor string lights wherever you'd like to, and in areas in locations where solar light sources can receive maximum direct sunlight. When the switch is switched on, you can automate control of the lighting and charge. If fully charged throughout the day for 6-8 hours. The string lights will be lit for 8-10 hours during the night.


Outdoor Light Strings LED Solar Light Christmas Fairy Light

4. Outdoor Light Strings LED Solar Light Christmas Fairy Light

These LED outdoor string lights are powered by solar and they are environmentally friendly, Energy saving, sturdy, and safe. The solar panel charges automatically, supplying enough light, and without any manual intervention. These solar outdoor string lights can provide great lighting decoration. They are a great choice for gardens, courtyards, garlands, and even Christmas trees.

Wide Application: Solar outdoor string lights feature a photosensitive function that turns on when it’s dark and turns off in the daytime. The solar LED string lights can be decorated wherever you wish to decorate. It is a fantastic option for Christmas, wedding, garden or wedding trees, fences, porches, and roofs, as well as for courtyard decorations creating a warm, romantic, and joyful ambiance.

Dustproof and Waterproof: These solar LED string lights can be used in a range of conditions, including weather conditions (IP65) which means it is immune to snow and rain. High security, without radiation, however, cannot be submerged in water for a long period of time. Illuminate your home with these beautiful solar-powered outdoor string lights.


Fairy String light Garland Outdoor String Lights

5. Fairy String light Garland Outdoor String Lights

Modern and innovative decorative string lights that are not solely used to provide lighting, but are also an ideal decoration for both outdoor and indoor parties. They create romantic atmospheres and stunning scenery and you’ll surely have a great time with friends and family.

Safe and Durable: UL-approved deck lights are made of a weatherproof material that can endure extreme temperatures, weather, and moist conditions. Secure and long-lasting bistro lights that are electric, or with an included spare fuse to make them easy to replace.

Easy to Install: These light strings are simple to set up using the help of a wire tie, or cup hook. You can fix it up or put it in a place depending on the location you require. Flexible and practical, the light bulb that is blown out doesn't affect other lighting bulbs, due to its old-fashioned light string.

Wide Application: These outdoor string lights make the perfect decor for balconies, gardens, terraces Bistros, pergola barbecues, gazebos, cafes, umbrella dinners and weddings, birthdays, parties, etc.


Solar Garland Light Outdoor Solar Lantern Lamp String Lights

6. Solar Garland Light Outdoor Solar Lantern Lamp String Lights

These solar-powered string lights absorb energy and recharge when the sun is shining. They turn on automatically at the time of dusk. It also comes with an adjustable solar cell design to allow direct sunlight during the winter and summer months.

Waterproof (IP65): Built-in batteries and waterproof, it's also ideal for cloudy or rainy days perfect for garden decorations.

Long-lasting: Up eight to ten hours of continuous light with a full charge of 6-8 hours during the daylight.

Wide Application: Widely utilized in the streets, courtyards, and shop windows. They are also used in stages, shops, venues, and many other locations, particularly to decorate Christmas trees, they can create a cozy and romantic Christmas ambiance.


Globe Outdoor String Lights

7. Globe Outdoor String Lights

The Globe Outdoor String Lights are ideal for classic lighting. They're shaped like globes, allowing light to shine in all directions. With weatherproofing technology, they can stand up to extreme temperatures, weather, and moist conditions.

Secure and long-lasting electric bistro lights, either equipped with a spare fuse that can be easily replaced. It is fitted out with 25, 30, or 50 globe-shaped bulbs that are clear. This Globe Bulb string light project the brightest light on gardens, gazebos, houses pergolas, bridges, city skylines, weddings, dinners, and parties.


  • Bulbs Quantity: 25, 30, and 50 pcs

  • Waterproof: IP65

  • Shade: Milky / Transparent

  • Color temperature: 2800 k-3500 k (warm white); 6000 k-6500 k (white) Item

  • Material: Copper and PVC


Solar Powered String Lights

8. Solar Powered String Lights

These outdoor string lights feature 8 Light Modes. Gorgeous lighting modes, such as combination, flashing of fireflies, waves, fading, flashing/chasing,  fading slowly, twinkle/flashing as well as steady on.

