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Best LED Low Profile Ceiling Lights You Can Buy Right Now

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LED Low Profile Ceiling Lights or Flush mount ceiling lights, an essential component of lighting your home, have often been neglected. With designs ranging from traditional ceiling lighting to modern flush mount designs that have both rustic and modern styles in mind. The selection we offer is focused on both form and functionality.

Ceiling lights are a great option for spaces like living spaces that require general ambient light to provide general illumination, particularly when the rooms are typical ceiling heights of 8.

Because they're usually placed in the middle of the room, Simply Light Fixtures has created a selection of ceiling light fixtures that can be considered the centerpieces of your home. It doesn't matter if your house is traditional, colonial, contemporary, lodge, or lake, whether it's a traditional farmhouse style or a more modern minimalist design, there are ceiling lights that will define your own style.

Here are our top favorite LED low profile ceiling lights you can buy right now.



Modern Linear LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

1. Modern Linear LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

The semi-flush mount ceiling light fixture is built with high-quality acrylic, LEDs, and other materials. The LED chip array is high-end and this high-quality modern LED flush mount ceiling light will bring an extreme amount of brightness to your space.

The lamp cover is made of acrylic and has high light transmission providing comfortable and soft light that is free of glare, and flashes, with uniform lighting. This simple design will make your home more stylish.

Fully Dimmable: Color Temperature: 3000-6500K, Brightness: 10-100%. Modern LED flush mount ceiling lamps can be controlled and comes with the ability to store information. By using your remote, you are able to modify the temperature of its color and brightness to suit your preference.

Contemporary Design: The sleek design of this LED low profile ceiling light fixture can make your home trendier. An ideal alternative to the fluorescent linear fixture.

Suggested Space Fit

This LED flush mount ceiling light fixture is suitable for your kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, laundry room, corridor, restaurant, etc.


Modern LED Aisle Ceiling Lights Spiral Night Light

2. Modern LED Aisle Ceiling Lights Spiral Night Light

This Modern Minimalist LED Low Profile Ceiling Light fixture is made from top-quality materials, including acrylic and metal. Perfect post-modern panel light design. The paint on the surface has been tested several times with high temperatures which makes it extremely durable.

Aisle light that has an input voltage between 110 and 220 (V) 3000k-6000k warm/white light, which produces soft light. High-quality LEDs and milky shades give even and glare-free lighting without flickering, thereby protecting your eyes from reflections.

Energy Saving: We guarantee energy savings since our LED low profile ceiling light bulbs are comparable to standard 200W incandescent lamps, which can save you up to 80% of your electricity costs.

Long Lifespan: This LED flush mount ceiling light fixture is constructed of premium LED chips. The lifespan of the light is greater than 20,000 hours. This allows users to avoid the headache of changing the bulb, and remain glowing for a long period of time.

Easy Installation

The bracket is simply attached to the ceiling, and it comes with the entire surface mount hardware.

Suggested Room Fits

This flush mount ceiling light fixture is suitable for corridor, aisle, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hotel, and stair light on the ceiling.


IRALAN LED Ceiling Light Fixture

3. IRALAN LED Ceiling Light Fixture

These modern flush mount ceiling lights with a box-shaped design are stylish and trendy. The modern LED lighting fixture will not easily go out of style and will impress your friends and family members. Ideal for indoor spaces, its soft light shields your eyes while reading and doing activities.

Stepless Dimming: The brightness range of 640lm-6400lm may be adjusted to suit your needs using the remote control. Likewise, any color temperature between 2800K and 7000K can be chosen at any time. This means you can make your lights however you'd like.

The High CRI: CRI index is up to 90, which mimics natural light to the maximum extent and restores the best shades. All day or night your home remains vibrant with color.

Energy Saving: Lower power consumption can reduce energy consumption and help reduce electric bills. The 2835 LED SMD can be more energy efficient by up to 70% than incandescent lamps, and up to 10% more energy efficient than traditional LED chip lights.

Easy to Install

The wiring inside the lamp body is completed. You only need to join the lamp body, connect the wires, and attach it to the ceiling lamp to complete the installation. The installation isn't difficult and is certainly worthwhile.

Suggested Room Fits

The flush mount ceiling light fixture is simple to install and is suitable for interior decoration like the foyer, living room dining room, bedroom balcony, and kitchen.


Modern K9 Crystal LED Luminaria Luxury Ceiling Lights

4. Modern K9 Crystal LED Luminaria Luxury Ceiling Lights

This LED ceiling light fixture is constructed from high-end K9 Crystals, Stainless Steel, and Acrylic. Acrylic crystals lamp increase brightness, reduce glare and improve light transmission. The simple crystal design is elegant and bright.

Energy Saving: Crystal ceiling lamp has low power consumption and will help save energy and reduce electric costs. LED chips can be more energy efficient than incandescent lamps, with a lifespan of greater than 50000 hours.

Easy Installation

Connect the light to the wire and place it on the ceiling. It will cost you around 10 minutes to install.

Suggested Space Fit

This flush mount ceiling light fixture can be used in bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, kitchens, walk-in closets, corridors, and balconies among others.


