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How To Choose The Right Modern Chandelier For Your Home

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Nothing makes an impact like a modern chandelier. The bright light fixtures, the drama, and the romantic glow make a chandelier the most stunning features you can have at home.

It's the glitziest thing and sets the mood of the room and is often an interesting conversation piece for your guests. If you're searching for a lighting fixture to set the mood in your dining area, brighten your foyer, or even add a touch of character to a room within your home, chandelier light fixtures are the best choice for creating an impression.

Apart from aesthetics and materials, there is a myriad of other elements to think about when choosing the right modern chandelier lights, including the size and light output, options for dimming, the kind of light supply, and many more. To make it easier to narrow down your possibilities, here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions related to purchasing chandeliers.

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Modern Chandelier Lights FAQs – Simply Light Fixtures

If I'm trying to find an edgy or stylish look, what lighting fixture trends should I focus on?

If you want a contemporary appearance and style, consider polished nickel or chrome finishes. Bronze finishes are most often used in transitional light fixtures which blend design elements of both contemporary and traditional styles. Modern chandelier designs tend to be more satin nickel and chrome. You should also look for simple lines with a minimum amount of ornamentation. Be aware that the chandelier design and materials must be in harmony with the different finishes that you've got in your space.

The beautiful ceiling lights and the thoughtfully placed lamps can turn a space into a warm and cozy space where you can relax. Ceiling lights can create the space's focal point, and metallic accents reflect and bounce light across the room, creating a stunning effect. Pick bold designs with forms that are sculptural, fascinating colors, or textures to create a statement of style even when the lights are turned off.

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What are the things to consider when searching for my perfect chandelier lights?

Apart from the design, the three most important elements to consider when selecting the right chandelier are size, height installation, and chandelier brightness.

1.      Chandelier Size Does Matter

Chandeliers are available in a variety of sizes, from huge sparkling centerpieces to tiny pendant chandeliers, there are many options to pick from. When determining the size of a chandelier to fit the particular space in your home, employ this simple formula: determine the size of your area in feet. Add these two numbers and then change "feet" into "inches." For instance, an area that measures 12 X 12 will require the chandelier to be around 24 inches wide.

2.      Height Installation

In a dining room, a chandelier light should be around 30 inches over the table's surface so that those seated around it will see each other. In the event that you've got a tall ceiling (9 feet or more), add 3 inches per foot of the ceiling height. For other areas, it is important to take into consideration the lines of sight and clearance when setting up chandeliers. In the end, the light fixture will be more unattractive when you constantly hit your head against them or if it blocks your view.

3.      Brightness of Chandeliers

When you pick your modern chandelier, remember that these light fixtures are intended to provide only soft, warm lighting. Also, you'll likely require additional lighting sources to effectively provide light to the room. If you decide to go with extravagant chandeliers or intricate designs, the light fixture you choose will have to be basic - like small table lamps. Keep in mind that just as with too much color or too many clashing patterns lighting can be unattractive and distracting.

The ideal amount of lumens needed for ambient lights in the dining room or any room; is determined by the room's size. For every 100 sq feet of space, the dining room requires about 300-400 total lumens. Therefore, it is advisable to think about the output of lumens of chandeliers as part of the selection process. To ensure the proper lighting layers the chandelier might not be the only source of light in the space but it could be the main source.

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Can I put chandelier lights in any space other than the dining area?

The glitz and glamor of chandeliers can completely transform the look of a room, so why leave the excitement for the traditional dining space? In the living area, kitchen, and even the bathroom. There's a spot to hang chandeliers in every space in your home.

Chandeliers are often installed in kitchens, bedrooms, foyers and formal entryways, living spaces as well as bathrooms and powder rooms. The decision of where to put chandeliers is contingent on the dimensions of the space, ceiling height, the size of the chandeliers as well as the décor. And yes, they can be placed anywhere!

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Is my chandelier bright enough to illuminate the entire space? What amount of light do I really require for my lighting fixture?

Chandeliers are ornamental fixtures designed to add an atmosphere and style. So, don't think your chandeliers to function as the main light source in your home. This is among the biggest errors you could make when using chandeliers. A single light fixture placed in the middle of a room, and expecting it to completely illuminate the space can result in poor lighting.

Chandeliers are best used as an additional light source and are even more effective when integrated with a multi-layered lighting scheme. In particular, adding cove lighting, wall sconces, or recessed cans into rooms are fantastic ways to add a touch of elegance to the room; and emphasize artwork, walls, as well as countertops, and cabinets.

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Are there modern chandeliers made of the latest technology such as LED?

Definitely yes. Modern lighting manufacturers and designers are releasing amazing innovative lighting fixtures that are LED every single day. The technology of LED lighting has advanced enough that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between an LED fixture and conventional incandescent ones.

Additionally, certain lighting designers are now using LEDs for their designs, simply because they offer truly unique design possibilities! LEDs are small enough that designers do not have to worry about hiding the source of light. This gives designers an abundance of freedom to play with shape as well as function and materials.

Alongside design versatility, additional benefits of LED lighting include improved effectiveness and reliability. This can translate into substantial savings in energy and costs. LEDs operate five times more efficiently than halogen bulbs, last longer than other lighting sources, and consume 1/5 of the energy.

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Are there other aspects I should take into consideration when choosing the right modern chandelier for my home?

Contemporary chandeliers, modern chandeliers, as well as transitional styles, are a growing number of fixtures to choose from. When selecting the perfect lighting fixture for your dining room or living area take into consideration the size and light output, the type of lighting source, dimming capabilities, and much more, along with the design and the materials.

Sometimes, it's better to experiment with something different than settling for a "safe" style. Be sure to choose a light fixture that you absolutely love and can keep for many decades.

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Instead of relying solely on one source of illumination, 2022 is focused on bringing back the appeal of layered lighting. It will see the return of using multiple fixtures within rooms. Although it sounds like many lights it's an ideal layout for large rooms like dining rooms and living rooms, where lamps and overhead lighting play an important role in various circumstances.

This 2022, we'll see living and dining room ceiling lighting designs becoming the focal point of rooms instead of being only functional. There will be exquisite and fancy light fittings coming through for every style. Lighting will become a focal stage for design instead of being put off until last.

So, do not be scared to be bold with your ceiling lighting.

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