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The Ultimate Guide – Buying The Best Ceiling Fan For Your Home

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Today's selection of ceiling fans has evolved a lot since their humble beginnings and is now considered to be an essential design element and an extremely efficient and economical method of keeping your home cool. Finding the best ceiling fan for your home can be daunting, so we’ve put together an ultimate guide to help you choose the best ceiling fan that will make a statement.

Selecting the best ceiling fan lighting fixture for your house can be extremely difficult. However, when you've figured out the ideal ceiling fan size for your space, you'll see that every fan comes with a wide range of technical details that may appear a bit obscure to the most knowledgeable expert on ceiling fixtures. With a variety of motor types, speed, blade number, airflow, pitch, and control options it's difficult to know exactly what type of fan is the best for you.

Don't worry about it, this ultimate guide is the best way to provide some clarity on the most frequently asked ceiling fan concerns and we'll help you choose the best ceiling fan for your home like an expert.

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Best Ceiling Fan Sizes for Your Space

When looking for the best ceiling fan for the home, the first step is knowing the dimensions of the fan needed to fit in your space. There are two requirements for ceiling fan dimensions, diameter, and height. This will differ based on the dimensions and shape of your space. While the ceiling fan's height can often be adjusted to accommodate for low or high ceilings but the diameter can't be adjusted.

It is crucial to select the correct size of a ceiling fan that's appropriate for your space. Utilizing a simple formula as well as following the ceiling fan size rule, you will determine whether your space requires a smaller ceiling fan, a bigger ceiling fan, or a standard size ceiling fan.

Whichever style you want, the most crucial thing is to choose the right ceiling fan that will fit the ceiling in the space where you install it. Below are the dimensions of the ceiling fan that will be the best fit for the different ceilings that you'll find in your house.

  • 29- to 36-inch fan

A ceiling fan that is smaller is ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, breakfast nooks, as well as other rooms with less square footage.

  • 42- to 48-inch fan

A ceiling fan that is slightly bigger is ideal for spaces of an average size such as kitchens, bedrooms, or dining spaces.

  •  52- to 56-inch fan

The bigger size ceiling fan allows airflow in rooms that have more space, such as the master bedroom or living room.

  • 60-inch fan

Extra-large size ceiling fans can provide enough airflow or CFM for rooms that are large or other rooms with lots of space. You may also require several remotes in a large space.

You might choose a low-profile ceiling fan with a shorter downrod or a flush-mount in a room that has low ceiling. If you have a room with a high ceiling, you might need an extended downrod. The right length downrod is crucial to ensure maximum airflow and safety. An extended pull chain could be useful in a room with a high ceiling.

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Ceiling Fan Energy Efficiency

Ceiling fans that have an ENERGY Star rating are among the most energy-efficient products that are available. These energy-efficient ceiling fans are essential for those who are concerned about the environment. They must pass the strictest tests on the consumption of energy. Energy Star certified ceiling fans that come with lighting kits are typically 60 percent better than other Energy Star rating ceiling fans.

These fans don't just save energy and money, but they also reduce costs since the efficiency of your ceiling fan can directly affect your monthly electricity bill. To maximize the efficiency of your ceiling fan, search for models marked with an ENERGY star rating.

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Ceiling Fan Light Kits

It's also worth considering the most suitable lighting system for your room, particularly in the event that it will be the main source of light for the space. A lot of ceiling fans come with three lights that give plenty of illumination. You can manage the lighting using your remote, wall control, or pull chains.


Ceiling Fan Blades

When choosing the best ceiling fan for a home, the blades are among the top aspects to consider. Blades of ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes. Certain styles are made to create a striking design appearance, while others could be designed to improve efficiency. With these factors in mind, you'll be able to find the best ceiling fan to meet both your style and energy requirements.

Here are other things to consider with the ceiling fan blade:

  • Number of blades

With fewer blades, you get a lighter ceiling fan, three or two blades will allow the motor to operate at a higher speed and generate more airflow with greater force. Three-blade fans are ideal for areas that have high ceilings or outdoor ceiling fans where noise isn't as much of a problem.

  • Four-plus blades

The most popular indoor fan that you'll see on ceilings in most homes is a typical five or four-blade ceiling fan. They move at lower speeds than the three-blade models and result in less noise, but enough CFM. If you live in a room that has low ceilings, it's possible to prefer more blades or smaller downrods. These ceiling fans circulate enough air in living spaces or bedrooms

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Style of Ceiling Fan

Take the time to look into the various options for different ceiling fan designs and examine the shapes, colors, and styles. It's true that fans can be an eye-catching focal point and connect the look of a room. Ceiling fans are like the crowning glory in terms of decor and having them correlate with everything else makes the room appear more splendid.

Unsure of where to start? Take a look at some of the most trendy designs and find out which one works best for your home:

  • Classic

Classic ceiling fans generally include dark wood finishes such as walnut or oak, some antique bronze and pewter finish, and a classic blade style that blends effortlessly with the traditional home.

  • Modern

Generally, this ceiling fan is a stunning design that fits in mid-century modern and industrial designs. A modern-style ceiling fan that has smooth, clean lines and metallic finishes is the ideal choice. Find fans that have the metallic or chrome finish and matte-black and also fans with sleek blades.

  • Cottage

The classic white ceiling fan is best designed for cottage. Choose a white ceiling fan including the motor casing and blades along with metallic trim accents that are light.

  • Rustic

Not just reserved for cabins and outdoor areas, many are making their homes look lodge-like style. A rustic look that is complemented by natural woods and typically embellished with bronze or nickel hardware, complements this home decor design.

  • Farmhouse

Certain to bring instant style to any space. Available in a variety of designs and colors, vintage ceiling fans have been making an enormous return. Find a fan composed of a perfect blend of wood from the natural forest and industrial components that utilize the old Edison-style bulbs.

