61.5" In 16-Light Acrylic Globe Aluminun Led Chrysanthe Yellow Gold Metal Floor Lamp


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The 16-Light Multi-Arm Floor Lamp is an elegant way to infuse some fun and light into your spaces. Standing a majestic 61.5 Inches high, this Floor lamp boasts sixteen white glass orbs or buds on a sleek aluminum wire hourglass bundled together to form a contemporary design that draws attention. Will bring you a romantic ambience, putting you in a better mood from relaxed to energetic to romantic. Our modern floor lamp fits easily behind your furniture. Its slender design allows it to position well near seats, sofas, side tables, etc. It's a great alternative to unpleasant overhead lights. Warm lights can bring you a sweet night, cool white lights can help you focus and a step-on switch allows you to get the most comfortable brightness for your space. Works in your bedroom as floor light lamp, any living spaces as mood lighting or anywhere else in your house. A simple round base supports a sleek, beautifully finished stem that branches out to support an array of glass globes in different heights above it. Much like an artfully arranged bundle of flowers in a modern design, each at a slightly different height. Diffusing an even layer of illumination, this contemporary composition is a lovely addition to spaces, capturing the eye and complementing a range of décor and design styles.
- Packing Time (days) : 2
- Delivery Time (days) : 8
- Length: 61.0 in, Width: 8.0 in, Height: 8.0 in