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How much are pendant lights, and how to choose one?

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Light fixtures truly make our homes pop out; they efficiently light up specific areas in our homes and provide a level of sophistication and elegance that appeals to everyone. And one of these is the pendant lights.

Pendant lights are one of the most popular lighting fixtures available. Because of their clean, sleek, and unique finish, pendant lights are great to put in your kitchen island, dining room, bathrooms, and bedroom.

Pendant lights can range anywhere between $50 on the low-end, and up to $500 for the high-end ones. A lot of factors contribute to price of pendant lights such as their size, style, shape, and many others.

In this article, we will tackle what pendant lights are, the different types of pendant lights there are, how to choose the right ones for your home, and where to buy high-quality pendant lights online.

Let's get right into it.

What is pendant lighting?

Pendant lights, otherwise known as suspenders, are lone lighting fixtures hanging off a wall and generally supported by cords, chains, or metal rods. Pendant lights got their inspiration from the pendant from a necklace, hence the name pendant lights.

Not only do pendant lights make your house look luxurious and elegant, but they are also incredibly versatile as you can put them practically anywhere. Pendant lighting is typically installed in multiples, on kitchen surfaces hung with straight lines, or sometimes inside bathrooms.

Adding to this, pendant lights can even be used as the primary light source in a specific area, whether it may be for your home or business office space.

Pendants offer an enormous range of styles and materials, from metal to glass, concrete, and plastic. Most modern pendant models have low voltage energy-saving models and use halogens if needed.

Pendant lights can also be seen as a simplified version of a chandelier, and they can be far more affordable as well. Pendant lights can mean all the difference for an area's beauty and sophistication, so be sure to choose the right pendant light fixture for your home.

Here are the different types of pendant lights.

Types of Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the same, with their basic principle being a light bulb suspended from a cord from the ceiling, but other than that, pendant lights differ in their styles, sizes, shape, and colors.

Here are some of the different types of pendant lights.

Multi light pendant lights

Multi light pendant lights mean precisely what their name says. Multi-light pendants have multiple light sources to produce a much brighter ambient lighting for a much larger area. Multi light pendants can come in two varieties; the first has several arms extending from the core fixture, while the other has multiple separate suspended light bulbs from the fixture.


4-Light Pendant Lights

An example is the 4-Light Pendant lights available on SimplyLightFixtures; they feature a matte white finish and are currently available on their website for just $188.00.

Glass pendant lights

Glass pendant lights are among the most commonly known and used by most people. Glass pendant lights can vary a lot in shape but are similar in the sense that they are made with glass materials.


Laarni 1-light Adjustable Cord Glass Edison Pendant Lights

The clear glass design on glass pendant lights allows them to light up an area wholly and efficiently, such as the Laarni 1-light fixture, a uniquely designed glass pendant light that features stunning glass shades and an adjustable wire, and an included 60-watt Edison bulb for just $254.36.

Mini pendants

Mini pendants are a smaller version of the traditional pendant lights that hang from your ceilings. They emit a comparable less bright light and don't take up as much big of a space. You can purchase mini pendants and are great if you hang them side by side to provide adequate lighting in your kitchen island, desk, or sink.


Nordic Modern Led Chandelier Pendant Lights

These lights set the mood and greet your guests with a warm welcome, such as the Nordic Modern Led Chandelier, a cord type of pendant that is dimmable; this iron and aluminum material mini pendant is excellent to put in your bedroom or your kitchen island.

Drum pendant lights

Drum shade pendant lights are designed with the cylindrical drum shapes. Drum pendant lights are a great choice to provide ambient lighting over a more extensive area. These types of pendant lights can be made with varying materials such as glass, crystal, and fabric. However, they serve the same purpose of offering soft and natural lighting over your dining room.


4 Light Incandescent Pendant Light

An example is the 4 Light Incandescent Pendant made with metal materials and an aged brass finish; this elegant-looking pendant light has an allocated space for four 240-watt LED bulbs in the fixture to provide adequate lighting for your home.

Globe pendant lights

A globe pendant light is shaped exactly like the classic spherical shape. They are one of the most beloved types of pendant light as they have a shade that encompasses the light bulb, which means they can distribute warm, ambient lighting in every direction.


Groovy Rattan String Shade Large Pendant Light

One of these is the Groovy Rattan String Shade Large Pendant Light, perfect for providing a warm, cozy feeling for your guests in your living room. It features cream-colored rattan strings, and a fully encompassing a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

This elegant and sophisticated-looking pendant light is available on the SimplyLightFixures website for just $191.32.

Bowl & Inverted Pendants

Bowl and an inverted pendant light get their inspiration from the shape of bowls to provide either an upward or downward lighting. When the bowl points upwards, it is referred to as the inverted pendant; this pendant light is used for ambient lighting.

On the other hand, the bowl pendant light is pointing downwards then. It is typically used for focused task lighting.


Hollie Adjustable Cord Edison Lamp Pendant Lights

An example of a downward pointing pendant light is the Hollie Adjustable Cord 5-light Edison Lamp; this modern pendant light is made with a dash of contemporary flair and an antique black finish.

It has multi-directional lighting which minimizes contrasts and produces a high brightness, perfect for your dining room.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pendant Lights

As you have probably seen, the possibilities of pendant lighting are huge. Choosing the right pendant light for your home can be quite a hassle with everything to keep in mind.

So before installing a pendant light, be sure to consider these critical factors listed in this buying guide.


To quickly narrow down on what pendant light you want, it's best to set a budget where you are comfortable buying a pendant light in. The price range is dependent on the type of fixture, the size, and the brand that manufactures the light fixture.

So before anything, set a budget.


A pendant light can make or break an area of your home. It may make your house look elegant and sophisticated, or it can completely ruin your room space.

You wouldn't want to put a gigantic pendant light on your kitchen island, now would you? Nor would you like to bump your head on your pendant light while sitting on your sofa cushion.

So focus on where you plan to put your pendant light before shopping for one.


Choosing the perfect pendant light size is also a vital factor you have to keep in mind. If you put a large pendant light in a relatively small area, it would look too annoying for your guests.

Putting too small of a pendant light would also leave your room looking empty and lacking.

Before buying a pendant light, be sure to measure the exact dimensions of your room.


The style of your pendant lighting fixture should also complement your room. After all, pendant lights are not just for lighting but also aesthetics. Specify what style your room is, whether it is modern, industrial, or old-fashioned.

To help you narrow down the plethora of pendant styles, determine what color flows easily with the room, the overall design, and the finishing that complements the room.

Where can I get kitchen island pendant lighting?

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Then look further than Simply Light Fixtures. Simply Light Fixtures is a fantastic website to purchase pendant lightings in; their product is high-quality, and their low price and ongoing sales make it the best place to shop for pendant lights.

Not only do they have pendant lights, but they also have a plethora of lighting fixtures available on their website. Such chandeliers, recessed lights, track lights, lamps, and many more, making them a one-stop-shop for all light fixture-related products.

So be sure to visit Simply Light Fixtures when purchasing your pendant lights.

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