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11 Best Modern Floor Lamps To Brighten Your Home

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Light up your home with the stylish selection of floor lamps available at Simply Light Fixtures. Discover floor lamps crafted from a variety of materials, including metal and wood, with various designs.

If you are planning to decorate your home, lighting is probably not on your priority list. However, good lighting can help set the mood, draw attention to small nooks or corners, and can even make your space appear more attractive.

Floor lamps emit an under-lighting that enhances the appearance of people and allows you to alter the lighting of the space. The overhead lighting can be stark and uninviting. When you switch off these lighting and use floor lamps instead, it creates a truly intimate atmosphere.

Here are our 11 best modern floor lamps to brighten your home using a blend of quality and style.

Triple Steel Pole Floor Lamp

1.     Triple Steel Pole Floor Lamp

If you are a fan of the mid-century modern look, The Triple Steel Floor Lamp is an excellent way to light your living room. It is designed with a metal base and a brushed steel accent and creates a striking design that quickly becomes the center of attention in any space.  This is on top of our best floor lamps. Make your space a modern one by using this piece.

Three brushed steel poles run through a gorgeously smooth white fabric shade, creating an illusion of floating shade with this striking stylish floor lamp. The double socket houses two 100W bulbs that can be switched on or off using double pull chain switches. The black marble base adds an attractive accent to the basic design and stunning ambient lighting.

Torchiere Floor Lamp

2.     Torchiere Floor Lamp

Top 2 on our best floor lamps list, the traditional Torchiere lamps aren't always elegant. However, this isn't the case with the Black Nickel Shiny Torchiere Floor Lamp. Its minimalist style means that this floor lamp is a great addition to any design. The transparent lampshade ensures that it emits a lot of lights, and it's practical too. It's controlled by a three-way switch, it's pretty as well, and shines a welcoming illumination over any room.

Light up your home with this timeless, elegant floor lamp. The torchiere floor lamp with an 8" diameter, will fit in any room. The 150-watt bulb is controlled via a three-way adjustable rotary switch located below the shade.

A transparent plastic shade covers inner shades that create an unusual glow when the bulb is turned on. The black nickel finish and slim profile add to the modern look. A 3-way rotary socket can only be used with a three-way light bulb. Otherwise, this floor lamp can function by using a simple on/off switch with the highest setting. This lamp is also compatible with smart outlets (bulb is not included).

Arc Floor Lamp

3.     Amlight Munich 68 inch Arc Floor Lamp

Tops 3 on our best floor lamps list is the arc floor lamp which is more of a retro feel due to its globe shade. It's an excellent way to play around with the color. It also combines two different shapes using an elongated shade that is orb-like and mushroom-like.

A stunning modern arch floor lamp with an arched design, which is perfect to place over the sofa or in your favorite reading spot. With a gorgeous antic electroplated brushed brass shade and a black satin arch stand, it creates the perfect ambient lighting for your home with minimal space to effortlessly reflect the style and character of your living room.

Depuley Modern Frosted Glass

4.     Depuley Modern Frosted Glass

There's something about a globe-shaped lamp that can make any space look more contemporary. This elegant floor lamp combines an elongated metal base with an enormous white orb, which diffuses lighting throughout your home. No doubt this stunning floor lamp made it to the top 4 of our best floor lamps.

It's controlled by an electronic foot pedal and comes with iron and brass finishes to fit your style. The material is also of high quality. This mid-century floor lamp offers excellent light transmission and creates an inviting and warm ambiance for your home. The foot switch is convenient and allows you to turn the lamp on or off with your foot.

The globe-shaped floor lamp features a solid base that provides maximum stability, so it's completely safe for pets and kids. This floor lamp comes with bright LED bulbs which not only offer sufficient illumination but an eye-care function when you're reading or working. It's absolutely perfect for your living room, bedroom, office space, nursery, and children's room.

Retro Floor Lamp

5.     Retro Floor Lamp with Adjustable Abstract Oval White Metal Shade

Mid-century modern takes on a feminine direction by using this floor lamp. The abstract oval shade is softened by white finishes. Brass accents in antique brass and an upholstered white cord complete the design.

The balance arm of 22 can adjust the overall height from 52 inches to 59.5. White marble on the base helps keep the lamp on the floor. A brass-plated rotary switch on the shade switches the lamp on and off. This type of floor lamp is compatible with smart outlets.

The sleek geometric lines and white finish of this Floor Lamp elevate this lamp beyond "just one more lighting fixture" to a striking statement piece. Brass accents give it a hint of sophistication, and the adjustable shade is both functional and stunning. It's perfect for a reading corner and for lighting dark corners.

Black Metal Floor Lamp

6.     Black Metal Floor Lamp with Cement Accent Base

If you're looking to create a mood for your room without spending a fortune, this floor lamp is an affordable method to achieve it. The base of this floor lamp is made of metal, it's sturdy and coated with a glossy black finish that creates a look that is more expensive than it actually is. The lampshade made of fabric produces a lovely warm glowing light when it's switched on, and is controlled with a foot pedal.

The floor lamp in this set is a great option to soften the industrial-styled space. The sharp design is paired with cement-colored accents in warm grey and a white textured fabric shade. A simple rotary switch in the socket turns on the floor, one of the best floor lamps to reveal the lamp's stunning texture.

Tri Flex Floor Lamp

7.     Tri Flex Floor Lamp in Black Metal

Do you need a fashionable and practical floor lamp that can shine an overhead light source? Take a look at the Tri-Flex Floor Lamp available in Black Metal! With its architectural design, this lamp is ideal for modern industrial designs.

