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Bathroom Lighting Secrets Most Homeowners Don't Know

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Get your lighting right as we reveal these bathroom lighting secrets to transform your bathroom without a full revamp.

Did you know that bathroom lighting is an essential component of your home? You can make a small space feel larger by finding simply changing the light. Bad bathroom lighting can cause havoc or detrimental consequences.

Proper lighting on the other hand ensures you can see well while shaving, helps you determine if you are wearing dark blue jeans or black jeans, and make sure that you've properly cleaned up your adorable pet after diving into the mud pool.

So, how do you achieve the best bathroom lighting? What is the secret? We hear you. So, we will share these bathroom lighting secrets with you.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Height Consideration

It is obvious that you don't want to hit your head on the bathroom's overhanging light fixtures. You need to ensure they are not too low. However, there are still other things to consider when installing bathroom vanity lighting.

Make sure all light from mirror fixtures illuminates your face and compliments it. You should ensure that any light fixture you install on walls is placed at eye level.

Bathroom Dimmers

It's crucial to choose the right bulbs when installing bathroom vanity lights. The warmest light is the best to highlight the space.

Experts prefer bathroom lights that emit at least 150 W (or the equivalent). Ensure that ceiling lights have a dimmer to maximize space.

Because they can control the light conditions, they are the lighting designer’s favorite. Dimming vanity light fixtures can provide an accent or task lighting, as well as a complete set of dimming options. A dimmer is also a great way to save energy.

Floor Lighting is Favorable

Although it is absurd to make the floor the focal point of the bathroom, the lower part of the space can be very useful for creating ambient lighting.

This softer lighting can be helpful in the middle and early morning hours when you don’t wish to strain your eyes by abruptly changing the bathroom’s full lighting.

It doesn't matter if you want your lights to be motion-sensitive or switched activated, it is a good idea to place them under the vanity or along any steps that lead into the bathroom.

Install Backlights

A backlight is one of the most effective things you can do for reducing shadows and making getting ready in the mornings easier.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you should physically backlight your bathroom mirror.  It just means that you can place light across from it. This allows you to see more of your hair and shoulders while getting ready.

You should cover up any bathroom lighting so that there is no harsh glare. A nice frosted pane or even a fabric accent can be added to the fixture.

Bulb Type is Essential

You need to be aware of the types of light bulbs. Clear glass shades and exposed light bulbs should be avoided if you don't want glare in your bathroom.

Even though they can be striking if used with the right decor, bathroom lights with clear colors can be very harsh and difficult to see. They can also cause mismatched socks, uneven makeup, and patchy facial hair.

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Best Bathroom Lighting – Simply Light Fixtures

An effective lighting plan is one with multiple layers. This allows for ample light to be used for things like shaving, showers, and makeup application. Other light sources improve the overall ambiance of your bathroom space.

Task Lighting

Your task lighting will be the lighting you see most often in your bathroom. This is focused illumination, which is designed to help you accomplish a task.

Task lighting is normally located near your vanity. However, you can also find this in your bathroom to help with tasks such as conditioning or shaving.

Vanity Lighting Fixtures

When choosing your vanity lighting, think about how big your vanity is and how much natural daylight you have. If you have a vanity that is placed right next to the window, you can use a 45-watt light bulb.

A fixture that casts more light than a single vanity will be better. But if you are in a space with very little natural lighting, brighter, more exposed lighting is the best choice.

The most popular form of vanity task lighting is the sconce. Two sconces should be placed at least 60 inches above the ground, just above your mirror, to provide the best bathroom light and avoid shadows. This allows you to frame your mirror with your face so that your reflection is perfectly highlighted.

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Shower lighting

Recessed lighting is an option for a walk-in shower. You will need to use either a damp-rated (or moisture-rated) fixture for recessed lighting. It will also depend on whether the light will be hit directly with water or if it is only exposed to humidity.

The look and feel you want for your shower will be a key factor in choosing the right recessed light. You have the option of choosing from three styles: frosted, opal, or albalite.

Consider adding an overhead recessed light to your shower. One is enough for a single shower. Two are sufficient for a double. To illuminate your bath products, some owners add task lighting to the shower niche.

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Ambiance Lighting

Now, let's move on to creating a mood. You can quickly change the ambiance of your bathroom space by installing dimmers in your vanity lights or recessed lighting.

If you want to take it to the next level, hidden accent lights or ambient lighting can be added to dimmers for a more sophisticated look. Indirect light is the light source that you can't see.

You can hide some LED strips behind your vanity, underneath the cabinet, and even below the grout line. This way, you can transform your bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary by using LED strips.

