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15 Affordable Outdoor Decorative Lights Every Homeowner Needs

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First impression matters and Outdoor Decorative Lights can be the perfect addition for enhancing your home's exterior. Give your yard a little love and create a relaxing outdoor space with our selection of affordable outdoor decorative lights.

Outdoor lighting fixtures and decorative outdoor lights in general sets the atmosphere and can enhance the look of your home, while also giving you enough light to avoid accidents and protect your family. Outdoor wall lighting, flood lights, and affordable lighting for your outdoor space bring the brightness you need for your home.

To improve efficiency in the use of energy, fluorescent wall lamps, and LED lights are great options for your outdoor ceiling lights, chandeliers for outdoor lighting, and other elegant lights for outdoor use.

Here are our Top 15 affordable outdoor decorative lights every homeowner needs.



Waterproof Solar Phalaenopsis Lamp Outdoor Decorative Lights

1. Waterproof Solar Phalaenopsis Lamp Outdoor Decorative Lights

This solar-powered flower's outdoor decorative lights are made of premium PVC materials and they are real-looking Phalaenopsis Lights. Purple-colored and unique outdoor lighting appears so real.

IP65 Waterproof and Durable: They can stand up to all types of weather all year round. Beautifully designed solar flower lights made of high-end materials which are lightweight and long-lasting. They are waterproof from the rain outside.

Solar Automatic Work: Solar outdoor lighting automatically turns on when it is dark, illuminating your yard and walkway. They look lovely and are of high quality. It is easy to install them without any wires.



LED Solar Rape Flowers Outdoor Decorative Lights

2. LED Solar Rape Flowers Outdoor Decorative Lights

Lovely Flower Lighting: Even in darkness, the golden outdoor lighting makes your garden a romantic place. Artificial flowers appear like real ones in a single glance which add a colorful decoration to your garden.

Solar-powered: After being charged for about 4-6 hours, it can run for between 8 and 10 hours. You do not have to manually charge it every day.

Waterproof Design: The solar flower lights are outdoor decorative lights designed using the best IP65 waterproof fabrics ABS plastic, ABS, and stainless steel rods which can withstand adverse weather.

Easy Installation: Led Solar outdoor lighting requires no cables or electrical power from outside. Simply insert the stake into the ground, and make sure it gets good sunlight exposure.

Application: Perfect for gardens, patios, lawns, walkways, courtyards, and parks



Outdoor Waterproof Hanging Solar Lights

3. Outdoor Waterproof Hanging Solar Lights

The integrated solar panel charged the rechargeable battery every day by absorbing sunlight. Make sure it is situated in the sun's maximum light at all times of daylight. The time this outdoor lighting takes to run the wind chime is contingent on the amount received.

Main Functionality

  • Solar-powered and hanging light

  • Long working hours and can provide lighting for up to 8-10 hours

  • Color changes



Solar Sunflower Ground Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Lights

4. Solar Sunflower Ground Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Lights

These Solar Sunflower Outdoor Decorative Lights are constructed of top-quality materials, robust, and resistant to corrosion. The stylish sunflower design could brighten your garden and provides a warm atmosphere. Get the most efficient energy consumption and long-lasting service time.

Application: This outdoor lighting is perfect for balconies, gardens, and courtyards. They can be used for lawns, patios, and more to create a sweet romantic ambiance.



Outdoor Solar Powered Rose Lights

5. Outdoor Solar Powered Rose Lights

These Outdoor Solar Powered LED Rose Lights include a built-in solar panel that is automatically recharged throughout the day and is automatically turned on when it gets dark. Beautiful style decorations made of adjustable material. Leaves and flowers are adjustable to your desired position.

Durable and waterproof, they can endure harsh weather conditions at any time throughout the year. This outdoor lighting is easy to put up wherever you want to put them.


  • Lighting Type: LED Light Bulbs

  • Batteries Included: Yes

  • UL Listed: No

  • Lighting and Light bulb Cord Length: NA

  • Dimensions: 3.0 inches (H) x 5.0 inches (W) x 5.0 inches (L)



Hanging Solar Lights Wrought Iron Hollow Outdoor LED Light

6. Hanging Solar Lights Wrought Iron Hollow Outdoor LED Light

Decorate your home's exterior by putting one or more of these stunning Hanging Wrought Iron Hollow Outdoor LED Lights. When the lamp is lit in darkness the beam of soft light falls onto the floor or ground and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Solar-powered: These energy-saving outdoor lighting fixtures are used to recharge the battery built into the solar cells that they use during the day. There’s no requirement for power connections. Therefore, they're not a burden on operating expenses, are eco-friendly, and are a breeze to operate.

Waterproof and Durable: Sophisticated style solar lanterns that are durable and can withstand almost any weather condition, thanks to the waterproof base (rated IP44) and the overall quality of the materials and workmanship. The strong case made of metal ensures the solar lantern outdoor lighting is immune to any damage.


