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7 Affordable Closet Lights to Brighten Your Wardrobe

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Don't get caught in the dark while choosing your outfit! These simple-to-install closet lights can help you keep your closet well-organized, regardless of whether you have a massive walk-in closet or a small space.

Light up your wardrobe by using closet lighting that will best suit your requirements.

If your home has a walk-in closet, it should have enough light to choose a suit or hang up your clothes. However, a lot of closets aren't connected to any electrical wiring, and it could mean purchasing and building an individual lighting setup.

Closet lights are different and include everything from flush mount lights to rechargeable lighting and battery-powered lights.

Are there any simple, quick, or inexpensive solutions to light up your wardrobe? Of course, there is!

In this article, we will provide you with a list of affordable closet lights to brighten your wardrobe.


Our Top Selection


Wake up 3D Night Light Motion Sensor Wardrobe Light

1. Wake up 3D Night Light Motion Sensor Wardrobe Light

If your closet isn't equipped with wires and you don't have a hard wire, the stick-on puck illumination is a simple and affordable solution. These closet light fixtures are long-lasting and energy-efficient. Lighting use3 pieces of AAA battery not included).

Motion Sensor: Utilize 2022's most advanced PIR technology. Our night light will turn on within 10 feet and shut off after 20 seconds without motion, which helps extend the battery's life. The light will only turn on in the dark, and when it detects motion.

Bright and Energy Efficient: Up to 35 lumens of output. These closet lighting are sufficient to ensure that you're never lost in darkness. Auto-shutdown after 20 seconds without use and saves a lot of dollars for you directly.

Easy to Install and Durable: In addition to the built-in magnet, an extremely strong 3M double-sided adhesive tape was added, which means there is no reason to be concerned about your closet lights dropping at all. You may decide to install it anywhere, or you can utilize the screws (screws included) if you wanted to.

Wide Application

These LED puck lights are not only ideal for wardrobes but also for kitchens, counters, cabinets, bookshelves, basements, or similar dark places.


Elfeland 6 Pack RGB Under Cabinet Lights Led Wireless Closet Lights

2. Elfeland 6 Pack RGB Under Cabinet Lights Led Wireless Closet Lights

RGB closet lighting are made of high-quality ABS material. It's long-lasting and chic. Powered by three AAA batteries, it's undoubtedly an efficient and energy-saving solution.

Take advantage of the fascinating color change feature of these RGB closet lighting fixtures. The lights can be set to green, red blue, and warm white. With three different light modes (jump, flicker, and color gradient) and two modes of switching manual on/off buttons as well as using a remote control.

Timer Setting: Jump/ 10 minutes, flicker/ 30 minutes, gradient/ 60 minutes, and 120 minutes.

Dimmable: You can alter or reduce the variable brightness by pressing the +/- button of the lamp, or every time you push +/- at the remote controls. The various nine (9) lighting levels fluctuate between 10% and 100%.

Small Size: This lamp is extremely compact and light. It can be placed in any corner you desire.


Amerelle 12 in. L White Plug-In LED Strip Light

3. Amerelle 12 in. L White Plug-In LED Strip Light

It is the ideal choice for those looking for high-efficiency LED light in a slim strip that is easy to install. It is ideal for under cabinets, over cabinets, in bookcases, and many other places.

The secret to their effectiveness is the ultra-slim profile that is hidden even in the most difficult locations. The mounting process is simple with the brackets included that can be secured using double-sided tape or screws of a smaller size.

The Ultra-thin LED light strips are linkable up to 6 strips via a connector cable or link end to end. It features a bright white (3000K) color temperature and bulb life expectancy is 8,000 hours.



Westek Battery LED Under Cabinet Light (White)

4. Westek Battery LED Under Cabinet Light (White)

This Westek Battery LED Under Cabinet Light by AmerTac is the ideal method to light up your home's wardrobe as well as other areas. Modern style and contemporary white finish make it an ideal accent to go in any décor.

Slim Profile Bar Light: Offers bright white lighting of up to 95 lumens. Slim profile design, making it an ideal light under cabinets, closets, or over an office.

Remote Operated: Manage light easily from as far as 20 feet away. It comes with an auto-off timer that you can set to 15 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

Easy Installation and Battery-powered: No outlet is required. The light is powered with AAA batteries (batteries are not included). It comes with double-sided tape and screws that allow you to place the light in the location you need it most.