It is fun to consider ambiance when selecting vanity lighting. In fact, you can also use sconces that are designed for other purposes or pendant lights. They can create a romantic atmosphere.

If you are looking for bathroom lights that can be used in wet areas, make sure to check their ratings to ensure they are installed in a safe area.

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Accent Lighting

Your bathroom should reflect your personality! Choose a statement fixture that gives that "wow factor".

One of the best bathroom lights is accent lighting. It is the last type of lighting you should consider for your bathroom. It is used to create a particular feel in your bathroom, or to highlight a corner or cove. Although it won't brighten up the entire space, it can create a mood.

This is an excellent way to highlight architectural features like a built-in cupboard, archway, or other features using a sconce. Place accent lighting where it highlights the most attractive details of an object. A small lamp will add warmth and brightness to a bathroom that is large enough for side tables.

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Choosing the Right Light Bulb for Your Bathroom Lighting

The best bathroom fixtures may have different light bulb options, but a general rule of thumb is to use warmer lighting in your bathroom. Avoid light bulbs that are too harsh or artificial and look for light that is similar to natural light.

Here is a quick overview of the different types of light bulbs:

  1. LED

Do you want to install LEDs in your bathroom? These energy-efficient light bulbs are durable and can be used at various temperatures and wattages. These bulbs can be used to lighten your vanity.

  1. Halogen

These light bulbs are an excellent alternative to regular incandescent bulbs. Although they don't last as long as LEDs, they are usually more affordable and warmer than LED.

  1. Edison

The Edison Bulb is great for accent lighting, as it doesn't produce many lumens. However, it can create an industrial look. These bulbs are ideal for use with exposed fixtures because they have a visible filament.

Also, it is crucial to choose the right color bulb for your morning preparations. A light bulb should have a color temperature greater than 2700K and a Color Rendering Index higher than 90. This will ensure your bathroom doesn't feel too dark or cold.

The most common mistake people make when it comes to bathroom lighting is choosing style over function. Good task lighting is essential for the best bathroom lighting. Even the most elegant fixtures may not provide enough light.

Before you shop for bathroom accessories, you need to clearly define your bathroom's goals. Know what you like and what is trendy before you start shopping.

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Bathroom Lighting Fixtures - Frequently Ask Questions

How do I choose the right bathroom lighting fixture?

Once you have an idea about the lighting requirements, it's time to select the bathroom lighting fixtures. There are many options available when it comes to bathroom lighting fixtures for renovating spaces.

Think of light fixtures as the final touch to your bathroom decor. You probably don't have much art in the bathroom so lighting fixtures will be used as a way of bringing tile and fixtures together to create a cohesive look.

You can use your existing fixtures to lighten a bathroom that isn't in dire need of any renovations. Your vanity and shower tiles can be used as themes to make sure your lighting is purposeful and cohesive.

For a cohesive look, we recommend that you stick with similar finishes, but you also have the option to choose a palette and use different materials such as gold and marble.

What is the most pleasing bathroom lighting?

The light should be flanked or surrounded by the mirror, as in the backstage bedrooms. Shades and covers can be placed in the center of the space to smoothen the appearance and reduce the visual clutter.

Is it better to have bathroom lights facing up or down?

The lightest hues absorb more heat so hang it lower to illuminate the areas you want. Higher hanging lighting options are best for bathrooms that have lighter colors.

How can I enhance bathroom lighting in my home?

The dimmer can be installed. This light switch uses Cree 75 watts to provide a brighter bulb so that your hair looks clean and straight.

Where lights should be placed in my bathroom?

A vanity mirror can be 36 to 45 inches wide, and 36 inches across the mirror's surface. The mirror should be at least 66 inches high above the eye level of the person using it.

 How large should a vanity light be?

If you place your lights above a mirror, it should not exceed its total width. Mirrors less than 30 inches in width should have a fixture that is at least half the length of the mirror. For mirrors larger than 30 inches, the fixture should be closer to 1/3 or 3/4. It is best to have more than one fixture for large mirrors.

Are LED lights good for bathrooms?

There are many ways to highlight key features with LEDs, and they come in many different styles. It could be the main light in the space, a vanity mirror, or under-lighting around a bathtub's edge.

What is the best color temperature for bathroom lights?

Bathroom lighting should be between 2,700K and 3,000K. This is achieved most often by using warm-white lighting. It is ideal for bathrooms as it promotes calm and relaxation.



Bathroom lighting can not only make the space brighter but also help with nighttime transitions, it also wakes you up. Bathroom lighting is important and one of the most straightforward upgrades you can do to your bathroom.

Designers agree that bathroom lighting is one of the most important decisions you could make for your bathroom. There are many options for personalizing your space, including overhead pendants and sconces.


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