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Contemporary and modern gold chandeliers

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A chandelier is one of the best accessories for displaying your home's beauty. Stunning decorative chandeliers are hung on the walls in the bedroom and dining rooms to represent luxury, beauty, and domestic elegance.

These lamps suspended from the ceiling provide adequate lighting to your living or dining room and act as excellent home decor.

Chandeliers have overcome the test of time; from the Byzantine period until now, chandeliers are still used in most households. Replacing the hot oil lamps of the past are modern chandeliers and even contemporary gold chandeliers.

In this article, we will tackle everything there is to know about contemporary gold chandeliers.

Let's get right into it.

Where to purchase contemporary and modern gold chandeliers

If you are looking for high-quality contemporary chandeliers for a reasonable price, then Simply Light Fixtures is an excellent place to shop for one.

Simply Light Fixtures is a great place to shop for elegant chandeliers as they have a variety of  high-quality light fixtures and they also offer free shipping for orders that are $49 above. 

This family-owned business prides itself on unique and high-level designs that have garnered recognition in the light fixture industry with appearances on House and Home, House and Garden, Architectural Digest, and HGTV.

Along with many other lighting types of equipment, they also have tons of chandeliers of different styles, and here are some of them:

Sputnik Firework Chandelier

Sputnik Firework Chandelier Lighting Fixture

The Sputnik Firework Chandelier is a stunningly beautiful light fixture that you can place in your living, bedroom, or dining room.

This modern Semi-flush Mount-type chandelier is made with high-quality aluminum for its body, has a polished finish, and uses the far economical LED bulbs that bring out your home's beauty.

The Sputnik Firework Chandelier is currently on sale at the Simply Light Fixtures website and only costs $339.98 from the previous price of $424.98, so be sure to check this chandelier out!

Vinyard Crystal Pendant

Vinyard Crystal Pendant Light

Going up the price ladder, we have the Vinyard Crystal Pendant, a grape-inspired design made with genuine glass crystals, and a vintage-style Edison bulb.

This mini chandelier is an elegant-looking light fixture that you can put in your living room, kitchen, or even your room.

Crystal Pendant Lights

Crystal Pendant Lights

One of their best-reviewed modern chandeliers is the Crystal Pendant Lights, which was created with a modern Nordic design; this stainless steel led chandelier has a polished chrome finish, a shade color of crystal, and a flush mount installation type.

The Crystal Pendant Lights are great to put in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and study room.

Modern Metal Sputnik Chandelier

Modern Metal Sputnik Chandelier Lamp Ceiling Fixture

This super cool-looking modern-style Sputnik Chandelier Lamp has a tree-branch-like design available in colors gold and black.

This linear-shape, aluminum-body chandelier features a Semi-flush Mount, a polished finish, and a glass shade material.

Adding to this, the Modern Metal Sputnik Chandelier uses modern LED bulbs, which will keep your electricity costs down, and for the low price of just $299.98, you can have this fantastic modern chandelier to hang in your dining room.

Yonntech Gold Crystal Chandelier

Yonntech Gold Crystal Chandelier

This luxury crystal gold chandelier is great to hang in your living room. It features a knob-type switch and a chrome polish and has six slots for led light bulbs.

The Yonntech gold crystal chandelier is available for just $165.98 and is rated with an overall star rating of 5 stars.

Madison Collection Chandelier

Madison Collection Chandelier

This golden-iron finished Madison Collection chandelier is one of their most expensive yet at $2,822.00, but with this, you can get this modern-looking chandelier that is exquisitely made with materials that were hand-polished, royal-cut clear crystal spheres and has a polished-nickel finish.

This 137-pound modern chandelier will truly brighten up your kitchen, dining room, and entranceway.

Where Modern Gold Chandeliers Work Best?

Wherever your desire is elegance, your guests will exquisitely admire the chandelier. Add effortless sophistication into formal rooms with the grand foyer entranceway.

The gold chandelier welcomes your guests with elegance and style. A modern gold chandelier works well for formal dining rooms and complements the exquisite furnishings. Depending on your existing décor, your kitchen may also provide an ideal place to place a gold-plated chandelier.

