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What are the different types of light bulbs?

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When you think about light bulbs, you generally think of the one currently in your home. You might also think that light bulbs sold on the market are all the same, but this is not true.

There are five different light bulbs that are currently sold on the market, and all of them have different types of light that they emit, their brightness output, and many more.

In this article, we will tackle the different types of light bulbs, their differences, what the best kind of light bulb there is, and where to purchase high-quality light bulbs.

Let's get right into it.

What are light bulbs?

You probably have several light bulbs currently installed in your home. Light bulbs have been powering homes, companies, factories, and other establishments since they were invented on October 14, 1878, by famous scientist Thomas Edison.

The invention of light bulbs has allowed humans to shift from traditional lamps to bright lights that can illuminate an entire room.

Contrary to back then, light bulbs are now a necessity, with businesses accounting for up to 50% of their expenses on electric consumption. And on the bigger picture, lighting accounts for up to 15% of the total world energy consumption.

Types of Light bulbs: A Simple List

With our ever-growing development of science and technology, light bulbs today are far more efficient and safer to use than those used in the past. Despite all these improvements, there is still more room to grow, and that's why scientists and engineers are still looking to find ways to make light bulbs even better.

Until that day comes, here are the different types of light bulbs and how they are currently used in our society:

Incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs, otherwise known as incandescent lamps, are the most commonly used type of light bulb in the world. Its design is straightforward and has minimal complex components inside it.

Inside traditional incandescent bulbs is a tungsten filament that lights up when a current passes through it. A downside to this very simple design is that they aren't meant to last long. Most incandescent light bulbs last for about 700 hours until the filament emits less and less light energy. In general, most incandescent bulbs last for about a year.

Adding to this, they are also not very energy efficient; the amount of energy required by a standard incandescent light bulb can be huge over the long run because they only convert 10% of the power to light, which means 90% of the energy they receive gets turned to heat.

Despite this, many people still use this type of light bulb as it is cheap, readily available, has tons of varieties, and is dimmable via a dimmer switch.

Halogen light bulbs

Also known as halogen bulbs, this improved version of the incandescent bulbs is made with the tungsten filament covered with a transparent envelope. Contrary to incandescent bulbs, which use nitrogen gas to surround the filament, halogen light bulbs use a combination of inert gas and halogen gas to extend the lifespan of the filament and also to produce a much brighter light that uses less energy.

Even though halogen bulbs are relatively smaller than incandescent bulbs, they produce much brighter light than incandescent bulbs, making them great for under cabinet lighting, outdoor and indoor floodlights, car headlights, and projectors.

Light-emitting diode light bulb

Perhaps the best type of light bulb on the market right now is the light-emitting diodes or LED.

These newer light bulbs are made with efficiency and safety in mind because they don't contain mercury like another type of light bulb to be discussed in this article. They produce light that is far brighter because it does not convert their received energy to heat, using less than 80% required by incandescent bulbs.

LED light bulbs contain multiple diodes, which allow the bulb to produce the maximum required amount of light. Because of this feature, LED bulbs can come in a variety of colors. Lastly, LED bulbs can last up to five to 20 years because of their complex design and efficiency.

LED lights are great to put in your garage, outdoor lighting, and under-cabinet fixtures.

Compact fluorescent light bulb

A compact fluorescent lamp or CFL light bulb is known to have its iconic spiral design. These energy-efficient bulbs can emit a wide range of colors, they are less expensive than LED, but as mentioned before, these are made with mercury vapor bulbs.

Mercury is known to cause serious health issues such as impaired vision and hearing, emotional instability, and insomnia and can even affect your central nervous system.

Despite these drawbacks, fluorescent bulbs are great to put in your bathroom, kitchen, a large area that needs lighting, and places where lights are required overnight.

Fluorescent light bulbs

You can easily spot fluorescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes as they are long and very bright. These are made with a tube with inert gas and mercury inside, and once electric current passes through the cathodes, the elements inside react together and thus producing light.

Although fluorescent lamps are energy efficient and last longer, they can be pretty harmful to humans and the environment as disposing of them is quite an issue because of the mercury filling.

Tell me the best energy-saving light bulb?

LED bulbs have been positioned among the most efficient type of light globally. A typical incandescent bulb lasts only about 1,000 - 2000 hours in its lifetime. CFLs average approximately 10,000 hours, while LEDs have been known to last for at least five years up to 20 years if properly taken care of, saving you both money and energy.

Since LED's are the most recent and advanced type of light bulb, they offer you the highest levels of energy efficiency, super-bright light output, and a vast majority of choices for different colored lights.

Adding to this, LEDs are also known to withstand cold weather and produce no heat or radiation every time they are turned on.

Where to purchase high-quality light bulbs?

Since you now know the different types of light bulbs and what type of light bulb is the best among them all, you might be thinking to yourself, "where can I purchase high-quality LED light bulbs for my house?"

Well, we just got the best answer for you. Simply Light Fixtures is a fantastic online website where you can order super high-quality prices at reasonably low prices!

LED smart bulbs

On their website, you can save up to $129.44 on their 12-pack 60-watt FEIT Electric LED Smart Bulb that can change colors.

Not only that but the light emitted by this 2.35 in. diameter light bulb can reach up to 800 lumens and can last up to 25000 hours.

Lastly, this dimmable color-changing LED smart bulb can be controlled via voice commands or Bluetooth-connected applications like the Apple Home app.

LED Edison light bulbs

Their FEIT Electric LED Bulb Amber has an amber-glass vintage finish and features a no-mercury light bulb. It lights up instantly and can light up commercial or residential areas with over 30 lumens.

For just the low price of $139.50 for a case pack of 12, you can have this awesome LED edison light bulb that can last for 15000 hours and is excellent for indoor and outdoor environments.

LED standard light bulb

One of the standard LED light bulbs currently available on their website is the Westinghouse LED Bulb, currently on sale for packs of 24 for just $133.02. The Westinghouse Omnidirectional is a dimmable light bulb that only requires 6 watts of energy but still is capable of producing a brightness of 480 lumens.

It can last up to 25000 hours and is great for residential areas for both indoor and outdoor environments.

LED Floodlights

Their mercury-free and low heat-producing FEIT Electric LED Bulb use only 7 watts of energy to produce the same type of brightness a 50-watt incandescent light bulb has. It can last for up to 10 years and is excellent for commercial and residential floodlights.

The 500 lumen- LED floodlight is available in cases of 6 packs for just $127.08.

LED light strips

Moving away from the purely functional LED lights, they also have LED light strips available on their website. Their RGB LED Strip Lights are available on five and 10-meter lengths that are water protected.

It has 16 multicolored options, dimmer and brightness controls, and is excellent for festive decorations in your gardens, bedroom halls, and ceiling, and can even be wrapped around your trees.

LED tubes

Last on their vast array of LED bulbs listed on their website are the LED tubes such as the Westinghouse T8 G13 LED Bulb; this 18-watt 22.84 in. long bulb can emit a brightness of 2,200 lumens.

You can save up to $107.89 on their 12-pack LED tubes that can last for five or more years.


Light bulbs are indeed one of the best inventions ever made by humanity. These small, compact bulbs quickly light up the world efficiently and safely. And with the ever-growing improvement of science and technology, LED bulbs are the best way to light up your homes.

So if you're looking for high-quality LED bulbs, be sure to check out Simply Light Fixtures!

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