60W Dimmable LED Ceiling Light Fixture

5. 60W Dimmable LED Ceiling Light Fixture

Modern and simple rectangular ceiling light fixture that is constructed from high-light transmission lampshades made of acrylic as well as aluminum lamp bodies. High resistance to temperature, resistance to aging, uniform light transmission, smooth, and without reflection.

The remote is able to manage three different color temperatures ranging between 3000-4500-6000K, which includes warm, natural, and cool light. Additionally, it provides unique and distinctive lighting.

Modern LED Ceiling Light: The low profile ceiling light fixture is composed of four rectangles. The ceiling light has a stylish, sleek, and trendy design that adds a sense of style and modernity in any house interior.

Glare Protection: High-quality LED lighting is able to prevent flicker. A specially treated acrylic lamp shade will soften the light more. It can shield eyes from harsh lighting.

Recommended Space

This LED ceiling light fixture is best installed in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, dining room, etc.


Modern LED Crystal Ceiling Light

6. Modern LED Crystal Ceiling Light

This beautiful romantic modern crystal LED ceiling light fixture is perfect for our home decor. Its extremely bright huge power LED design can illuminate a large area of up to 30 square meters.

Energy Saving: Adopt LED chip, super-bright but low power consumption. It's durable and long life guaranteed. Its built-in smart IC drive, prevent over-voltage which secures long service life. Continuous performance can be up to 50,000 hours or more.

Suggested Room Fits

This LED ceiling light fixture is best installed in the dining room, living room, bedroom, hallway, etc.


Modern Simple Luxury LED Crystal Ceiling Light

7. Modern Simple Luxury LED Crystal Ceiling Light

This Modern Simple Luxury LED Crystal Ceiling Light fixture is constructed from top-quality components and is polished, painted and other techniques to create an integrated form of "anti-corrosion, anti-rust", long-term usage.

This can add an attractive look and stunning lighting to your home and is the perfect product to complement your interior decor.

It is made of K9 crystals that are of high quality. The interior of the crystal is free of impurities, crystal clear and transparent, and has a refractive index of 98 percent. The design that the light emits from its ceiling can be used in a variety of decor styles. The light is soft and not flashy which makes ordinary living spaces vibrant and bright.

Suggested Room Fits

This low profile ceiling light is suitable for balconies, aisles, entrances, hallways, bedsides, stairs, attic, etc.


OUKANING Acrylic LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount Lamp

OUKANING Acrylic LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount Lamp

Frequently Asked Questions


What does low-profile refer to in lighting?

Answer: The incandescent flush-mount ceiling lights create an atmosphere with lighting. With regards to designs and styles, low-profile ceiling light fixture can contain three or more lights that have wattage capacity for bulbs.

What lighting options do I have to light lower ceilings?

Uplighting can be a useful method to light rooms that have low ceilings. Uplighters include a variety of wall and ceiling lamps. In addition, floor lamps and table lamps create great task lighting. They also create ambiance.

When to Use LED Low Profile Ceiling Light?

Answer: LED Low profile ceiling lights or flush mount lighting fixtures are suggested for ceilings that are not more than 8 feet away from the floor. Since the base of the flush mount fixture is set right against ceilings, it's ideal for rooms in which a conventional light might be disruptive.

If your space is higher than seven feet it is possible to look into semi-flush lighting that hangs from 4-8 inches from the ceiling but does not be quite at the level of a chandelier or pendant.

Where to Install Flush Mount Lights?

Answer: Flush mount ceiling lights is getting more popular in the world of lighting. Typically, close-to-ceiling lights are found in hallways or foyers. However, in recent times we've noticed an increase in ceiling lighting used in bathrooms, kitchens as well as walk-in closets.

But, because of their versatility, the flush mount ceiling lights are fantastic additions to every room within your home. If you're looking for a way to brighten an area that is dim that has a ceiling with low height consider placing several light fixtures with flush mounts in the same row.

Worried that LED low profile ceiling lights aren't up to date?

Answer: You don’t have to! LED low profile ceiling lights or flush mount ceiling lights have a broad variety of styles, making it easier to locate the right ceiling light fixture that match your interior design, be it mid-century modern, minimalist or traditional.

To create a uniform look across your house, select fixtures that match and accent the different fixtures in your space. Pick from a variety of finishes like chrome, matte black as well as oil rubbed bronze pewter, brushed nickel, polished nickel along with satin nickel. Materials such as alabaster glass with frosted coating and stainless steel give variety in style and quality that will last.


Modern Led Acrylic Ceiling Light Fixture

Modern Led Acrylic Ceiling Light Fixture

Final Thoughts

LED Low profile ceiling lights or flush mount ceiling light fixtures are attached directly to the ceiling, so there is no room between the light fixture and the ceiling. Flush mount ceiling lights are perfect for lighting and adding design to bathrooms and hallways.

At Simply Light Fixtures we have many options of close-to-ceiling lighting in different sizes as well as finishes and styles that can be matched to any style of home.

Find the right lighting choice to complement your transitional, contemporary, or rustic living space. You can match your ceiling lights, wall sconces, as well as pendant lights. Consider semi-flush-mount ceiling lighting fixtures too if you have higher ceilings. Lighting sources include LED as well as halogen and incandescent bulbs.


Shop trendy low profile ceiling light fixtures like the IRALAN Dimmable LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture and  Westinghouse Dimmable Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture with brushed nickel finish.

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