Modern chandeliers are made with two things in mind, elegance, and versatility. So you can practically put modern gold chandeliers anywhere you desire; you can even put a small chandelier in your bathroom as it's becoming a trend!

Here are some places you can put your chandelier in.

Dining room

A modern gold chandelier hanging in your dining room will make your dining experience elegant and enjoyable. You can hang the chandelier above the center of your dining table to provide adequate lighting and visual comfort while eating.


Do you want to impress your visitors when entering your home? Well, a chandelier hanging at the top of your ceiling is sure one way to do that. A modern design chandelier atop a round table or sofa set will for sure make your guests feel welcomed.


Chandeliers in bathrooms are becoming quite of a trend these days, with companies making modern forms of chandeliers that make them safer to use in moisture-rich environments.

It's generally advised to put your modern chandeliers at least 3' away and 8' above the tub to protect the light bulbs from getting wet and also to protect you from accidents.

Chandelier Considerations

Modern gold chandeliers can be pretty expensive; contemporary style chandeliers can run you up from $100 on the low-end to thousands of dollars for high-quality ones.

With tons of factors to consider, such as the price, the number of lights, the design, and many more, when you go shopping, there's a chance you might lose yourself in many choices.

To help you narrow it down, here are some modern gold chandelier considerations you have to consider when purchasing one.


Price is one of the most significant factors you consider when buying modern chandeliers. Modern contemporary chandeliers differ in size, shape, and style, and their prices also vary heavily.

And just like any other living room furniture, you'd probably want to avoid purchasing ones on the lowest end of the price range.

When you see a modern fan company producing super low-priced gold chandeliers, it's most likely that they are fake and will tend to get defective over time.

It's best to stay within mid to high-priced chandeliers from eligible brands and websites that offer warranties of money-back guarantees.

Size and room space

Of course, you would want your chandelier to fit perfectly in your home, and that is why before going out to shop for one, you should measure the size and room space available where you want to put your chandelier in.

This will also help you filter all the modern chandeliers flooding the market, choosing one that's not too big and one that's not too small that would make the space feel a bit empty or lacking.


Chandeliers are not just there to provide light in your house, but they are also designed to give elegance and style to your home. And this is why you should look for a chandelier that blends in with the overall theme of your house.

If you want to impress and show sophistication to your guests, then the empire design chandeliers might be for you, but if you're going to welcome your guests with coziness and comfort, then the lantern-style chandeliers might be more your speed.

If you want to compliment your modern house with a contemporary style chandelier, then you can do that. You can also add a dash of modernness to your traditional home by adding a modern-looking gold chandelier in your living room; this depends on your preferences.


There are many shapes available for modern chandeliers: round chandeliers, cluster chandeliers, Sputnik chandeliers, caged, and drum chandeliers.

These chandeliers vary heavily in shape, and you should pick one that goes with your preference but is also convenient concerning your available room space.


The material used in chandeliers might be the most negligible factor when purchasing one, but it can be a massive deal-breaker to some.

Modern chandeliers are made with brass, bronze, and iron. While others also make it with crystal, plastic, and timber. So be sure to choose one that fits your style and the overall feel of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a chandelier and a pendant light?

Chandeliers and pendant lights might be pretty similar, but they have significant differences. A chandelier is a light suspended from the ceiling with many lights incorporated into the frame. While a pendant only has one incorporated light bulb in the fixture.

Will chandeliers increase my electricity consumption?

While a chandelier may contain a lot of light incorporated into its fixture, you do not need to worry about your bill increasing anytime soon; this is because most chandeliers use LED lights that are far more economical than traditional ones light bulbs currently in your home.

The light bulbs in a chandelier also don't consume as much energy because they emit comparably dimmer light.


Chandeliers are indeed a fantastic feature to have in your home. They provide adequate lighting for your home, but they also make your house look stunning.

If you are looking for your first ever chandelier to put in your home, visit Simply Light Fixtures.

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