Solar Crack Bottle 20 Light Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Lights

7. Solar Crack Bottle 20 Light Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Lights

The glass lights with cracks are powered by green solar power. Switch it to "ON" and, hang it outside in the sunlight, then it will recharge itself at daylight and turn itself on at dusk. This outdoor lighting is easy to set up and is a great decoration for your backyard garden fence, balcony, patio, driveway, and Christmas tree. It's also a wonderful present for those you love.

Waterproof (IP65): The rubber ring completely covers the switch. It improves the sealing capabilities of the switch, preventing the rain from getting inside the glass ball. This makes the lamp safe for use during rainy nights as well as on little snow days.


  • Solar-powered LED hanging ball light

  • Powered by a built-in 600mAh battery and recharged by sunlight

  • Easy installation, no wiring required

  • Built-in light sensor automatically lights up from dusk till dawn

  • IP65 waterproof, safe for outdoor use

  • Easy to hang on trees, balconies, or other places


Solar Firework Lights LED Multicolor Solar Decorative Lights

8. Solar Firework Lights LED Multicolor Solar Decorative Lights

The 150-LED solar Firework Lights feature copper wire with three LED beads. There are 50 light lines per stake. The total length of the firework sparkler has been increased to 120cm (adjustable). The intense and bright colors show stunning shades at night, and let loose the beauty of nature.

8 Modes of Fairy Lights: 8 lighting modes Upgrade from two modes to eight flashing modes (Combination Waves Sequential, Gradual, slow fade, Chasing, Twirl, Steady on). These outdoor decorative lights are the perfect landscaping decor option for your family and friends.

Solar-powered and Waterproof: Made of robust copper wires Waterproof string lights with IP65, ideal for use in outdoor gardens and are not easily damaged or overheated after several hours. Standard sunshine charges up to 6-8 hours during the day, operating 8-10 hours at night when fully charged.

Application: You can make your own favorite designs based on your mood, for example, fireworks, flowers, trees and hearts and spirals, spheres, and more. This outdoor lighting is ideal for decorating your yard, backyard, deck, sidewalks, footpaths, flowers fence, roofs, lawns, patio, birthdays, weddings, celebrations, and other outdoor-indoor decorations.


Solar Outdoor Decorative Lights Dandelion Garden Lights

9. Solar Outdoor Decorative Lights Dandelion Garden Lights

This solar outdoor lighting is made from monocrystalline silicon. The solar panel has the best photoelectric conversion efficiency of all types of solar cells. The built-in 600mAh Ni-MH AA battery can provide energy for up to 10 hours.

IP65 Waterproof: Made from high-quality ABS plastic, and sturdy stainless steel (the stake), they can function even in the worst weather conditions like rain, wind, and frost. Make sure they are placed where they are exposed to enough light.

Multiple Usage: These auto-working solar garden lights are eco-friendly and a great option for your decoration. These beautiful outdoor decorative lights can be used for various events, celebrations, or family reunions, bringing an extra sense of joy and a wonderful atmosphere. Also, it's a wonderful idea to make a gift with your family and your friends.


Solar Windmill Light 8-Mode Garden Decoration

10. Solar Windmill Light 8-Mode Garden Decoration

These solar windmills create romantic atmospheres for any occasion regardless of whether it's for the occasion of a party or as a finishing finish to your outdoor space. They also make a wonderful present for your loved ones.

Waterproof (IP65): Solar outdoor lighting with colorful windmill light sources is made of waterproof fabrics that can withstand any adverse weather.

Easy Installation: You can install them with no tools, it is quick and easy. Simply insert the solar yard pinwheel light into the soil or the ground where you would like to create a beautiful, well-lit yard ornament.


  • Material: Plastic and stainless steel

  • Color: Multicolor

  • Power Supply: Solar Powered

  • Size & Height: 75 cm/29.53 Inch

  • Diameter: 23 cm/9.06 Inch

  • LED Quantity: 2 Pieces solar windmill lights with 32 LEDs


Solar Swaying Lamp Outdoor Decorative Lights

11. Solar Swaying Lamp Outdoor Decorative Lights

These unique solar outdoor decorative lights are backed by gentle and flexible wires which means that when the winds blow the lights move like fireflies that glow making a romantic setting and a positive mood.

These solar outdoor lighting gradually change to 7 different colors to enhance the atmosphere of any event whether it's a celebration event or even a garden décor is an ideal option for you.

They're resistant to storms and rain due to the IP65 waterproof rating. This makes them the ideal choice for decorative purposes for lawns, gardens, patios, porches, and much more. The LED beads chosen to use are high-quality to provide brighter light and a longer time of life.