Wide Application

This light fixture is suitable for closets, work-spaces, bedrooms, entryways, hallways, basements, bathrooms, and more.


Motion Sensor Night Light Portable 10 LED Closet Lights

5. Motion Sensor Night Light Portable 10 LED Closet Lights

This motion Sensor Night Light LED closet light is equipped with passive infrared technology. Motion sensor cabinet lights will only turn on when there is motion in darkness. Automatically shut off after 15-17 seconds of no movement. The motion sensor light is able to detect up to 8-10 feet. This closet light is only functional in darkness, and not in the daytime.

Battery Operated: Each wireless lighting system is powered by four AAA 1.5V batteries (not included) that are designed to provide approximately three months of light for each set of batteries (not included) using an average of 6-8 times per activation night. Rechargeable batteries are highly advised to save battery costs.

Easy Installation: Cordless installation in less than 2 minutes with self-adhesive magnet strips. Anyone can install and remove it without tools requirements.

Wide Application

This LED closet light is also suitable for kid’s room, living room, bedroom, wardrobe, drawer, shoe box, under cabinets, basement, under-counter, corridor, and more.


Feit Electric White LED Disk light Retrofit Kit 12

6. Feit Electric White LED Disk light Retrofit Kit 12

This Feit Electric Round LED Disk Light has adjustable color temperatures which offer utility and elegance to any commercial or residential space and can be installed in flush mount or retrofit applications. With all-day brightness (including temperatures below zero) the LEDs are built into the fixture, so there aren't any bulbs to replace.

Utilizing the switch at the rear of the light fixture, the temperature of the light can be altered to suit your preferences. Switch once for warm white, then toggle two times for cold white, and switch 3 times for daylight.

Energy Saving: Our ceiling fixtures/wall sconces are energy efficient, produce even light distribution of 900-Lumens, and have an average life of 50,000-hour/45.7-year delivering ENERGY STAR approved reliable lighting.

This high-performance LED bulb is designed to intensify the natural light and has a CRI (CRI) that is 90+, which produces brighter, more realistic shades. Uses up to 84% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb.


3 LED Battery Powered Wireless Night Light Closet Lights

7. 3 LED Battery Powered Wireless Night Light Closet Lights

These 3 LED battery-operated best closet Lighting are very simple to operate. The light can be turned on or off by pressing the upper part of the lamp. The stylish circular design and the compact size lights work as an ornamental element to your house. It's ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways, as well as stairs and a kitchen.

Battery-Powered: Each LED light lamp utilizes three LEDs to provide a lighting source it is powered by three AAA batteries, which emit brilliant white light to illuminate.

Easy to Install: With an integrated self-adhesive sticker on the backside, the LED closet light can be affixed to nearly any surface like metal, plastic, wood glass, etc. You can hang or stick it wherever you want.


Ledu Low-Profile Under-Cabinet Fluorescent Fixture


Types of Closet Lights

The most popular kinds of closet light include recessed lighting, strip lighting, track lighting, and more. Each type of lighting comes with the same type of bulb and various types of mounting. There are a variety of types to choose from there are some that have an automatic motion sensor that can switch on, while others are powered by batteries and wireless, allowing to make it easy to install.

  • Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor light bulbs are designed to automatically turn on whenever they detect motion within their sensor range. There are two types of motion sensors that are active ultrasound and passive infrared (PIR) which makes use of the ultrasonic wave to identify the movement.

PIR relies on the fluctuation of the infrared energy, also known as body heat to detect movement and trigger the lights. Motion sensor lights are efficient because it doesn't need an electrical switch.

  • Wireless Lights

It's often not feasible to cut down walls and ceilings for new closet lighting. Lighting for closets that are wireless is a great alternative in these instances because it doesn't need the use of electrical wires. Instead, the lighting is powered by batteries, usually using AAA or AA batteries. Some lights are rechargeable.

  • Track Lights

With the track lighting system, the individual bulbs of light are mounted on a steel bar or track. The great thing about track lighting is that it can be swiveled to rotate the bulbs, and also spotlight particular parts of the closet.

The track lighting is ideal for walk-in closets as bigger closets typically have enough clearance from the ceiling to prevent a fire risk. They are also easy to install as they only require one hardwiring location rather than numerous points (as with the recessed lighting).

