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7 Impressive Black Farmhouse Chandeliers

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Chandeliers instantly add a touch of elegance to any space, even bathrooms. From the dining room to bedrooms, and other areas of your home, we've got the best ideas and selections you'll need when searching for the most stylish and impressive black farmhouse chandeliers.

It's no secret that the majority of people have at least a bit of affection for gorgeous farmhouse chandeliers. It's an exquisite piece of jewelry that can add a finishing touch to any luxurious setting. It's the element that transforms the setting from being beautiful to absolutely stunning.

The splendor and absolute luxury are what you're searching for? Shopping for beautiful chandeliers online can change the look of a room completely. Why let formal dining rooms get all the enjoyment?

From the foyer through the kitchen and well even the bathtub, there's a place to install a chandelier lighting in each area of your home. Begin your search now and take a look at our most loved collection of farmhouse chandeliers available online at Simply Light Fixtures and acquire inspiration to furnish your home with an amazing upgrade!

8-Bulb Glass Lamp Shades Black Farmhouse Chandelier

1.   Chandelier with 8-Bulb Glass Lamp Shades in Matte Black

The kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time with your family whether you're telling stories, savoring meals, or simply relaxing after a tiring day. This is why you'd like the space to feel cozy with an elegant and stylish kitchen island chandelier from Canyon Home. It has 8 gorgeous 25-watt light bulbs and encases the modern farmhouse chandelier lighting with transparent glass shades.

The lampshades made of glass are small and fit around each light bulb individually to give a strikingly unique style that is compatible with the kitchen appliances and decor. You can use dimmable bulbs inside these farmhouse chandeliers that give you a better lighting ambiance in your house, which is ideal for intimate dinner parties.

Rectangular chandelier light design built around a light black steel frame, these kitchen island farmhouse chandeliers provide more space above the center of your island, giving you a more balanced vertical coverage. They look great in any personal setting. This item is perfect to add a classic touch to your favorite space.

Standard Fixture Installation

The kitchen island chandelier lighting can be put in on top of the lights that are set over the island, thanks to a central chain that joins every corner to form a. A partner can help to balance the light fixture and can even help you make sure that the installation of this item is smoother.

12-Light Wagon Wheel Black Farmhouse Chandelier

2.   12-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier in Black

The perfect chandelier lighting can set the mood, inspire and inspire guests as soon as they step into your home, particularly when it's a Canyon Home Chandelier that features an aged, wood-smooth fixture finish and can accommodate a number of lights of up to 12 25-watt (not supplied).

These chandeliers are the perfect blend of functionality, style, and elegance and is a great addition to nearly every room of your house. It's certain to set the right tone for your style of decoration with this farmhouse chandelier lighting.

Traditional Wagon Wheel

  • Larger and more spacious than globe modern chandeliers. These wheels offer a minimalistic and eye-catching design that's ideal for today's modern-day homes. The elegant, matte black color fixture finish and 12-bulbs can aid in creating the right mood with these modern farmhouse chandelier lights.

Minimum assembly required

  • These unique modern farmhouse chandeliers lighting are simple to put in place of nearly any light fixture and include all the components that you'll require to install in a short amount of time. We always recommend hiring a friend to help with the size and lifting security. The four arms that reach to the wheel provide stability for all wheels and safety when it's hanging to provide longevity and durability for a long time.

4-Light Metal Pendant Lighting Black Farmhouse Chandelier

3.   4-Light Metal Pendant Lighting Black Farmhouse Chandelier

The classic style of these black farmhouse chandeliers is a blend of classic, retro rustic, and industrial making your space unique. The four light rings are secured with screws and can be placed around screws.

The rotation can be adjusted at any time to display the best appearance you want. This rustic pendant light in black fixture finish will bring an aesthetic of geometric design to any space.

High-Quality and Easy to Install

  • This farmhouse pendant lighting is made from top-quality materials made of iron. It is robust, resistant to corrosion, and long-lasting. A stringent factory process ensures the high-quality product that you hold. Each pendant light comes with a simple and easy installation. All the required screws are provided in the box. Proficient installation of these lights is strongly recommended. This item is for indoor use only.

Wide Application

  • This useful 4-light farmhouse chandelier light is not just for lighting but also makes a stylish decor for clubs, bars cafe shops, show hall, restaurants, hotel living rooms, bedroom dining rooms, kitchen, hall, porch, or any other room that needs some extra character.

OUKANING Adjustable Modern Linear Black Farmhouse Chandelier

4.   OUKANING Adjustable Modern Linear Chandelier in Black

This Linear chandelier in black fixture finish is ideal for general indoor spaces such as the kitchen, living room corridor, cafe basement, bar restaurant, club and library, bedrooms, and reading rooms. Made from metal, this 5-Light fixture chandelier has the mounting hardware needed for fast and simple installation. The lighting style of this item will provide an elegant look and complement the decor of your space.

