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Top 7 Stylish Wall Lights That You'll Love For Your Home

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What do you feel about your walls? You may have some inexpensive art that you have displayed on the walls but for an additional elegant look, an array of wall lights can be the perfect solution.

They're not only great to read, however, these sought-after furniture pieces can also add symmetry to your house and add an element to an otherwise empty canvas.

We've compiled the top 7 wall lights in every design and price range for you to browse. If you're looking to brighten up the space over your bar counter or brighten up the wall in front of your Smart TV, these gorgeous wall sconces are what you're looking for.

Edison Wall Socket Vintage Rope Wall Lamp

1. Edison Wall Socket Vintage Rope Wall Lamp

Unique design that is ideal for contemporary home interior designs. The interior design of the lamp is constructed of top-quality wrought iron. The lamp's body is antique artful, resistant to corrosion, and beautiful. Open geometric design and minimalist traditional style. Simple but not boring.

This wall light is stylish with a touch of great craftsmanship and isn't prone to rust or corrosion. Give your home a unique look with timeless and popular styles with this light fixture. Place it next to the lamp on the wall. A decorative industrial lift pulley wall decor is a great option to put over the wall light. It provides a warm light accompanied by a romantic relaxing feel.


Barbara 1-light Clear Glass Edison Wall Lamp


2. Barbara 1-light Clear Glass Edison Wall Lamp

Make your home more inviting with this single-light Edison wall light from Warehouse of Tiffanys. This wall sconce has two-tone bronze fixtures of both polished and matte metal, with a clear glass-fluted shade.

This awesome wall light is perfectly suited for foyers, hallways, and bathrooms. This stylish light fixture is undoubtedly stunning in singular or group in multiples. Additionally, the gentle light created from this type of wall lights does not put stress upon your eyes. Instead, it creates a relaxing ambiance that you'd like to relax in after a long day at work.

Edison wall light is made of steel and bronze finishes with a clear glass shade for an elegant look. Included wiring makes it easy for installation. It requires one 60-watt incandescent lamp (included) and has the option of a line switch. Dimensions are 12"H by 6"W 14" 14"L. Assembly is required and this fixture requires to be wired hard. Thus, a professional installation is highly recommended.

Modern LED Crystal Wall Lamps

3. Modern LED Crystal Wall Lamps

Do you want to give an elegant style to your home without spending a fortune? This modern LEDs crystal wall light is the ideal solution to your desires. With clear glass shades, the wall lights feature gorgeous gold finishes that emit a shimmering light that'll give you a feeling of utmost luxury.

The wall light is nicely decorated with crystal, and the structure ensures it is sturdy for the long haul. This stylish light fixture is also simple to install and works perfectly with a variety of styles. The perfect blend of simplicity and elegance.

Eren 1 Light Wall Sconce

4. Eren 1 Light Wall Sconce

As sparkling bubbles of air emerge from the deepest depths of the sea, this Eren modern hanging pendant provides lighting that is elegant and rich. The layered crystal globes provide soft and harmonious lighting to complement any home decor. In creating a sophisticated atmosphere, the beautiful pendant adds a touch of magic to show your elegant design.

Its stainless steel and crystal glass fixtures are an ideal combination. It's just a matter of taking pleasure in the comfort of your home after you have installed these wall lights in the space that you prefer.

Westinghouse Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce

5. Westinghouse Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce

This Westinghouse Iron Hill 1 Light Wall Fixture gives you a retro industrial design for your home. A bronze-colored oil-rubbed finish with highlights provides rustic charm to any decor. The fixture's appeal is enhanced by the metallic bronze finish that is applied to the interior of the shade's metal, giving an attractive glowing.

To add a touch of vintage for a more vintage-inspired look, choose a 60-watt Westinghouse classic vintage-inspired light bulb. A 1-light indoor wall light is great to provide general or task lighting. Install this fixture in your bathroom, on top of a vanity, or in pairs to create a focal point above your mantel. A bronze-colored oil rubbed finish with highlights gives an authentic look to this light fixture while the broad metal shade with a metallic bronze finish in the interior creates a reflective and 2-tone appearance.

Golden Lighting Duncan 1 Light Wall Sconce

6. Golden Lighting Duncan 1 Light Wall Sconce

Revolutionize your home by installing this vintage-style, classic fixture from Golden Lighting. Golden Lighting's Duncan 1 light wall sconce is modern with an industrial look. This gorgeous wall sconce offers classic, simple silhouettes that give a nod to the past.

It offers a wide range of plated and painted metal shade finishes so rest assured that you will not run out of options. It has an eye-catching accent that is used individually or as a pair. This one-light bathroom vanity UL approved to be used in bathrooms and also fits perfectly in a hallway or kitchen. This design is ideal for contemporary or modern interior design.