2 Switch Buttons: POWER ON/OFF. If you switch on the light, it will come instantly when the area is dark. It will automatically turn off during the daytime.

Flexible Copper Wire Lights: They can be bent easily and then molded into any shape you want. The power is at a low voltage and has no plug-in.

Long Working Time and Waterproof: These LED string Lights can run for up to 14 hours after being fully powered (8 hours). IP65 Waterproof. You don't have to worry about using them in the rain. These lights are ideal for both outdoor and indoor decorations with solar panels and are waterproof.

Wide Application: Add an inviting and cozy ambiance for your Christmas decorations, your home patio, lawn garden, bar, shop restaurant, cafe or balcony, walkways, pergola canopy, and more.


Solar Bubble Ball Light String With 8 Different Modes

9. Solar Bubble Ball Light String With 8 Different Modes

These upgraded Solar Patio Lights has built-in battery between 600mAh and 1000mAh. Brighter and longer operating time than the standard solar globe light.

Solar powered and Auto Off/On: Solar energy supply with no additional cost for utilities. The light sensor regulates strings of solar lights. They automatically turn on at night and switch off during daylight hours.

2 Switches and 8 different modes: This solar patio light has an On/Off button as well as a mode button. Pressing the mode button to select 8 different modes to meet your different requirements.

Waterproof and Memory Function: String lights made of solar energy can endure all kinds of weather which includes heavy rain as well as snow. The memory chip built-in can save the last settings and you don't have to reset the mode each day.


3.5M Star Moon String Lights Lamp Curtain

10. 3.5M Star Moon String Lights Lamp Curtain

The star moon string lights are brand new and top quality. Its Moon decorations diameter measures 7.1 inches, the large star's diameter of 7.9 inches, and the small star's diameter of 3.9 inches. The length of the entire cable is 13.12 which makes it a great decoration for Christmas celebrations Birthdays, Valentine's Day, weddings, holidays, homes, festival holidays, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc.

Easy to install: Moon ornaments are easy to hang over your windows, doors, Christmas tree, or walls to create a romantic mood.

Safe and Secure Curtain Lights: With IP44 waterproof certification, it is ideal for outdoor lighting decoration. It saves power and flinching like the stars and moon in the night. You can save 90% of your energy.


LED Fairy Lights Outdoor Indoor Decorative Rattan Balls

11. LED Fairy Lights Outdoor Indoor Decorative Rattan Balls

Made from high-end materials, the wire and LED string lights are water-proof and safe. You can safely touch it during use and even if one light is damaged, the others will continue to work.

Battery Powered: 3 AAA batteries (not included). Portable as well as waterproof string lights, suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

LED String Lights: LEDs are used as bulbs to ensure the light is sufficiently bright. LED bulb is water-proof and consumes less power, ideal for outdoor and indoor decoration and for celebrations.

 Wide Application: Perfect for backyards, gazebos, gardens, pergolas, decks, city rooftops, weddings, dinner parties, birthday parties, gatherings, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.


 Outdoor Solar Wind Chime Light Hummingbird Garden Light

Outdoor Solar Wind Chime Light Hummingbird Garden Light


What should you consider when selecting the best Outdoor String Lights?

Outdoor string lights are a simple way to transform a dull backyard into a relaxing outdoor space. When compared to the various lighting brands for patio or outdoor use light fixtures, string lights are cheap and easy to put in.

The right lighting fixture will determine the quality and brightness. A weatherproof design, as well as long cords with remotes and app-operating options, will increase the safety of lighting and ease of use.

What should you consider when selecting the best Outdoor String Lights?

Outdoor string lights are a simple way to transform a dull backyard into a relaxing outdoor space. When compared to the various lighting brands for patio or outdoor use light fixtures, string lights are cheap and easy to put in.

The right lighting fixture will determine the quality and brightness. A weatherproof design, as well as long cords with remotes and app-operating options, will increase the safety of lighting and ease of use.

Bulb Size

When choosing the bulb size be sure to consider the space available for outdoor spaces, ease of installation, and the appearance you want to achieve. Smaller bulbs work well in small outdoor spaces, but will not overwhelm an area or any other outdoor décor.