  • Coastal/Driftwood

Let the sea breeze flow into your home by installing a nautical-style ceiling fan. Inspired by the gorgeous colors and relaxing qualities of nature, these ceiling fans have natural wooden blades and oil-rubbed surfaces. Most of the time, these tropical-inspired ceiling fans are made of bamboo and are designed with leaf patterns which are perfect for homes with a beach view or cottage interiors.

Most people are considering adding ceiling fans within but have you thought about your options for outdoor fans? Imagine sitting on your patio with a glass of pink lemonade, enjoying the weather with the gentle breeze coming from your ceiling fan on your patio. Doesn't that sound great? Make sure to think about your outdoor area when considering adding new ceiling fans to your house.

Simply Light Fixtures has a wide selection of outdoor and indoor ceiling fans that can fit any style, and make sure that your home's decor feels perfect and complements.

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Buy Ceiling Fan with Reversible Motors

If you're not getting the appropriate cooling effects from the ceiling fan, you might think that the fan isn't generating enough wind. However, it's possible that you aren't aware that the direction in which your ceiling fan turns influences its cooling power. To keep the room at optimal temperature, choose the fan with reversible blades. They can change directions using a remote control, wall control, or by using an easy-to-reach switch in the motor's housing.

During summertime, you can make use of your remote to adjust fans to run in the counterclockwise direction. This creates an airflow from the ceiling into the flooring, causing the wind chill effect.

To ensure that you are warm in winter, just adjust the blades to a clockwise motion using the remote control, then operate your ceiling fan at a slower speed. This will gently draw the cold air up to the ceiling. This airflow moves warm air close to the ceiling back.

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Ceiling Fan Benefits

If suffocating rooms, irregular heating, and cooling are giving you so much trouble, making use of a sophisticated ceiling fan lighting fixture could be the answer to your home design headaches. Though these light fixtures come in extensive designs and styles, ceiling fans are even more efficient than they are aesthetically attractive. For those who are affluent and prefer comfortable interior designs, ceiling fan lighting fixtures are essential.

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

  • Rather than constantly seeking air conditioning, which increases your electricity bill since it consumes more energy, ceiling fans consumes the least volume of electricity. Ceiling fans that have DC motors, as well as an Energy Star rating, can reduce the amount of energy used by nearly 60 percent.

Healthy Air Circulation

  • Ceiling fans circulate air inside the room to keep it fresh while keeping the room at a comfortable temperature. They can help keep a room at a moderate temperature in summer through the circulation of cool air. When it's winter reverse circulation pulls hot air downwards, giving a warmer and more comfortable temperature.

Cohesive Lighting

  • Ceiling fan lighting fixtures can illuminate a space and provide an atmosphere to it. Based on the style you select for your fan, you could put the lights in the lower part of it for the greatest illumination or put them above the fan to provide additional ambiance lighting.

Improve Aesthetics

  • With a variety of styles and designs, ceiling fans don't just serve a purpose but also enhance the look of a room. From modern, sleek designs to more traditional or elaborate designs, ceiling fans will blend seamlessly into your home and make it look more attractive.
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Best Ceiling Fan FAQs – Simply Light Fixtures

What is the right number of blades required for a ceiling fan?

Considering the effectiveness of a ceiling fan is a result of a variety of factors that are taken into account, the ideal amount of blades for a ceiling fan is mostly a matter of taste and aesthetics. Although in general, more blades move means more air, the kind of motor and how powerful the fan is, the pitch, shape, and weight of the blades are the biggest role.

The three-blade ceiling fan will produce more airflow than one with more blades. There are also highly efficient units with just one blade. However, certain models of windmill fans can have at least ten blades that can cool and heat your home efficiently.

Three fan blades are perfect for maximum performance of outdoor and indoor ceiling fans. But ceiling fans that have five or more blades will give adequate air circulation but have additional factors to take into consideration regarding the setup and the overall efficiency like noise, weight, and power draw.

What wattage is ideal for ceiling fan lights?

Ensure you have sufficient light in your space. In general, ceiling fans (from 36-56 inches) require 55 to 100 W bulbs. For example, the 48-inch model of a ceiling fan needs 75W bulbs.

How many lumens does a ceiling fan light require?

Find a bulb that has high output in lumens ( 800 and above) to ensure that the bulb is able to provide sufficient light to complete everyday tasks within the room. Anything lower than 800, for instance, an incandescent bulb of 60 watts is not enough to light the entire space.

Shall we use LED bulbs in ceiling fans?

Yes, LED bulbs are used in ceiling fans. It is a safer choice that offers long-lasting lighting and the best energy efficiency.

How to make the fan light illuminate brighter?

Be sure to look for bulbs with warmer shades (or) emitting higher levels of the lumen. To determine this, you need to look over the specifications to determine their kelvin level (color luminosity). A bulb that has a higher CRI will give you better visibility within your space.

Where to install ceiling fans?

The ideal place to hang a ceiling fan is at the center of your room. This ensures that air circulates evenly throughout the space instead of creating air pockets within a corner. The ceiling fans require additional support because they weigh more than normal light fixtures, in addition, their circular movements may cause strain upon the hanging device. Always use a ceiling fan frame to place the fan. Also, make sure the ceiling is sturdy enough to support the weight of the fan.

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Conclusively, a ceiling light is a perfect complement to the lighting fixtures you have. It provides a range of advantages without being expensive over the long term. With tons of options to choose from, you can purchase the best ceiling fan that meets your requirements without compromising the style or features.

Now that you know how to choose the best ceiling fan for your home, your next move is to plan it accordingly and get ready to shop.  


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