Westinghouse 3 Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce

7. Westinghouse 3 Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce

Make your bedroom, living rooms, hallway, or bathroom glow with the Westinghouse Trinity II Three-Light Wall Fixture. This wall scone comes with three lights that provide bright lighting suitable for medium to small spaces. With its bell-shaped, aged alabaster glass shades, three well-curved arms, and elegant oil-rubbed bronze finish, this wall light beautifully blends with a variety of décor.

The light fixture measures 8-1/2 inches high by 17-1/4-Inch wide and extends to 8-3/8-Inches off the walls. You can place it either way to meet your requirements. Bring a warm and inviting ambiance to your living space by installing this beautiful interior wall fixture that has three lights.

Modern Minimalist Wall Lamp

Modern Minimalist Wall Lamp


Wall Lights FAQs - Simply Light Fixtures

What are wall lights called?

The phrases wall lights, as well as wall sconces, are frequently used interchangeably and basically are the same thing, the lamp is placed on the wall. But when we look into the technical aspects of a wall light, the main reason it differs from a wall sconce is in its design. Its lighting source is typically protected, often by the glass.

Are LED lights good for walls?

The shapes vary in terms of thickness. The lighting effects they offer are soothing and smooth and instantly alter the atmosphere of any space. It's not necessary to drill holes in your wall since they're typically lightweight enough to be able to stand up with just double-sided adhesive tape.

How do you put lights on a wall in a room?

For mounting the wall-mounted light, utilize a ceiling light box and wire as you would with ceiling lights. Most sconces have an in-center stud to ensure that they can be leveled even when the box isn't in a level position. In general, it will take around three hours to run the cable or install a switch and install 2 wall-mounted sconces.

How can I add wall light to a room without wiring?

  • Consider changing your lampshades and light bulbs.

  • Another option is plug-in pendant lights.

  • Easy to install plug-in wall scones.

  • Look for wireless LED motion sensor lights.

Are wall lights better than ceiling lights?

Centrally located ceiling or pendant lights spread the light around an area equally, so they are more suitable for general purpose tasks while the ceiling or wall mounted lighting fixture can be directed toward you, giving the bright, focused light that is required or, if you prefer, towards a ceiling or wall to enhance the overall atmosphere of the room.

How do I choose a wall light?

When selecting the kind of position and the number of wall lights, take into account how much light that comes from other sources, like natural light. Then, consider determining how much light is for your wall sconces.

How many wall lights do I need in a room?

The amount of light required will depend on the specific room and what it's being used for. As a general guideline, one could say that a living room or bedroom should generally need approximately 10-20 lumens per square foot. A kitchen or bathroom will require more light which is 70-80 lumens per square foot.

Are wall lights a good idea?

Wall lights are an excellent addition since they aren't a burden on the space you need - there's no need for an extra console or side table to accommodate them, as an example. They can be an auxiliary table lamp or wall lighting. One can place a single one in a comfy corner or in a row across the length of the wall. They can also be used as a sidepiece to artwork

Are wall lights still fashionable?

Wall lights are getting more popular because they offer better lighting, look elegant, and most of all, wall lighting will make your home more attractive. A light fixture in the hallway will give an inviting light when you walk in and also act as an effective deterrent to burglars.

Vintage Industrial Wall Sconce

Vintage Industrial Wall Sconce

Indoor Wall Light Tips –Simply Light Fixtures

  1. Before beginning your research into wall lighting take into consideration the style of the room. If you're in a contemporary interior design, you'll want to choose metals, while traditional decors might need something more traditional, such as wood or lighter-colored metal.

  2. The areas of your home where there is a risk of humid conditions like bathrooms require lighting fixtures that are able to handle the moisture. Metals such as stainless steel can be commonly used in these kinds of fixtures.

  3. Examine the process of installation for the lighting fixture you purchase. It is possible to install the light fixture yourself, however in certain instances, an electrician may be required to assist with wiring.

  4. You shouldn't need to be concerned about your lighting fixture getting damaged since it's installed in a place that is clear from the path of foot traffic. You'll need to ensure that the light fixtures won't get tarnished over time.

  5. Make sure you have all the equipment and hardware to put in your light fixtures once you have them at home. Some of them include all the hardware and accessories that you will require, while others assume that you have all the necessary parts already.

  6. Consider the weight of the wall light you decide to install. This will determine the difficulty it will take to put it in place. It is also important to ensure that fittings for your walls can accommodate the load of the lighting fixture you select.

  7. Certain lighting fixtures can be used outdoors or indoors. This could help you increase your options when seeking a unique light fixture to decorate your home.


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