They tend to be gentle and provide subtle background lighting. They are less bright and usually have decorative uses. The larger bulb provides an attractive appearance. Their larger size gives better lighting. The bulbs are generally bigger and are suited to large areas that require more lighting. Big decorative bulbs, such as globe lighting or Edison lights are a great choice.

Power Source

In order to make your outdoor lights sparkle, you'll require an available power source compatible with the kind of string lights you purchase. The majority of the string lights that are available on the market are made to plug into an electrical outlet.

The ones that last longest come with protected sockets to protect them from moisture. If you do not have an outlet for outdoor lighting, you should look for solar or USB-powered string lights.

Type of Lighting

The majority of outdoor string lighting fixtures feature incandescent, LED, solar, or battery-operated bulbs. The durability of each type is different, as are in terms of energy efficiency, as well as duration. When you are looking for outdoor string lights, think about which kind of light is the most appropriate for the location.

  • Incandescent Bulbs: They are cheap and readily available. They're less efficient in energy use and have a lower time-to-life than LED bulbs, typically lasting for around 1,000 hours or one year of continuous usage. They are prone to becoming hot after usage, which is why glasses bulbs have become the standard for this type of lighting. Their warm colors and affordable initial cost make them an ideal choice for lighting outdoors.

  • LED Bulbs: They consume less power (less Wattage) than conventional incandescent bulbs and do not get too hot once they're switched on. Since they're cooler to the skin, LED lights for patios are made of plastic bulbs, which means they don't break when dropped. The majority of led bulbs are able to last for as long as 50 years and that's equal to about 10 years of regular usage.

  • Battery-Powered Lights: They are another alternative that doesn't require an outlet outside. Instead, the light strands operate on between two and six batteries. Since they don't need an outlet, they're an excellent choice for creative lighting for outdoor use.

  • Solar-Powered Lights: They aren't a burden on the cost of energy and don't require an outlet which is why they're great for houses or apartments which do not possess ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) outlets. Just place the solar panel in a location which receives plenty of sunshine in the daytime and the lights will glow in the evening. The majority of solar-powered lights last for 6-8 hours which is typically enough for an outdoor barbecue or dinner gathering.

Color Temperature and Brightness

The lighting quality of outdoor string lights at home must be taken into consideration to ensure an attractive appearance. In a lamp, the lumen is measured, and the higher the lumen, the more light it produces. In determining the brightness of the bulb be sure to consider lighting effects as needed.

String lights are able to produce up to 5 to 100 lumens per bulb. People choose to use string lights because they are bright but don't have excessive intensity, which is why low lumens are often an ideal way to set the mood. Lumens differ from wattages as Wattage is a measure of the energy used, not the light's brightness.

Wire length

Outdoor lighting typically has lengths of between 10 and 25, 50, or even 100 feet. The length and the dimensions of the outdoor space and the lighting arrangement should decide the best length. String lighting for patios can define garden borders or wrap around walls, tree branches, or float over seating.

How do we find the proper length of wiring? Be sure can make your power outlet reach from a safe source, or continue to extend cords. A 10-foot string of lights for your outdoor patio to the exterior of your porch could be a great idea.

Weather Resistant

In a bright and luminous environment, outdoor string lights have to be able to withstand heavy rain and winds. It's not comfortable to turn on the lights each time the weather isn't ideal.

Review the product's specifications first to determine if the lighting items serve a purpose for outdoor use. Outdoor lighting can be hazardous. Make sure the lighting is waterproof. Certain places like the roofs of gazebos, porches, and others are prone to being soaked in rainy weather.

Style and Bulb Shape

String lighting comes in various designs, sizes, and styles, giving each strand a distinctive style. The tiny fairy light creates an outdoor space that is whimsical while the bigger oval Edison bulb gives a vintage look. Globes are typically used for light fixtures, Edison bulbs, lamps as well as light strings, fairy lights, and so on.

  • Edison Bulbs: They are designed to appear similar to Thomas Edison's first invention. The traditional incandescent bulbs have an attractive, warm glow due to their visible filaments inside. The oval shape and warm glow could give an outdoor space an antique look. Modern LED Edison bulbs offer the classic look of light bulbs however with a more energy-efficient LED design.