Bulb Requirement

  • The kitchen island light comes with five E26 sockets with a base (bulbs are not supplied). It is widely adaptable to LED, CFL, incandescent as well as halogen, and Edison bulbs. Each light bulb of this lighting fixture is equipped with a maximum power of 40W. This stunning farmhouse chandelier is made for easy assembly. The combination of stunning lighting creates this gorgeous chandelier an eye-catching focal point.

Lemuela 4-light Black Farmhouse Chandelier


5.   Lemuela 4-light Black Edison Island Chandelier

The modern black farmhouse chandelier light is well designed to give it a strong and sturdy appearance, and its slim structure allows this light fixture to appear subtle. These types of chandeliers are designed to enhance the elegance and durability of the farmhouse style that has been embraced by many homeowners to love.

The chandelier light fixture is made from black-finished metal with an elongated shade that reflects the light of four bulbs. You'll be delighted with the design this farmhouse chandelier fixture offers. It's sure to look stunning in your dining area, or even your entryway.

Bulb Requirement

  • This beautiful farmhouse chandelier is required to be powered by four (4) 60-watt lamps (bulbs are not included). Assembly is required and this light fixture does need to be hard-wired. Professional help is recommended during the installation of this light fixture item.

6-Light in Matte Black Farmhouse Chandelier

6.   6-Light in Matte Black Farmhouse Chandelier

If you're looking for an elegant chandelier light fixture that will brighten and enhance a space without overpowering the space visually, take a look at the sleek and airy design of the Rohan model.

This classic simple light fixture is notable for its subdued sophistication in a 36-inch diameter, and six elegantly undulating arms that reach high to support small bobeches and candelabra-like stems (bulbs are not included). The 6-light chandelier lighting can fit either an LED or incandescent lamp (not included).

The classic candelabra chandelier light fixture features six elegant arms and a black matte finish. It's a simple style that creates a beautiful and sophisticated setting. The black farmhouse chandeliers are suitable for various areas. This item is ideal for dining rooms, hallways as well as foyers.


  • This black farmhouse chandelier light is completely dimmable using an appropriate dimmer switch and adjustable bulbs that can be dimmed to provide an ambiance that will make you feel relaxed.

Easy Installation

  • These types of farmhouse chandeliers are easy to install and assemble. All the hardware you need is included and the chandelier lights are already wired and pre-threaded. If you're looking for a black farmhouse chandelier light that will attract attention, this lighting fixture is for you!

Dainolite Lighting 5-Light Farmhouse Chandelier

7.   Dainolite Lighting 5-Light Chandelier

The 5-light pendant ceiling light fixture highlighting antique brass accents features an open frame that is whimsical in a geometric design to allow for maximum light distribution. It is the perfect accent light for your dining area, kitchen, living room, entryway, hallways, or even stairways.

Simple Installation

  • The black farmhouse chandeliers include all mounting hardware for quick and simple installation. The number of lights this fixture requires is 5 base bulbs (Max.60W - bulb not included). This light fixture is able to accommodate various bulb types, including LED, incandescent as well as CFL bulbs.


  • These black farmhouse chandeliers light fixtures can be totally dimmable by using a dimming switch and adjustable bulbs which can be dimmed to create a cozy atmosphere that will allow you to relax. Dimmers are not included in this item.

Titania 6-light Edison Black Farmhouse Chandelier

Titania 6-light Black Edison Chandelier


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I be looking for in my search for the perfect chandelier?

In addition to appearance, the three most important elements to consider when selecting the right chandelier are scale/dimensions, direction of the light output (glare or glitter) as well as control (dimming). Making a chandelier too large or too small may cause a disproportioned appearance inside your space.

What exactly does a farmhouse light look like?

A farmhouse chandelier light fixture is one hanging from a cord or chain. Particularly, this kind of lighting is influenced by the country or cottage lifestyle. Its timeless, classic style blends well with the modern style of modern homes and is easy to incorporate into your existing style.

Could a chandelier be too heavy for a ceiling?

Many chandeliers weigh more than other lighting fixtures. Chandeliers that have crystals are particularly heavy. If the chandelier you're looking for exceeds 15 pounds in weight, you'll have to set up a specific electrical box, similar to what you would plan to install ceiling fans.

Theo 5-light Rust Farmhouse Chandelier

Theo 5-light Rust 17-inch Chandelier


Final Thoughts

To completely revolutionize your space to a contemporary farmhouse style, changing the decor could serve as the initial step in creating the space that you have always wanted. There are many aspects that can make a room look more attractive and change the overall look that you design.

A modern farmhouse design is easy as long as you focus on maintaining a casual and easy style in all rooms. Concentrate on the smallest elements, include a bit of decoration when needed, and let wood be a part of the overall design and make the style you're looking for.


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