The rough, matte black finish brings a neutral luster to any room. The soft, textured beige fabric shade of this floor lamp is a great contrast to the modern styling. A white diffuser provides an even light that illuminates the entire area. No doubt that this is one of our best floor lamps.

The black and white fabric-covered cord is snagged elegantly through a large stabilizing base. It also houses an easy foot-operated switch to switch the floor lamp on and off. This floor lamp is too good to be true however, it certainly exceeds expectations. Its sleek and simple style adds elegance to your interior without requiring all the attention.

Black Metal Floor Lamp

8.     Black Metal Floor Lamp with Three Adjustable Antique Brass Accented

Illuminate your home and give a modern, mid-century look to your living room or bedroom by putting the 3-Arm Floor Lamp. Three cone-shaped, adjustable shades create an ambient light for the room, and also provide direct light to read.

An elegant matte-black finish with brass accents gives the look a variety of options that can be incorporated into modern as well as transitional rooms. The rotary switch on the pole allows the light to three different settings: one light on, two lights on, and all lights on and off. This type of lamp is compatible with smart outlets.

Depuley Metal Floor Lamp

9.     Depuley Metal Floor Lamp

Making it to our list of best floor lamps, this Depuley Metal floor lamp provides an air of luxury to a variety of home decor styles. It is a perfect match for the contemporary look in the style of the mid-century.  It is easily placed behind or to the side of the couch to bring many styles, including the high-end style of country art to your living room. It will make you feel cozy and warm anywhere.

Industrial Edison Floor Lamp with Chic Square base design and a clear glass shade that can be used in any space from traditional to industrial design. It has a handy pedal switch that can be used to turn off or on the lights. You don't need to bend over to turn the light on.

This floor lamp is reasonably priced and is equipped with the LED Edison bulb that completes the industrial style. The glass shades allow the LED bulbs to truly shine. This is a fantastic choice to create a cozy reading area or as a lamp to light up your workspace. This modern 64'' standing light is ideal for study, office and living spaces, bedrooms, and bedside, as well as suitable for modern or contemporary styles.

Modern LED Crystal Floor Lamp

10.      Depuley Nordic Modern LED Crystal Floor Lamp

Elegant, sleek, and cost-effective, the Depuley Nordic Modern LED Crystal Floor Lamp is an easy choice. It blends elements of contemporary and distinctive elegant design. Made from high-quality, selected crystals, it has a base made of metal, a thick and stable build complete with an iron finish, fabric drum shade, and a button switch.

The lamp pole is 64 inches tall which is ideal for the bedroom and living room. In nutshell, this lamp simply does the job, regardless of room or design.

The floor lamp is simple in structure, and everything is contained in it, which means it is possible to put together the lamp effortlessly and quickly. The crystal can be hung to suit your needs. Overall, it's an elegant, well-made lamp that is sure to make anyone happy.

Tripod Floor Lamp

11.      Lalia Home Decorative Industrial 1 Light Tripod Floor Lamp

If you are looking for lamps that stand on three legs, but you prefer something with a more slim design, then you might want to consider this floor lamp.

Make your living room more inviting by introducing this modern-day loft-style floor lamp. It comes with a spotlight-shaped shade with a gorgeous antique brass finish to give it an elegant look. The black tripod base adds an industrial feel. It is perfect for bedrooms, office space, foyer as well as your living room.

This floor lamp has a Cylindrical Antique Brass shade with a Polished Antique Brass finish. Uses a 1x60W medium type A bulb (not included) and required a 9-foot black cord.

Classic Tripod Black Metal Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps FAQs – Simply Light Fixtures

 Can a floor lamp light a room?

Floor lamps can offer lots of high-quality lighting and can bring brightness to any space. If you're planning to use floor lamps to provide the majority of the natural light in your room, it is important to make sure that there is an even spread of light across the room.

Are floor lamps brighter than table lamps?

Floor lamps provide brighter light than table lamps if you're looking to boost your bedroom space. They also provide an additional amount of light that can illuminate the whole space.

What kind of lamps brightens a room?

LED light bulbs are ideal for rooms with low lighting because they instantly brighten your home by bringing warm, soft lighting.

Which kind of floor lamp gives the most light?

When it comes to what kind of lamp will give the greatest amount of light, we'd suggest an angled or tripod lamp is the most effective. You need a lamp that shines illumination into your room in many directions rather than only one.

Where should you place floor lamps?

The location you put your floor lamps is contingent on the area in which you require additional illumination. Most often, they are set close to the sofa, beside a bed, or hidden in corners.

How tall should floor lamps be?

Typically, the ceiling height of floor lamps can range from 58 to 64 inches. It can vary a bit based on the kind of lamp as well as whether it comes with an arm facing toward the floor.

How many floor lamps should you put in a room?

The number of floor lamps you can put in your room will depend on the space's dimensions. However, you're not going to require more than two or three lamps, if you have the overhead illumination and maybe some lighting. Two lamps can be nicely positioned on the sides of a big sofa, while a larger lamp can be a great accent to the space.

How do you prepare floor lamps for moving?

In the event of a move, floor lamps may be a hassle to transport. However, these suggestions will help you. The first step is to remove the light bulb to ensure it doesn't break. Second, if there's a lampshade, remove it and pack it separately in a box so that it won't break or bend. If you can, take the lamp's base and wrap it in bubble wrap. If it can't be separated, you can tie the wire around the central pipe instead. Make sure to wrap padding around every part that is fragile.


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