  • Number of LEDs: 6

  • Waterproof grade: IP65

  • Material: ABS plastic + Stainless steel

  • Light color: 7-color gradient

  • Product color: Black

  • Charging time: 4-6 hours

  • Working hours: 8-15 hours


Solar Watering Can Light Hanging Kettle Lantern Light

12. Solar Watering Can Light Hanging Kettle Lantern Light

The solar kettle lights act as decorative lamp that makes use of solar energy to generate power and is comprised of an iron shepherd hook and a flat iron kettle. The most recent lightning raindrops that flash the solar light uses high-efficiency solar panels which can transform sunlight into electric power, and save it to the battery built-in so that the LED light can shine.

These outdoor lighting come with the benefits of easy installation, no wiring required, and they are water-proof and energy efficient. They are ideal for installation on roads, courtyards, windows, stages, shops, and many other locations to create romantic and warm living spaces.


  • Solar panel: 2V 100mA

  • Rechargeable battery: 1.2V 600mAh AA NiMH battery

  • Number of LEDs: 1 high-brightness warm white LED light + 25 LED light strings

  • Appearance: iron hollow kettle + iron shepherd hook

  • Material: Plastic

  • Working hours: 8-10 hours

  • Waterproof grade: IP65


Meerkat Solar Lawn Light Mongoose LED Lamps

13. Meerkat Solar Lawn Light Mongoose LED Lamps

These Solar Mongoose LED Waterproof Solar Lamps are made with care. The statues of mongooses are constructed out of top-quality resin. The inside lighting is lit up at night, and it’s a beautiful decoration throughout the daytime. The garden's decor or lawn, terrace, or patio will appear more vibrant when you add these outdoor decorative lights.

Solar powered: Solar panels capture sunlight during the daytime to recharge the batteries (included). Automatically switches off at dusk, and then turns on at night providing up to 6 hours of light.

Weatherproof: Solar lights are constructed of top-quality heavy-duty material. IP44 solar panels that are waterproof can be used outdoors. No more worries about snow, rain, frost, or even sleet. They can be used all year round.


  • Material: Resin PP

  • LED: High-brightness LED

  • Size: 42.5Ă—13Ă—7cm/16.7Ă—5.1Ă—2.7in

  • Solar Panel: Polysilicon 2V 60ma

  • Battery: AAA Ni-Mh Battery 1.2v 600mah

  • Working Time: 6-10 Hours

  • Switch: Manual Light Sensor


Solar Garden Lights Mushroom Shape Outdoor Decorative Lights

14. Solar Garden Lights Mushroom Shape Outdoor Decorative Lights

These solar outdoor decorative lights look realistic during daylight. With six LEDs, they emit soft light in the evening creating a warm ambiance and a touch of elegance to your patio, garden, and walkway. The solar-powered lights are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor use in any environment.

It can continuously work for between 8 and 12 hours after it has been totally charged for 4-8 hours during daylight.


  • Material: ABS

  • Light Source: LED

  • Style: Red + Yellow + Green (6 Heads)

  • Working Time: 8-12h

  • Battery: 600mAh NiMH Batteries

  • Waterproof grade: IP65

  • Length: 3m (3 heads)/4.5m (6 heads)

  • Mushroom Size: 7 x 10 x 8.8cm/2.8 x 3.9 x 3.5in (L x W x H)


Solar Light Led Lantern Hanging Outdoor Fairy Lights

15. Solar Light Led Lantern Hanging Outdoor Fairy Lights

These decorative garden hanging globe solar lights that feature butterflies were constructed of top quality materials, long-lasting and durable. They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

The butterfly motif makes it look more appealing in spring's garden. There are a variety of butterflies that create the lamp, creating an organic and romantic feel. The stunning butterflies are made from high-quality materials that will not alter or fade easily.

Its lightweight design makes it simple to hang. It is ideal for use in gardens or walkways, among other areas. It also provides lighting and simultaneously makes your garden look more attractive.



Final Thoughts on Outdoor Lighting

While an outdoor space can be easily created simply by hanging one or two patio lights, you could want more. If that's the case you're looking for some attractive lighting options you can incorporate into your outdoor spaces to match the lighting fixtures.

To see a lovely collection of outdoor lighting fixtures, visit Simply Light Fixtures online store and see more affordable outdoor lights.

Our selection of outdoor lighting includes everything you'd need to brighten your backyard, patio, or balcony. This includes LED garden lighting, fairy lights, affordable decorative outdoor lights, outdoor string lights, and lighting for your outdoor walls. Our outdoor lighting collection offers a wide range of practical and very affordable outdoor lighting.

Whatever the size of your outdoor space, there are plenty of ways to come up with your own ideas by using our wide selection of garden lighting. For large areas look into our garden path lights and garden fencing lights. If you're looking for a smaller area, our LED fairy lights and outdoor decorative lights are sure to provide a warm and glowing effect.

Outdoor solar lights are also an excellent choice for hassle-free lighting in any garden and require no power supply.


Explore our outdoor lights selection now and design an inviting, warm outdoor space.


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