20"H Copper Tree Wire Table Lamp W/ Pink Led


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The Copper Wire Weave Tree Table Lamps are a true mark of style when it comes to getting your hands on real standout statement piece of accent lighting for a room’s lighting plan. The Copper Wire Weave Tree Table Lamps not only serve as great sources of light but is more than attractive enough to be classed as an ornament and could certainly rival the aesthetical appeal of any sculpture you may have on display. The Copper Wire Weave Tree Table Lamps have a modern and stylish silver-copper gold finish and is adorned with illuminating branches with leaves bulbs decorations. The warm light given out by Tree lamp on this piece adds that extra touch of sparkle when it meets with the shiny finish and leaves embellishments. Overall the Copper Wire Weave Tree Table Lamp make for great additions to a room’s lighting plan. It would suit most modern decors and instantly inject a touch of class into a room’s decor as well as become a real talking point among your visitors. Silver & Brown woven wire aluminium medium sized table lamp, sitting on a woven wire vase with a 5"" Dia Base, added bejewelled pendant integrated on the woven vase. Standing 20""H X 11""W. Emerging from the vase are multiple Silver wire branches with Aluminum Intricacies, selected branches feature aluminum wire Floral leaf heads. The lamp features multiple bulbs, illuminating Silver and Pink leaves shaped shades and the vase.When illuminated, the vase transforms its surroundings, creating a unique shadow pattern. See for yourself how this modern and stylish lamp could transform your home. No switch to turn on/off the lamp, all you have to do is plug the lamp to turn on or unplug the lamp if you want it off.
- Dimensions : 20, 11, 11
- Item Height (in) : 20
- Item Width (in) : 11
- Item Length/Depth (in) : 11
- Packing Time (days) : 2
- Delivery Time (days) : 6
- Length: 15.0 in, Width: 3.0 in, Height: 11.0 in