  • Fairy Lights: They can make your backyard appear like a fairytale escape. The small bulbs are typically smaller than one grain of rice and appear like fireflies dancing on wires. They are perfect for lighting the background, and you can create a stunning look by hanging strands of fairy lights on branches of trees as well as in bushes or even along fences.

  • Globe Bulbs: They are generally designed and intended for decorative use. These bulbs are spherical and are available in various sizes and are typically found on hanging chandeliers, contemporary chandeliers, and string lights for outdoor use. The classic design is timeless and works well with many outdoor decor styles that range from modern and angular seating spaces to charming bohemian patios. Globe bulbs can bring an extra touch of elegance and glamour to your outdoor space.

  • Lanterns: Generally come with traditional outdoor string lights that are covered with a lantern constructed of nylon, plastic, paper, or tarpaulin (a robust and water-resistant material that is similar to canvas). Lanterns are available in various styles, colors, and shapes. These exciting patio lighting options will help you create a festive or themed mood.

  • Rope Light Bulbs: They are basically mini bulbs that are enclosed in a transparent cover that protects them from elements. They are typically made of the use of LEDs, rope lights are perfect to wind between deck posts or hanging from fences, or lighting up gardens.

Energy Usage

The majority of lighting fixtures for outdoor have incandescent LEDs, batteries, or solar cells. Different types of lights differ in their power, strength, and endurance. When buying light fixtures for your outdoor space, consider whether the lighting is optimally suited to the space. It is generally recommended to find bulbs with lower watts but this can result in lower lighting. LED bulbs provide the illumination output with the lowest energy consumption.

Extra Features

If you're looking to upgrade your outdoor string lights, think about an option with extra features like changing bulbs' colors with dimming options, remote control, or app functionality.

  • Options for Dimming: Whether for a romantic dinner on the patio or drinks with your friends dimming the lights can create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Certain outdoor string lights come with built-in dimmers as well as others that have dimmer-compatible lights that can be connected to dimming devices that are external.

  • Changing-Color Light Bulbs: For a lively bright pop of color, opt for string lights for your patio that feature bulbs that change color. String lights that change color can create a mood for special occasions, seasons, and even holidays.

  • App Controls | Remote: A remote control can be used to control various lighting options within a specific area around the lighting. App controls offer additional convenience, as there is no requirement to store or locate a remote that is easy to lose. Wi-Fi-enabled lights make it simple to turn the lights on and off even when you're away from home. Certain lights also work with smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.


Globe Fairy String Lights LED Moroccan Ball

Globe Fairy String Lights LED Moroccan Ball


Outdoor String Lights FAQs | Simply Light Fixtures

How do I hang outdoor string lights?

Answer: If you're looking to bring to life the Parisian cafe outdoors hanging your string lights is essential in creating the perfect look. Fallon suggests letting the lights slip to create an airy, fun vibe.

Are there effective lights for outdoor patios?

Answer: We recommend using Edison-style LED bulbs because they are the lightest, most long-lasting, and also the most secure option for an outdoor area that is flooded.

Are outdoor string lights safe when it rains?

Answer: If you're thinking of how to make your outdoor lights waterproof, the answer is easy. Similar to how you need to make sure that the lights you'll use outdoors are designed for use in wet weather it is also recommended to take the same precautions with any other lighting fixtures you purchase.

Can string lights remain in the winter?

Answer: If you buy string lights for outdoor use that are in compliance with IP specifications they are long-lasting and can be used in all seasons. Be aware: Even in the most severe weather, you must prevent your lights from collecting water.

What is the brightness of the patio light strings?

Recommended lumens to meet specific lighting requirements for outdoor use. 50-300 lumens. Path light: 100 - 300 lumens. Landscape lights: 250-250 lumens. Lamps: 120-180 lumens.



Outdoor string lights must be easily accessible. Most of the string lights are built for plugging into electrical outlets, and the most durable ones also have molded sockets for protection from moisture. You can also use solar and USB lights in the outdoor area.

Browse the deep selection of outdoor string lights at Simply Light Fixtures and find the perfect lighting for your home. Free Shipping on $49+.

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