  • Strip Lights

Strip lights are cords that can be bent that are strips of tiny LEDs which are typically attached to the wall or any other surfaces with a sturdy adhesive backing. There is no need for hard-wiring to use strip lighting. Simply connect them and then use the lights.

 They are ideal to light up smaller, dark spaces since the strip is small. A lot of strip lights have remote controls that let users alter the pattern and color of the light, which creates the illusion of a variety of light for those looking to make their closets more lively space.

  • Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting can be found in a cutout of the ceiling. They are close to the drywall when the lighting has been wired and installed. They are typically round and are typically three to twelve inches in size. If you're using recessed fixtures to illuminate your wardrobe, it is usually a better way to cover the space when you install a collection of small lighting fixtures rather than one or two large ones.

Similar to all electrical fixtures that you'd place in your closet, take the proper fire safety precautions and only install recessed lighting in the event that you are able to maintain an adequate distance of six inches in between light and the clothing or other objects you keep within the storage closet.

 FEIT Electric White 4 in. W LED Retrofit Downlight Kit

FEIT Electric White 4 in. W LED Retrofit Downlight Kit


Closet Lights – Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the perfect lighting solution for your closet is an important job. Here are some of the most asked questions we have answered for you.

How do you light up a closet with no electricity?

It is possible to use an LED light to illuminate your closet. It is now possible to light your home with an AAA battery instead of an outlet on the wall or a hard-wired gadget. Smaller LED lamps are the ideal solution for spaces that are tight. There are tons of lighting options that could be useful if the home has no power.

What's a light powered by batteries called?

Lights powered by batteries are known as wireless lamps, wireless lights, or both. Anything that's not connected to a plug-in or hard-wire and can be recharged by batteries. The light powered by batteries is usually LED. These lights are strip lights, puck lighting, light sticks, headlamps, ceiling lights, and more.

What should you consider when deciding on the best closet lights?

A key aspect to consider when purchasing closet lighting is the size of the closet in square feet, your personal style, and the lighting you desire. Lighting colors in closets can influence the way clothing looks.

Which is the most efficient battery-powered closet light?

There doesn't need to be a one-size-fits-all solution. It's actually sensible. The best lighting fixture must have sufficient illumination to fill the space. There are battery-powered lighting fixtures like these to provide high-quality light sources with longevity.

The use of a motion sensor light will preserve batteries because it actively detects motion and shuts down soon after. It depends on the particular lighting fixture, but you can anticipate between six and eight hours of illumination with fully charged batteries.

Which are the most popular kinds of best closet lighting?

The most commonly used kinds of closet lighting are light strips or track lighting, as well as recessed lighting fixtures. Most of them have identical dimensions to the other types of mounting options. Certain models include motion sensors that automatically activate wireless and can be mounted easily.

What is the most effective lighting solution to use in closets?

The most effective lighting options that can be used in closets are overhead lighting as well as interior lighting sources. They can also be placed on the shelves of your cabinet or doors for illumination.

Can you install the recessed lighting inside the closet?

The installation of recessed lighting is feasible within closets but requires the use of hard wiring. In any electrical installation, you must check all building codes as well as the fire safety regulations.

What kind of lighting is ideal for the closet?

Utilize a closet light with LED. LED lighting is an extremely efficient lamp that can be put into closets. They generate minimal heat when installed behind glass doors to cabinets. They could also be used to display scents and bags.

 What’s the ideal number of lumens I need for a closet?

In the closet, 20-30 or more lumens per square inch is advised. The calculation for a seven-foot by 10-foot walk-in closet thus, 70 square feet divided by 20 lumens per square foot. The closet should have a minimum of 1,400 lumens.

How long will Led Closet Lighting last?

Typically, the lifespan of LED lights is between four and six years.


Final Thoughts

Closets are dark spaces in general. They are usually dark when there aren't closet lights at all, electrical or otherwise within overhead lights. This is typically the case in rooms and hallways that are small, with a squishy closet inside.

A well-organized wardrobe is neat and well maintained. But, without closet lighting, it can be difficult to find coats or clothes. A proper lighting system for your wardrobe lights up your closets and makes your life easier.

The space needed to store clothes is crucial when choosing the appropriate lighting for your space. It should be considered in addition to the characteristics of lighting for every area.


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